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Selling a mobile home in New York is often a frustrating experience. Typically a seller puts an orange sign in the window hoping the phone will ring. However, the reality is, this form of marketing rarely works. People don’t drive through mobile home parks to find homes anymore. Instead, they search the Internet and find thousands of mobile homes in New York within minutes. Have you ever noticed the people who move out of your park? Pay careful attention, as it is very unlikely that you will see a “for sale” sign in their window. We purchase hundreds of homes a year, and I’ll tell you, I rarely see a For Sale sign. This is because they go straight to the Internet for all their marketing needs. This is what you need to sell your New York mobile homes fast!

Why list your home with us?

Buyers from all across the country search for homes in New York. That’s the beauty of mobile homes – they’re mobile. People can easily purchase your mobile home and move it to another state. So you have to stop thinking locally. You have to get your mobile home in front of as many people as you can. This is what we do! We market your home, via the Internet, to thousands of buyers all across the US and, specifically, New York.

What do you get with us?

You will get a professional ad that allows you to list important information about your mobile home.  You’ll have ample space to create a full write-up about the home that enables you to give a complete description of selling features, as well as repairs needed.  Along with this, you are able to upload as many pictures as you like.  Visuals are always a great selling feature and will help a great deal with buyers outside of New York who are unable to come view the home.  (Tip – you’ll also get your very own URL that will link back to your own listing.  We encourage you to copy and paste this URL into your other marketing tools, such as Craigslist or Ebay.  This way, people can just click the link to get a professional looking ad, without the hassle of having to recreate it, time and time again.


We provide you with Internet traffic that is 100% mobile home relevant.  People in New York seek out our site because they are interested in mobile homes and many of those people are living in New York currently.  Also, once your ad is up (Takes about 5 minutes) you will never have to recreate it again.  Just renew the ad if you still haven’t sold it.  Once it’s sold, simply remove the ad and all buyer’s inquiries will stop.  No one will ever get your email address with our site since all contact between buyer and seller is within our site.

With all the benefits we provide, there is no reason not to list your home with  Get started today by clicking the “List your home” tab above.  We’ll take you through the short process, step by step.  Don’t delay, sign up now to sell your mobile home fast.


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