Nebraska mobile homes for sale

Nebraska Manufactured Homes: Buying or Selling

Nebraska, perched on the dry mid-western part of the U.S., initially had only large grasslands fit only for cattle grazing. Later the state’s fortune changed when the “gold rush” era of colonial U.S. drove a high number of people from the Eastern States towards the west looking for gold! Nebraska was converted into a state in 1867.

Nebraska’s Beautiful Landscape

Nebraska is virtually lined with historic trails, and striking, rural grasslands making the land highly suitable for cattle farming. In the late 19th century, this state saw a sudden spurt of growth due to innovative farming technologies such as the wind mill and heavy-duty plowing mechanisms. It is only natural that Nebraska happens to be a major producer of beef and pork. The state is one of the least populated states in America.

In spite of sitting close to desserts, the state is blessed with sufficient amount of water supply from the three rivers flowing from its eastern to the western borders – The Platte River, the Niobrara River, and the Republican River.

The tourist spots in the unusual state surrounded by dry lands are the California National Historic Trail, the Chimney Rock National Historic Site, the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail, and the Missouri National Recreational Park. Nebraska has over the years welcomed a balanced mix of ethnic groups comprising Germans, English, Irish, Mexican, Czech, and some African Americans.

The industrial growth is concentrated to two major cities: Omaha and Lincoln. Omaha is now home to ConAgra, Mutual of Omaha, Info USA, Valmont Industries, Kiewit Corporation, and the Union Pacific Railroad among others. Lincoln houses a considerable number of important companies like UNIFI Companies, Duncan Aviation, and Sand-hills Publishing Company. Nebraska is quite well served by an advanced railroads systems, about six interstate high-ways, & many U.S. high-ways.

The noted educational institutions in this area are University of Nebraska at Omaha, University of Nebraska Medical Center, and the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture. The state is also known for its large network of community colleges. Football, baseball, soccer, & hockey are played in this state.

Buy and Sell Your Mobile Home in Omaha Nebraska

If you have a reason to move into this state or know someone who does, it would be worthwhile to know beforehand that EZ Homes, LLC has presence here. A core manufactured home buying & selling business and one of the companies that buy mobile homes in Omaha Nebraska, we have over 10 years of proven track record in taking care of mobile-home related needs of Nebraskans. If you want a quick and cost-effective solution to your mobile home buying needs, peruse through the advertised manufactured homes we have listed, to find something you like.

The benefits that you will realize at EZ Homes, LLC are:

  • Fully licensed, bonded, & insured company
  • Cash payments for sales
  • No pre-approval required by the park
  • Fair prices
  • Targeted sales ads to attract buyers
  • Additional URL for promoting your mobile home

If you are moving out of Nebraska, and have a sudden, quick need to sell off your manufactured home, then visit our website and create a buyer-oriented sales ad to grab the attention of potential mobile home buyers. We can help you identify prospective properties consumers in Nebraska.




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