Unique Mobile Home Gifts That Are Perfect For Mother’s Day

May 9, 2018Blog

Mother’s Day is fastly approaching as the days pass by. Many are trying to figure out what to possibly buy or do for their special Mom.

Apart from the usual flowers or fancy dinners, mobile home gifts are also pretty treasures that your Mom would love!

Mobile home gifts?

Of course, you may be wondering – “where can I possibly get a mobile home gift suited for Mother’s Day?” Or perhaps you weren’t sure that such a category for gifts existed. We have a few ideas that might suit your fancy. Or your Mom’s.  

Sometimes it may also take a little bit of creativity. A mobile home gift can easily be labeled as a “normal” home gift as well. However, “mobile home gifts” adds a little more cuteness and more interesting!

The general overview of mobile homes today

In general, mobile homes have a more cozy feel than stick-built homes. Due to the naturally, smaller space, couples or small families usually fit perfectly well in this cozy type of home.

However, due to the rising popularity of mobile homes and the more suited affordability they offer, mobile homes are getting bigger and wider. Bigger families, or couples who would like more space than a single-wide mobile home, are starting to live in double or triple wide mobile homes.

As the popularity of mobile homes grows, you’ll begin to hear more about mobile home gifts. There’s just something about these gifts that have a more “cozier” and “warm” effect. What better characteristics to have than these for a lovely Mother’s Day gift?

Let’s start the list of a few mobile home gifts for Mother’s Day

Think easy storage for the kitchen

Certainly with a mobile home, as we mentioned earlier, space is generally limited. Kitchens, especially, may not be as big as your Mom may have liked. With a small kitchen, storage space is also limited.

Stack of colored plates on a shelf

Mixing bowls are probably limited to two in total. Measuring cups may clutter the few drawers available. Moreover, having guests over for meals most likely leads to re-using and re-washing mixing bowls several times to prepare each dish.

Vremi – 13 Piece Mixing Set With Handle

Look into the “Vremi 13 Piece Mixing Set With Handle”, ready to order with one-day shipping from Amazon.

This all-purpose set comes with a:

  • Big, red mixing bowl with non-slip rubber bottom holds
  • Pastel blue colander
  • Purple rim sifter
  • Sunny yellow bowl with a pour spout
  • Set of colorful measuring cups
  • Set of colorful measuring spoons

The grand feature –  they are stackable! The set is not only colorful and fun, but it’s lightweight and BPA free plastic!

Make the window sill “green”

Mini gardens. They are fun and they definitely do grow edible plants just from the window sill. As long as there’s a nice ray of sunshine coming through, you can grow edible herbs indoors!

A mini garden in the kitchen would definitely be a great addition to a mobile home, especially on the inside. Many mobile homes don’t have gardens either, so, why not grow one indoors with glass bottles?

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Urban Leaf – World’s Smallest Garden

If your Mom is a fan of Mother Nature and going green, this is the perfect and cute gift for her! “Urban Leaf’s World’s Smallest Garden” allows you to grow herbs, vegetables, or small plants, from used glass bottles.

Put those used glass bottles to work and turn them into functional planters!

Plants in a variety of glass bottles

The genius creators of Urban Leaf made a cylindrical device, in the shape of a test tube, with soil-like substrate material with a seed pre-planted. This means that Mom will not have to mess with actual dirt or soil or sourcing her own seeds.

Insert the “device” into the mouth of a glass bottle filled with water and voila! The world’s smallest garden! You might be so amazed that you might just order one for yourself as well!

Pop the popcorn and season it well!

Not only does the smell of popcorn grab attention, but also the way it’s seasoned and how it bursts with salty or sweet or even spicy flavors! And the crunch of these glorious little things make it an overall, satisfying snack for just about anyone.

Sometimes, popcorn that’s homemade may not be seasoned as well as the microwaved popcorn. It’s hard to get seasonings to stick on most of the popcorn if it hasn’t been sprayed or covered well with oil or melted butter.

If your Mother enjoys watching a movie or reading a good book with a bowl of freshly popped popcorn, we have the perfect gift for her.

PopcornBall on Funderdome

Since we’re all starting to get into a more “make-it-yourself-at-home” mode, encourage your Mother to start popping her own popcorn kernels if she doesn’t already. Plus, it’s healthier.

The PopcornBall is literally BPA free plastic ball allows you to fill it up with either popcorn kernels (yes, it’s microwavable!) or popped popcorn, add the seasonings, and literally spin it like a basketball spinning on the tip of your finger!

Not to mention that it holds an entire batch of popcorn, roughly 13-15 cups! What a treat this would be for your Mother. The PopcornBall has a silicone gasket leak-proof lid at the top that is useful for one person eating the popcorn, and it also has a detachment in the middle that opens into two equal halves. Perfect for equal sharing!

Creative and useful gifts for Mother’s Day

There are tons of other creative gifts out there for Mother’s Day. We hope that this list of a few items gave you a good start. However, don’t delay as the special day is almost here!

If you’d like to decorate the mobile home for Mother’s Day a gift instead, we’ve got you covered! Enjoy the celebration!




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