Oregon | Sell mobile homes quickly

Oregon | Sell your mobile home quickly

With nearly 3.5 (2000) million people residing in Oregon across over 98 thousand square miles. Know for it’s beautiful landscapes, Oregon sits along side the Pacific ocean and has become a desirable state for many looking to settle down in a quiet neighborhood.

Nicknamed “Oregonians“, Oregon’s residents enjoy beautiful landscapes, including mountains, forests, lakes, streams and wildlife.  For this reason, buyers looking to purchase mobile home in the area are eager to find and contact you.  If you have a manufactured or mobile home for sale in the state of Oregon we have buyers who are looking for you.

Sell Your Mobile Home in Oregun With Us

As one of the companies that buy mobile homes in Oregon, our website is searched by thousands of returning buyers who are found, both inside and outside of Oregon City.  Compared to conventional home owners, you have a great advantage when selling your mobile home.  This is because your manufactured home can be moved to other locations found outside the state.  Therefore, it is important to get your home’s information in front of buyers across the nation.  Don’t settle for local advertising when you can get nationwide exposure, right now, for less money.

As licensed real estate brokers, we purchase mobile homes from sellers just like you and have been doing so for a long time.  Our buyers list has grown exponentially over this time and we now sell our homes within one month from the time we list it.  This is in part due to our competitive pricing, but also to our reputation we’ve built.

Advertising Manufactured Homes For Sale

We provide our buyers with professional ads that outline all the homes selling features, provide lots of pictures, and give a complete write-up of the home and it’s “story”.  Although we cannot guarantee your manufactured home sells in one month, we can give you a much better chance than your local news paper.

When you list your home with our site you get the EXACT same ad that we’ve used for years.  We encourage you to describe everything you can about the home, both good and bad.  Honesty will give the buyer confidence in your ad.

If everything you state is a positive buyers will question what you are hiding.  By providing both aspects to your potential buyer you’ll be building a strong relationship from the start.

You’ll have unlimited picture uploading with your ad space. This is crucial when selling a home over the Internet.  If you don’t include pictures it is HIGHLY unlikely that you will sell your home.

The type of pictures you take of your manufactured home will play an important role in your ads success.  Therefore, when we ask you to upload your photos, we provide sample pictures for you to get a better idea of what buyers are looking to see.

Stop wasting your time with sites that are not designed for the sale of mobile homes in Oregon.  We have a proven track record with attracting buyers.  After all, we sell them for a living.  Take advantage of our hard work by starting your ad today.


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