Fun Mobile Home Stories & Mobile Homes In The Movies

We’ve mentioned it before, but the world of mobile homes is changing. With the craze of “tiny homes”, mobile homes are gaining awareness as an affordable, convenient housing option. And with their increase in popularity, the media’s been catching on as well.

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On networks like HGTV, you’ll find a fair amount of coverage on the world of mobile home lifestyle and decor. Movies and TV shows have also picked up on the trend. Join us as we take a look at some of the media attention being given to mobile homes! 

Think mobile homes, but smaller

Before we look at mobile homes specifically, we want to briefly mention the tiny home phenomenon sweeping the country. To an extent, tiny homes borrow the concept of affordable, moveable housing from manufactured homes and apply it on an even smaller scale.

In a YouTube series entitled “Tiny House, Giant Journey” Jenna chooses the tiny house option in an effort to simplify her life. Her choice also gives her the freedom to travel the world! She takes her home with her across the United States traveling over 25,000 miles from the arctic circle of Alaska all the way to the Florida Keys.

And if you think these housing alternatives lack style or versatility, we dare you to tour this tiny home! With details like porthole windows, an “elevator bed”, and all the hidden storage, who needs a big house? Minimalist lifestyle is not a commitment to dull and dreary! The world of mobile living has gone way beyond the typical trailer or manufactured home.

On wheels

Next, let’s take a look at mobile home counterparts, trailers and RVs. They’ve also had their place in stardom – usually with some hilarity involved. Who could forget the runaway trailer in the 2006 film, “RV” starring Robin Williams?  And in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, who could ever forget the relatives’ surprise visit in their harrowing trailer? Then there’s “The Long, Long Trailer” with Lucille Ball. Of course, trailers have also played a role in more serious movies, like “Snatch”.

Trailer upgrades

Besides appearing in the movies, trailers are getting a serious upgrade when it comes to the rich and famous. Many musical artists and those in the acting field spend a good majority of their time on the road. Trailers, RV’s and the like are now comparable to some 5-star hotels. Leonardo Dicaprio’s motorhome is an example of true luxe. His mansion on wheels boasts a fifty-two-foot long trailer with huge expansions. And Timbaland’s houses a fully equipped studio for recording music in his RV! HDTV did a special on this very special genre of motor homes and you can catch a glimpse here.

Mobile home guest appearances

Of course, when we look at the star of our article, mobile homes have had their share of the spotlight. They’ve made guest appearances in movies including, “Where The Heart Is” and the more recent blockbuster, “Leave No Trace” which documents a father-daughter duo who live off the grid until discovered and forced to assume shelter. They find themselves in a mobile home, trying to adapt to their new life.

2018 also brought the indie movie “Mobile Home” to the silver screen. It’s a movie highlighting the nomadic and somewhat turbulent life of a young mother with a troubled relationship who finds community in the context of a mobile home park. In an early scene of the movie, the main character offers the thought, “I guess this isn’t my idea of a home”, and in response, zeroing in on the mobile home topic, the guy responds stating, “It’s a house, a home is what you build inside of it”.

Expanding your ideas!

Options are endless when it comes to making a mobile home your own. Whether you are all about interior details or wanting to expand, the modern mobile home adapts to your needs. Read here to see just what people are doing to turn their mobile home into their own personal space.

As mobile home options continue to evolve, we expect to see them in more TV shows and movies in the future. Stay tuned!

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