Now buying 1997 mobile homes

EZ Homes is currently seeking 1997 mobile homes. We buy mobile homes across the country and sell them to buyers on our list. This makes the process much easier for you. We already have manufactured home buyers lined up who are ready to purchase our homes, so we can make fast purchases and pay cash.

How We Can Help

If you’re serious about selling your mobile home, we would like to hear from you. You can get a free, no obligation offer delivered to your email immediately. Just use our estimator to the right of this page, input a little information about your manufactured home, and we’ll send you an instant quote. We do not need any personal information other than your name.

Easing Your Manufactured Home Sales Process For You

So what brings you to our page? We can assume you’ve probably been trying to sell that 1997 mobile home for quite some time now. We understand the frustrations associated with the sales process.

We have over 25 combined years of experience on our team and have seen the effects it has had on sellers over the years. Most people begin the process, very optimistic, believing they will sell their home quickly, for top dollar. However, as the process takes it’s toll on them, they begin to break down, causing them to practically give the mobile home away. This is what you want to avoid.

You don’t want to get so stressed out that you sell it back to the park. Although 1997 mobile homes are still considered new, they can’t compete with the sales price of a 2007. You have to know the market in which you are selling in. Learn the going rate and adjust your sales price accordingly.

Also, a 1997 mobile home is new enough that you can really showcase many of it’s features. Most 1997’s have vinyl siding and shingled roofs. This is a great selling point. It doesn’t always increase the value of the home but it definitely increases an interested buyers pool. You should get more calls from interested parties as well as serious offers.

Wrapping it Up

Selling a 1997 mobile home isn’t going to be easy. However, if you take advantage of the resources we have available, it will give you a fighting chance.


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