Not the same ‘old’ mobile homes anymore


Not the same ‘old’ mobile homes anymore

Modern amenities and luxury furnishings have changed the perception of manufactured living. 

Do you remember when living in a mobile home park meant you, or your family, were poor? When kids were embarrassed to tell their friends they lived in a (gulp) mobile home? They were small, dirty and just a little better than sleeping in a cave. Well, those days are gone!

Today, mobile homes are just as nice as stick-built homes, and often, built better. You can find manufactured homes in today’s market made out of 2×6. The average stick built home is a 2×4 frame, constructed right out in the natural elements, in rain and snow. The wood can get soaked with moisture and often sits unprotected for weeks. Today’s manufactured homes are built indoors, away from the weather beating down on it. So, when it is completed, it is fully protected before it ever sees the light of day.


       I remember as a child, going into my grandfather’s mobile home. It was old and cold. They used to have to tar the roof to seal the holes in the roof every couple of years. The floors were rotting away and it was falling apart. I realize it was an old mobile home to begin with, but it just wasn’t built to last.

     Being in the mobile home business, I’ve seen some old homes and some really beautiful new homes. The newer homes have three bedrooms, master baths (with Jacuzzis), wood floors, and huge kitchens! I’ve even seen mobile homes with two stories. These homes aren’t the same as they used to be. In fact, many of the parks that I have seen are starting to pull out the old homes. They now want newer homes with vinyl siding and shingled roofs.

    Mobile homes are now becoming a desirable alternative for retired couples. It is a cost efficient way of living on a fixed income. The home is thousands of dollars cheaper than a stick built home and the parks basically provide a maintenance free yard. No, these aren’t the same mobile homes of yesteryear. Well built, spacious, and comfortable, these homes are now providing all the luxuries of a home in the suburbs!


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