A Look At 5 Kinds Of Mobile Home Porch Blueprints

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You’re dying to add a porch on to your home so you can soak up the rest of summer. Additionally, you want to be able to take advantage of all the cool breezes autumn has to offer. Plus, if you happen to live in the deep south, you can get some use of a porch come winter time. So, today we’re going to have a look at five kinds of porch blueprints.

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Diving into porch blueprints

Let’s talk about what’s got us here today. Porch blueprints. And since that’s today’s topic, what better place to begin than Decks.com?

In their own words, “Decks.com offers a variety of deck designs and plans for every type of housing configuration. Many of the deck plans include features to make your deck unique including arbors, pergolas, built-in benches and planter boxes.” The best part? You can’t beat free!


If you’re looking for a porch that’ll keep off the rain, snow, sleet, and some of the sun’s rays, then opt for a covered porch. Now, you may not get tanned sitting out here. However, if you sit out to sip lemonade on a hot summer day, at least you’ll have some protection.

Single Angle

Blueprint of a mobile home deck

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Here’s an option for you if you’re thinking of a porch with a single angle roof. Its roof is a plane that slants down from your house. Additionally, its small size will be perfect for you if you’re working with limited lawn space. Stand a small plant or tree up in one corner or stick in a single rocking chair. On top of that, you might even add a few railing boxes and plan some red geraniums to add a homey look.

Double angle

Maybe you’re not feeling drawn to the single angle idea. No problem! Here’s an option for a roof that does come to a peak. Plus, it gives you 256 square feet. So, it’s a little more space than the single angle option.

In this case, consider adding some hanging plant baskets from the front edge of the porch roof. Since you’ve got a roof, make the best of it! Ferns are a great option. Alternatively, you could choose hanging baskets of petunias or another flower in a color that you love.

Not covered

Though it’s usually classified as a deck, you may prefer to add on something that isn’t covered. That’s okay, too. Because Decks.com still has porch blueprints for you. Below are two types of uncovered porches or decks.

A place for plants

If you’ve got a green thumb, then you want to check out our next option. Here’s a fun option with built-in space for you (or rather your plants) to grow away! And don’t just stick to the built-in spaces for your plants. Fill up the area. Since you love growing things, make this porch a jungle haven for you and your family.

And a railing

If you’re dying for a porch with a railing, check out this beautiful option. Plus, it’s got some nice steps. One advantage to a railing is the ability to dress it up with colored lights. When it gets to be the Fourth of July, string up some red, white, and blue lights and enjoy them on a cool summer night. Additionally, throw on an autumn garland once summer is past.

Hybrid – mostly not covered

How about what we’re calling a hybrid? No, this deck doesn’t have a roof. But that doesn’t mean it’s open to the sky. It’s got a pergola.

A growing creeping plant against a woodboard

Here, perhaps you could experiment trying to grow creeping plants. Train them to climb up the sides and along the top of the pergola. Also, place an outdoor dining table underneath for hours of fun cookouts with family and friends.

Other thoughts

Make sure that the deck blueprint you choose can work with the height of your mobile home. Also, ensure that all the work you or others do on your home is in accord with your local building code. Plus make sure you’ve got the required permits. Assume nothing. You may need to get the input of a qualified professional here.

Do you think you’ll still need more help to make this whole deck idea happen? Check out Lowe’s Design and Build a Deck info here.

More porch & deck ideas

We hope our discussion of porch blueprints got your wheels spinning. You might be feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of adding a porch to your mobile home. It’s not the first time we’ve weighed in on this topic. Accordingly, take a peek at what we’ve already shared. Before you get started, check out thoughts on wrap-arounds, front porches for double wides, and our 11 front deck ideas.


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