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I don't know the year of my home

There are ways you can find this if you are unsure of the actual age.  The easiest would be to look on the title.  However, if you do not have the title you may be able to find the data plate.  This would be a white piece of paper taped up somewhere in the home.  Most likely it would be located on the back of a kitchen cabinet door or in a closet.  Below is a picture of what to look for.   If you cannot find the actual year we just ask that you take your best guess and indicate this in the notes area on the last page of this form.


What's my box size?

If you don’t know your actual box size you can look below at the photos and give us your best guess.  Although this does have an effect on your offer amount, we would still be close enough to give you a rough idea.  However, please understand that this amount is subject to change if the size is found to be significantly different.



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