Mobile Home Christmas Light Ideas & Decorations – Easy DIY

Chances are, you’ve thought a lot about how your mobile home Christmas decorations will look this year. Will you go for a traditional Christmas look, or will you choose more unique decorations? Either way, you’ll definitely want to make the most out of this chance to show off your mobile home with festive decor. So, this year, emphasize the part of the decor that people are most likely to see – your outdoor decorations!

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Outdoor mobile home Christmas decorations for the front yard  

Of course, there are plenty of ways to decorate your yard for Christmas. You might enjoy using inflatable decorations, holiday light projectors, or Christmas lights. But you might be missing out by sticking to these traditional ornaments. Have you thought about trying a different approach this year?

Try out some plain wooden decor

Rather than flashing lights and plastic inflatable ornaments, you might enjoy some plain wooden decor for your yard or walls this year. You’ll find that it gives your yard an authentic, classy appearance. For example, everybody loves cute holiday sayings – so, try finding a few signs that showcase some seasonal phrases and placing them throughout your yard. Alternatively, purchase some giant, decorative letters from your local craft store and use them to spell out your favorite Christmas-related words.

If you don’t like it, you can always put your Christmas lights back up – but it was worth a try! You’ll never know what style fits your yard best until you try them out.

Short on space? Put your Christmas tree outside!

Who says a Christmas tree has to be indoors? Anyone who lives in a mobile home has most likely had problems that involve not having enough space at least once. During Christmas, things can get especially problematic. Maybe you bought a perfect Christmas tree, only to bring it home and find out that it’s too tall for your living room. Well, why not put it outside so that everyone passing by can enjoy it?

Choose biodegradable ornaments for your tree

Christmas wooden ornaments

If you’re going to put a tree outside, you’ll want to choose the right ornaments for it. For example, consider using biodegradable ornaments for an outdoor tree. To do this, find some pine cones to decorate or create a holiday wreath with cedar or holly branches. Or, if you’re really into making your own ornaments, you can take the time to paint or carve small pieces of wood into unique, gorgeous Christmas decorations!

Shatterproof ornaments are a good idea

If you wish to decorate your tree with non-biodegradable ornaments, you’ll want to purchase ornaments that are shatterproof. Also, any breakable decorations, shatterproof or otherwise, should be well attached and located high enough in your tree that kids or pets can’t get ahold of them. Nobody wants to spend Christmas day cleaning up broken ornaments.

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Let nature decorate for you

Don’t worry about your tree when snow and ice starts falling – instead, enjoy the natural decoration that it’s getting from the winter weather. A dusting of snow on its branches will complement your other decorations perfectly!

When there’s not enough snow outside

Everyone knows what it feels like when a winter snowfall doesn’t fulfill our expectations. A dusting of snow isn’t enough to build a snowman or have a snowball fight! Fortunately, someone decided that there was a solution to this problem.

Spray snow

Like many people, you probably look forward to a cozy, snowy-day feeling during the winter. So, if there isn’t enough snow this year, why not decorate your windows with spray snow to set the mood for the holiday season? You can give your exterior window panes a frosted-over look, or you can create holiday art on them if you want to be even more creative.

Fake snow recipes

Ice flakes, winter

There are all kinds of easy recipes for fake snow. Some only require three ingredients: cornstarch, shaving cream, and glitter (the glitter is optional.)  By combining the correct amounts of these ingredients, you’ll end up with a mixture that looks and feels like snow – and you can even make a snowman with it! To make it even more convincing, pop your “snow” into the freezer for a while. Your kids will be eager to try this fun snow substitute – and you can sit back and watch while they decorate the front yard for you with their creations.

If fake snow doesn’t quite feel like winter

If you want to winterize your mobile home Christmas decorations further, you might enjoy creating some artificial icicles to hang from your roof or your front porch. You’ll need wire and hot glue for this project. If you want your icicles to look their best, try hanging them up near your Christmas lights. The colorful lights will make your icicles glow!

Remember that you can decorate however you like!

Don’t forget that the choice is ultimately yours. If you want to decorate with lights and inflatable decorations, do it! If you’d rather DIY all of your Christmas decor this year, go ahead! (Just remember that the more practical winter tasks aren’t really optional – and don’t forget to get them done, either.) All that matters is that you’re in love with your mobile home Christmas decorations – as long as you love them, they look great!

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