Need help selling a 2000 mobile home?

Need help selling a 2000 mobile home?

If you’ve landed on this page because you are having trouble selling your 2000 mobile home, you’ve come to the right place. You can get a wide range of information on this site to help you get your home sold, once and for all.

Homes that were built in the year 2000 tend to have a psychological advantage over slightly older homes, impacting mobile home values. It is evident that people tend to think these homes are of far greater value than 1999 because they were built in the 21st century. Although this is not always the case, we are going to want to go with it in order to get this home sold.

So, you already have a head start on your competition from the 90’s. Now, we just have to concentrate on those manufactured homes that are slightly newer. I don’t think you have much to worry about with brand new homes. Manufactured homes depreciate, this causes buyers to search for homes that have lost the heavy depreciation in the earlier years. This will put you in prime market conditions. You’re not old but not new either. We suggest you market the year heavily and check out similar homes. Being that you have a 2000 mobile home, buyers are going to be attracted for this very reason.
Now, price it to sell. Don’t be the highest price on the block (so to speak). Buyers may be attracted to the year, but they are still not going to over pay, so make sure you know the exact market value. All the age does for the home is increase your buyer pool, it does not sell the home.

Make sure the home looks like a 2000 mobile home. Meaning, clean it up and make any necessary repairs. When people come to view the home they want to see what they envision. When I think of a 2000 mobile home, I think of something new and clean. So, make the manufactured home new and clean. If you do these simple suggestions, we think you’ll have no problem selling this home.

That being said, we desire to buy 2000 mobile homes and pay top dollar for them. You can get a free, no-obligation offer from us right now. Just input some information to the upper right of this page and we’ll send you an immediate estimate directly to your email.

There’s no reason to delay. There’s no obligation to sell and you can find out our offer, right now!


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