The 7 Most Energy Efficient Mobile Homes On The Market

It comes as no surprise that you’re looking for an energy-efficient home. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development code for mobile home construction standards was implemented in the 1970s. Since that turn of events, mobile home manufacturers are increasingly aware of the need to provide energy-efficient homes.

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Along with that, there are other institutions in place to help manufacturers aspire to greater energy efficiency. For example, manufacturers aim to have the EnergyStar sticker on their homes. To qualify for this honor, the mobile home must meet EnergyStar’s requirements for energy efficiency. This is definitely a notch above HUD code requisites. Other manufacturers go even beyond that.

All that’s to say that your search for energy-efficient mobile homes will not be in vain. Join us as we look at some of the most energy efficient mobile homes.

The 7 most energy efficient mobile homes on the market

A quality mobile home manufacturer will take energy efficiency seriously. In their catalog options, you should be able to find some homes that are highly energy efficient. They’re a step above the rest in their construction quality.

#1 The Imperial | 1440 Sq. Ft. Manufactured Home

The Imperial Floorplan 46021A Model

Floorplan via Jacobsen Homes

Jacobsen Homes sees the value in choosing environmentally friendly construction features and practices. At Jacobsen Homes, a controlled construction process produces minimal waste while preserving energy. In an effort to do their part for the environment, Jacobsen Homes choose to recycle construction materials.

By implementing energy efficiency into their design, they have several practical steps towards making that a reality. For example, their material choices include LED lights, energy star appliances, energy star shingles, and more. When it comes to the design process, they’ve chosen to integrate an energy efficient wall system.

The Imperial model features four bedrooms and two baths. That’s a 24′ by 60′ home. Energy efficient homes don’t have to be small, as can be seen in The Imperial.

#2 TNR | 1458 Sq. Ft. Manufactured Home

TNR Floorplan 4544B Model

Floorplan via Jacobsen Homes

Next up we have the TNR from Jacobsen Homes. This energy efficient home features three bedrooms and an open design with the living room and dining room. This gives the open area an illusion of being bigger than it is.

#3 The Imperial | 1386 Sq. Ft. Manufactured Home

The Imperial Floorplan SA34622 Model (1)

Floorplan via Jacobsen Homes

Here we have another edition of The Imperial. Jacobsen Homes built this design to accommodate a different fitting of the master bedroom’s design, most notably.

This is a great energy efficient home for any family, or simply a couple who wants extra space for a guest room and office room.

#4 Satisfaction | 1,264 Sq. Ft. Manufactured Home

Now we’re onto a Clayton Home model. The Satisfaction is a three bedroom home with two bathrooms. We’re loving the open space between the living room, dining room, and kitchen. If you’re a family, this is especially useful as you cook and keep an eye on the children.

Clayton Homes seek to build homes that are energy efficient by holding to EnergyStar standards. These homes are less expensive when it comes to energy expenses such as cooling and heating.

They’re also quieter. Because of the insulation that keeps out the summer heat or the winter cold, the sound is dampened too.

Quality insulation, airtight instruction, and energy efficient windows are some of the features you’ll find in an EnergyStar certified home.

#5 Delight | 820 Sq. Ft. Manufactured Home

It may be small, but the Delight is packed with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. This is a great home for a single person or couple. The extra room can serve as a guest room and hobby room.

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#6 Bliss | 765 Sq. Ft. Manufactured Home

In this gem of a home in our lineup of most energy efficient mobile homes, you’ll find it’s just right for those who have a penchant for tiny house living. At 765 square feet, the Bliss is a little haven that provides just what you need.

#7 The Mon Reve | 2305 Sq. Ft. Manufactured Home

The Mon Reve Standard Floorplan

Floorplan via Champion Homes

Finally, to end our list of most energy-efficient mobile homes, we come to Champion Homes. This 2305 square foot beauty houses three bedrooms and two bathrooms. In addition to the spacious rooms, it has a wide open space across the living room, kitchen, dining room, and family room.

These are just the start of your energy-efficient choices

We hope you’re impressed by some of the most energy efficient mobile homes on the market. This list is not exhaustive, that’s for certain.

As you continue your search for the ideal mobile home, it’s important that you know what defines mobile home quality. And one thing is for sure – energy efficiency is paramount.

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