7th Blog Of Christmas: Prepare Your Mobile Home For Overnight Guests

Dec 17, 2018Blog

You just got that phone call or text message making it official. You’re about to have guests come and stay overnight in your mobile home. And you want to prepare ahead of time to provide a pleasant experience for all involved.

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Get a head start

If playing on the fly isn’t for you, why not get started days in advance? Plus, this may help keep you feeling calm and happy about entertaining your guests. Use our hints below to help you be a ready host or hostess with a winning attitude.

The guest bedroom

When it comes to the guest bedroom, get starting by washing the sheets. Even while they’re in the washer or dryer you can get going on the bedroom itself. Clear surfaces of dust with a damp (or dry) rag and run the vacuum over the floors.

Bedroom items

Next stock the room with things your guest will appreciate. While some items may vary from guest to guest, here are ideas:

  • Tissue box
  • Alarm clock
  • Packaged snack items
  • Candle and matches (keep out of reach of children, though)
  • Extra blankets
  • Pillows.

Also, check to see if your guest room has adequate lighting. A bedside table with a lamp on it is a great idea.  

The guest bathroom

Toiletries in a basket

You may have a separate bathroom that you’re going to assign as the guest bathroom while your company is here. Alternately, everyone may be sharing the same bathroom or bathrooms. Either way, make sure your guests know where to find towels and washcloths and extra toilet paper, too. Additionally, set out some small disposable cups. And consider providing a basket of toiletries in case your guest forgot anything (razors, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand lotion, etc.)

Clean the house

With the guest room down, let’s head to other areas of the house that may need attention. Tidy and declutter the living room. Then run a dust rag over hard surfaces and a vacuum over the floors (or sweep if you don’t have carpet).

Once that’s done, make sure all bathrooms get needed attention (cleaning showers, sinks, and toilets and mopping floors if necessary). Head to the kitchen where you can tackle things from the top down. For example, wipe the exterior of cabinets first (if needed), counters second, lower cabinets, then the floor. And don’t forget to tidy and clean the dining area too. Of course, it’s a prime place to spend time with guests – as everyone has to eat.  

Make common areas inviting

In common areas, like the living room, supply things to keep your guests entertained and to promote interaction. For instance, you could provide

Additionally, ensure your living room has adequate seating. And consider grabbing a few beanbag chairs if you need extra space.

Keep things looking lovely

Obviously, you want to provide a pleasant space for your guests. Try to create a warm, relaxing ambiance. Here are some things you could do to up your home’s welcoming feel.

  • Light scented candles.
  • Melt scented wax in your wax warmer.
  • Bake bread or cookies.
  • Open windows to air out the house. (Just be sure, if the weather is cold, to start and finish this process several hours before guests arrive).

Plan the parking situation

Before your company shows up, give some thought to where it’s best to park which vehicles. If you personally have multiple vehicles, park them ahead of time. And do it in such a way as to keep the ones you’ll need accessible once others arrive.

Car keys on a table

Finding yourself low on space? Consider asking a neighbor or two for permission to park in their area if you won’t be in the way. However, be sensitive to the fact that they may be having guests of their own. But if they’re going to be out of town while your guests are in town, their parking area could be available.

Grab some good snacks and drinks

Keep in mind that different people have different snacking habits. Even if you’re not a between-meals snacker, your guests might be. And if so, they might be delighted to find that you planned ahead for them.

Additionally, you could opt to learn what your guests typically drink. Grabbing tea and coffee for people who are used to them could be a winning hosting strategy. Also, keep in mind that some people enjoy drinking their favorite soda on a daily basis.

Keep them coming back

Having overnight guests can be a fun experience. With more time spent together than just an afternoon or an evening, you’ll find it’s easier to bond with your guests than it is on shorter occasions. So enjoy staying up late into the night chatting or playing games. Maybe you’ll find everyone is comfortable just relaxing in silence – not feeling like you have to entertain one another. That’s great too! Still a little anxious? Here are a few more tips on hosting guests.

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