Need to sell a 2004 mobile home?

There is much work that goes into selling a 2004 mobile home. You must effectively market the home as well as price the home correctly. Throughout this site you can retrieve a lot of information to help you accomplish this discouraging task. However, in this article we would like to warn you of possible challenges that you might face along the way.

2004 mobile homes are in high demand and can fetch a good deal of money. However, in a market saturated in vacant homes, “good money” may have a different meaning than the days of old. Typically, one could have a 2004 mobile home sold within weeks if they set the price correctly.  We purchase in the wholesale market, which must take moving expenses into account, but we would be happy to make you an offer on your home. If you are satisfied with the amount we offer we ask that you give us a call to schedule a viewing of the home.
Another possible frustration you may encounter is getting park approval for your buyer. Many times sellers will find buyers who are eager to move into the home. However, before you sign a purchase agreement you have to be approved by the park for residency. This is often where the deal goes cold. Parks know that you pay your rent on time, so why would they approve someone who has poor credit or a shaky payment history? They’re not going to. Don’t get too excited until the park has agreed on your buyer and you have money in hand. This brings us to our next possible frustration.

I have heard it time and time again, sellers find buyers who promise to pay the agreed upon price and never come back. This puts you in a desperate situation. Many times a seller will be excited to leave (Maybe even apply for apartments or sign a lease somewhere else) only to find that the “buyer” has disappeared. I don’t know why but this happens frequently to us.
If you have a 2004 mobile home that is currently on the market, you know what I’m talking about. If you are considering putting it on the market, get ready, it can be one roller-coaster of a ride.
If you’re sick of the hassle, we understand. We encourage you to get your no obligation, instant offer today. We purchase 2004 mobile homes with cash and never need park approval. We can close as quickly as you’d like and make payment the same day.
Contact us now for your free offer. We’ll email deliver your estimate within 20 minutes to your email address.



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