The 7 Nicest Mobile Homes On The Market Right Now

Feb 8, 2019Blog, Buying a mobile home

So, if you’re looking into buying a mobile home this year, you might be feeling a little limited by your perception of mobile homes. Is there any such thing as a “nice” mobile home? Well, the answer to that is yes – and why settle for anything less than the best? What we’re trying to say is, you have options when it comes to choosing a mobile home, so don’t hold yourself back!

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Need some help getting started? We think you’ll find your style somewhere in this list of mobile homes that we’ve put together. We’ve included a lakefront home, a home with a small amount of farmland, a home that’s kid-friendly, and much more! So, take a look at some of our picks for the nicest mobile homes on the market!

#1: Fort Lauderdale, Florida mobile home

This manufactured home for sale in Florida is cute and cozy. With two bedrooms and two bathrooms, the home is the perfect size for a small family or perhaps a retired couple.

Interior and exterior features

The interior of this mobile home has some great features: hardwood floors, a well-designed kitchen, and plenty of open space. It’s the type of home that makes you want to walk outside, sit down, and watch the lake – and, with this home, you actually can! Outside, you’ll find a spacious deck that boasts a view of the nearby lake. What’s more, the lake feeds a sprinkler system that keeps the lawn watered.

As a finishing touch, there are colorful shrubs and trees in both the front and back yard of this home, as well as a few small garden patches.

A nice place to settle down

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a quiet, private location that will instantly feel like home, you should certainly look into this home in Fort Lauderdale. You never know – you might end up finding your dream home!

#2: East Carondelet, Illinois mobile home

You’ll never need to worry about running out of space in this mobile home. In addition to its four bedrooms and two bathrooms, it has a roomy kitchen, family area, and dining room, each of which contributes to the open, welcoming feel of this home.

A living room that’s perfect for any month of the year

The dining room/living room of this home has something for the cold days and the warm ones. On a cold fall morning, the whole family can gather around the wood-burning fireplace to sip coffee. If it’s a beautiful spring day that you can’t get enough of, you can open up the large living room windows and let in plenty of the fresh spring air.

What about those days when you just need a minute of peace and quiet to yourself? Have no fear! This home also contains a family area that’s separate from the living room. It even includes built-in bookshelves so you can keep your favorite books on hand at all times.

10 acres of land

If you love the idea of having a personal horse farm, this home is perfect for you! It includes roughly 10 acres of property (2 acres of which is horse pasture for your dream animals) a barn, a horse pen, and plenty of room to store your farm supplies. So, if you’ve always wanted to own horses but never had the opportunity, you should definitely look into this property!

Worried that you’ll have to be out in the middle of nowhere if you want to have a horse farm? Don’t be. This home is only a few minutes away from St. Louis, IL, which means you’ll be able to experience the best of both worlds – you can enjoy your quiet, peaceful farm during the week, and on the weekends you can travel to the city and find something new to do. It’ll be a long time before you get bored of this lifestyle!

#3: Lafayette, Indiana mobile home

This home is gorgeous, and it lives up to its appearance. It’s well-maintained and features updates that will have you taking a second glance.

Updated kitchen, roof, windows, and more

The owners of this home certainly went to great lengths to keep it structurally and aesthetically sound. The roof was replaced two years ago, the windows are newly treated, and even the kitchen floor is fairly new. If you’re looking for practicality and efficiency in a home, then you should certainly keep this one in mind.

But wait – there’s more. The modernized look of this mobile home also lies in its less practical improvements. For example, this home features several newer skylights that provide the home’s interior with plenty of natural light. This mobile home is also freshly painted in tasteful colors that create a warm, calming environment.

Quiet, private location

Speaking of a calming environment, did we mention that this mobile home sits on about half an acre of land and even has a creek running through its backyard? You’ll be able to sit on the back porch and enjoy listening to the water flowing by without a care in the world. This home is also located on a private road, meaning that you’ll have extra peace and quiet to relax and contemplate your existence.

Comfortable bathrooms

As if the previous updates weren’t enough, this home also features a large, luxurious bathtub in one of its two bathrooms. The same bathroom contains not one, but two vanities and sinks. While the two do connect to one other, they’re designed to give two people enough space to use a sink or fix their hair, rather than trying to use one sink or mirror at the same time. So, if you think your vanity is a little too crowded with your significant other’s things when you’re getting ready for work in the morning, this efficient vanity might be just what you need. This single detail probably won’t persuade you to buy a home, but at least you can keep it in mind during your search!

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#4: Boerne, Texas mobile home

What we love about this home is its unique style. Both inside and out, it’s got something a little different going on.

Kitchen pass-through

Instead of a solid wall separating the kitchen and living room, this mobile home contains a pass-through that’s practical in terms of space and also provides a quirky attractiveness for both rooms. Within the kitchen itself, the design takes another unique turn. The dark wood kitchen island isn’t quite an island. Instead, it extends from the lower kitchen cabinet area.  

A bathroom arrangement that you don’t see every day

This home has two bathrooms, but the one that’s featured in the photos is one-of-a-kind. It features a split vanity with a large, fancy bathtub in between the two halves, and a separate shower across the room. Additionally, the floor is luxuriously carpeted. No more cold floors when you get out of the tub!

Plenty of picnicking opportunities

You’ll never be short on shade in this front yard. On summer days, you’ll be able to go outside without immediately missing your air conditioning, thanks to the large, beautiful oak trees that surround this home, giving it an even more distinctive look and feel.

#5: Corsicana, Texas mobile home

Are you looking for a family-oriented mobile home? Well, this could be it! Take a look at this exciting home that will be great for all ages – especially for the kids.

Plenty of space

Along with the traditional kitchen, dining room and living room, this mobile home contains three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an extra room that you can use for whatever you like. Perhaps it could serve as a family game and movie night room.

The front yard is perfect for playtime

What better place for your kids to play than in your own grassy, spacious front yard? Even better, the yard has a fence around it, giving it a little extra safety in the case of very young children.

Who could say no to the pool?

Another obviously kid-friendly feature of this home is the pool in the backyard. Your kids (and probably you and your spouse as well) won’t be able to get enough of splashing around in their own personal pool that’s right outside the back door.

Take the kids outside for an educational explore

Looking for something new to do with the kids? The large pond in the backyard will be the perfect opportunity to teach them some new things about nature and wildlife. If they’re feeling even more adventurous, you’ll have about four acres that you can explore with them!

#6: Duvall, Washington mobile home

This mobile home is classy and rustic all at once with its beautiful designs and colors.

Great interior design

Who wouldn’t want to live in this house? It features beautiful interior design, complete with attractive laminate flooring, a cute cabinet and countertop layout in the kitchen, and sliding glass doors leading out onto a small back porch. It’s a cozy but classy home with just a touch of the outdoorsy feel, which means it has something for everyone!

Jetted tub

In a way, this is the grown-up version of what an outdoor pool means to kids – how many people do you know who could say no to a jetted tub? There aren’t many things that are quite as relaxing to come home to after a long day at work.

A spacious carport

Maybe you own several cars, or maybe you’re just an avid collector of antique bicycles, but one way or the other, you need somewhere to store your possessions. Well, look no further – this mobile home features a three-car carport that will take care of your storage needs, cars or otherwise.

If you still need more parking space after filling your garage, you’ll be able to park two cars in front of this home as well. You won’t need to worry about running out of parking space anymore!

#7: Colbert, Washington mobile home

If you’re looking for a home that will allow you plenty of flexibility in your choice of decor, this home should get a place on your list of possibilities. Why? Well, this home is like a blank piece of paper waiting for someone to fill it with art – with plain walls, functional but less-than-luxurious bathrooms, and an obvious need for some other revisions, it can be your sketchbook while you’re the artist. You won’t need to worry about trying to cover up bright red paint from a previous paint job in your endeavors to create your perfect style – this home is just right for you if you’re up for the challenge and want everything to look just-so.

A few ideas

Here are a few ideas that we think would make this mobile home look great:

  • Choose some colors that you like and give the plain walls a coat of paint. Try to vary the colors a little bit between rooms, but don’t go crazy with your color palette either.
  • Pick out a more modern tile design for the bathroom floor and replace the old tile.
  • Find some dark wood furniture (desks, end tables, etc.) and set them up throughout the home, allowing them to contrast the generally lighter-themed cabinets, dressers, and drawers.
  • Give the bathrooms a luxurious touch with a coat of paint and decorate with some unique light fixtures or towel cabinets.
  • This home is very open. Fill up some of its blank spaces by putting up plenty of art on the walls. (However, remember that you shouldn’t over-decorate a mobile home – all this will do is create a cluttered look in the home.)

Take your time!

Even though you might feel like the task of choosing a mobile home is a bit tedious, don’t rush yourself! Don’t forget to enjoy the process and prioritize what’s important to you in the home that you choose. For example, if you want your new home to have a modern interior design, do your research and choose the home that seems the most modern to you. Since you’re going to be living in it, what’s most important is that you absolutely love it – so take your time, and choose wisely!

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