Last-Minute, Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

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Generally, if it weren’t for the people we call “Mom” we wouldn’t be where we are today. Without mothers, how would kids learn to crawl and walk? How would they learn the magic words and general manners, which will lend a huge hand when they step into adulthood? Who would have taken care of us when we were sick? Let’s just face it: without our mom’s we wouldn’t even exist.

As a result, it’s time to figure out what you’re going to do to celebrate the awesome person and unsung-hero we all call Mom. That’s right, it’s almost Mother’s Day! Mark your calendars for May 12, so you don’t forget the special day. In the meantime, you’re probably wondering just what to get Mom on such short notice.

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Generally, some new socks or a tie just don’t cut the bill for someone who works upwards to 100 hours a week. Therefore, she deserves something more. Let’s take a look at a few last-minute, budget-friendly gift ideas for Mother’s Day!

Gift baskets

Three things people don’t realize about gift baskets: one, they don’t have to be filled with gross candy and useless knick-knacks Mom’s never going to use. Two, you can save tons of money, and personalize it if you make one yourself. Three, they’re perfect for people in tiny places, like a mobile home, since everything is contained in one basket. Let’s consider what kind of things you can put in a gift basket to make it just right for Mom.

What you’ll need

To begin with, you’ll need a basket. Next, you’ll need to brainstorm just a little to see if you can come up with anything that you know your Mom especially appreciates. Maybe it’s new perfume or a special necklace. Either way, you’ll be able to fill up a basket in no time.

Bottles of perfume

Here are a few random items she might appreciate unwrapping:

  1. Outdoor garden flag: you can find lots of personalized garden flags online. A flag with cats for the cat lover, dogs for the dog lover, or even mushrooms, if those happen to be her thing.
  2. Coffee mug: we all know everyone loves a new mug. Something bright and cheerful, or something that tells you just how much you love her. Or just how much she loves you. 
  3. Perfume: something fresh and springy would be just right for Mother’s Day. Give her something that smells so good you don’t want to stop hugging her.
  4. Single-serve drink mixes: for those upcoming hot summer days, some drinks will be just the thing! 
  5. Face masks and/or facial lotion: who doesn’t love to pamper themselves with some special self-care products? Subsequently, tell her to take a few minutes and relax with a mask on. Even offer to put on some relaxing music for her, to repay her for all those sleepless nights you caused her when you were young. 
  6. Chocolate: with Mom’s, there’s usually no reason necessary to give her chocolate. You just do it because you love her and she loves it!

Those are only a few of the many things you could put in a basket. Generally, all of these things could be gotten and put together for less than $50. If that’s still too much, cut a few things out, and make it a smaller basket.

The gift of spending time

As a rule, nothing tells Mom, “I love you!” more than spending some quality time with her. Busy schedules make us push some things to the back burner, and sometimes time with Mom is one of those things. Generally, prioritizing Mom will make her feel loved and special!


If a gift basket just isn’t special enough, then don’t settle for less than the best. Have a special date night for just the two of you. And if taking her out for dinner is too expensive, then have a special dinner or snacks at the house. For example, if you don’t already know, find out what her favorite snacks are and buy lots of them. Better still, even if it makes you squirm in your seat, watch her favorite movie with her.

Special day coupon

As the last idea for Mom, all you’ll need is a pen, paper, and some time. Write her a note and tell her how much she means to you, and at the end, tell her that you want to take her out for a day, to do something special for her.

massage station with lotion, towels and flowers

As an example, pedicures, manicures, movies at the theater, and a shopping day are a few things that we’re sure she would appreciate. Find a day that works for both of you, and put your plan into action!

Something she’ll never forget

The best thing to remember is that Mom is going to love whatever you do for her. If you find you really have no time or money, get together this weekend to give her a hug and tell her, “I love you, you’re the best mom!” And if you’re really wanting to do something she’ll always remember, tell her you’re coming over for a cleaning party, and use our Commercial Break Cleaning Routine to help her get the house back into ship-shape in no time!

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