Q&A: What Can I Do About Noises Under My Mobile Home?

Are you being awakened at night because mysterious noises are coming from under your mobile home? Or are you trying to enjoy a quiet evening with a movie but can’t relax with all the raucous scuffling below? There are many things that could possibly be causing the noises, but you’re stumped about where to start your investigation. And even more puzzled about what to do once you find the problem!

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So today we’re here to answer the question, “what can I do about noises under my mobile home?” Let’s look at the three most common reasons for noises under a mobile home and what you can do about them.

#1 Animals

Animals love mobile homes. It’s easy to move in and make a cozy little home under there because mobile homes may not have a foundation or a basement. If you’re hearing pattering sounds, tapping, or popping (especially at night), that may mean an animal has moved in. Popping sounds can result when animals chew through wires. They also love to chew on whatever metal and plastic is under your mobile home.

Mice and rats can be a big problem. They won’t content themselves with making annoying noises under the house. They’ll begin traveling up the walls, making nests for themselves in the insulation.

If you’re having problems with animals and their annoying noises, first do a little investigating and try to find where their entrances are and what damage they’ve done. Then call animal control. This is your best bet when dealing with animals. Animal control will probably be more effective than using poison or setting traps yourself. 

After animal control has taken care of the pesky critter (or critters), repair any damage it’s done. The most important thing is to patch any damaged skirting around your mobile home so other animals can’t make the same choices.

#2  Plumbing problems

Another major issue that often causes noises under a mobile home is plumbing. Mobile homeowners have found that when they flush the toilet, run the dishwasher, or simply turn on a faucet, the water causes the pipes to bang. Thankfully, these sounds are a little easier to identify than animal sounds. The hard part is taking care of the issue. Often plumbing lines will thump loudly. 

But why? It can be caused by the pipes reacting to the temperature of the water, or it may mean your pipes aren’t strapped under the house properly. Bringing a professional in to secure the pipes may take care of the issue.

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Since the plumbing lines under a mobile home are fairly exposed compared to a traditional home, they can come loose or freeze. A joist may be out of place, or the plumbing line just simply wasn’t installed securely. Manufactured homes are put together with as much efficiency as possible, but problems like this arise, just like with any other assembly-line product. 

The best option for you is to get a professional out to look at your mobile home. And make sure to inspect the plumbing every couple of years to make sure there aren’t any new issues.

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#3 Air ducts

Ductwork problems can sometimes be obvious – especially if your house is cold and your heating bill is skyrocketing! Pair this with popping, banging, or tapping sounds, and you have an issue with your air ducts. 

Similar to plumbing issues, ductwork problems can arise when the pipes are expanding and contracting because of changing temperatures. You may only hear noises when the heat turns on or off, or you may hear it constantly. Sometimes the ducts may even rattle when you walk across the floor.

This calls for a professional, too. You can crawl under your house to see if you can find the problem first. But more often than not, air ducts are going to need to be secured and re-sealed by a professional.

Help! There are noises under my mobile home.

Hopefully, you now have the information you need to carry out your investigation of the noises under your mobile home. Never again will you’ll never have to wonder “why are there noises under my mobile home?” And you’ll never have to stress out! You’re equipped with enough knowledge now to handle it in a calm and organized manner. If you need more information for dealing with animals under your mobile home, check out Steps You Can Take When There Is An Animal Under Your Mobile Home. Or if your house is cold and your air ducts need attention, you’ll find this article helpful: Mobile Home Ductwork Repair: Keep Your Home Warm This Winter.

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