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Mobile Home Leveling Post

Mobile homes or manufactured homes are built on a steel frame. The axle and wheels are fixed under the frame when the home is transported to its destination. Once a mobile home has been delivered, the axle and wheels are often removed and steel or concrete piers are placed under the mobile home using hydraulic jacks. The piers are adjusted to ensure that the mobile home is level.

Leveling Due To Tilt

However, mobile homes can tilt after a few years of use. This can be caused by wear and tear and greater stress being placed on the piers. Sometimes the ground on which the mobile home is place subsides, causing the piers to sink unevenly. Additional structures such as awning or carport added to the mobile home can also cause the leveling to become disturbed.

Many people believe only the oceans move but this is not quite correct. Terra firma moves to and is shifting constantly. Now this is certainly very slowly, and not much at all really. But over time, this causes streets and sidewalks to crack and homes to tilt.

Your mobile home is on ground that can shift. Earthquakes can cause the earth to move violently and can force change to occur much faster, but even if you do not live in earthquake prone areas Mother Nature does not remain still. The ground you are on is slowly moving and over time it is not uncommon for your home to verify to you that the ground beneath has moved either downward, upward, or to the side.

Signs You Need To Re- Level

There are a few signs that you can spot that indicate that your mobile home needs to be re-leveled. If the doors and windows jam, if there are cracks on the floor, walls, or skirting, if you feel that the floor is sloping, then you need to get the leveling of your mobile home checked and corrected.

Professional Leveling Services

Leveling a mobile home requires professional knowledge as well as special equipment. As such you need to retain the services of a mobile home installer or mobile home leveler to ensure that the work is done according to manufacturer specifications and regulatory norms. This will enhance the safety of your mobile home and ensure that the structure lasts longer.

Licensed Company

When you are looking to retain the services of a re-leveler for your mobile home you need to ensure that they have obtained the state license. Additionally, the level should have the certification and references to ensure that they are aware of the requirements. You also need to make sure that the leveler you retain has workmen insurance. Besides, the re-leveler that you retain to level your mobile home should have the equipment needed.

Additional Mobile Home Services

When you retain the services of a re-leveler to level your mobile home, you need to ask them to perform a few additional inspections as well. The re-leveler should be willing to examine the steel frame on which the mobile home rests as well as all wood and steel slats, nuts, and bolts and ensure that damaged ones are changed. While this might cost you a bit more, this inspection and replacement will ensure that your mobile home lasts longer.

Better Resale Value

Having your mobile home re-leveled will ensure that your living conditions improve as you no longer have to deal with jammed doors and windows, uneven floors, or cracked walls. Additionally, a mobile home that has been re-leveled will look better to a prospective buyer. You can also expect a better price for a mobile home that has just been re-leveled and meets all the safety norms of the state and federal regulatory authorities.

Whether you plan to continue to live in your mobile home or sell it, mobile home leveling will pay off.

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