Around The World | A Look At Mobile Homes In Different Countries

Welcome aboard! We’re so glad you’ve joined us for on an exciting journey as we look at mobile homes in different countries.

Truly, with 7.6 billion people living in it, the world is a remarkable place. We have seven continents and 195 countries. Each place with their distinct weather patterns, living conditions, and cultural differences. And as a result, unique housing often comes into place.

So let’s buckle up and get ready for a tour of the world as it pertains to mobile homes.

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Around the world in mobile homes

Before take off, we’d like to point out that some countries don’t offer mobile homes. However, if they do have some sort of prefabricated home structure, we’ll be taking a peek at those too!

South Africa

First stop is Gauteng, South Africa. Here, HP Hi-Way Park Homes offers mobile home units. Generally, their homes come with burglar bars, and a security gate is stationed at the park’s entrance.

Hi-Way Parkhomes Mobile Home in South Africa

Image credit: Hi-Way Parkhomes

These homes are more box-like in their structure with an emphasis on practicality and providing a safe haven for residents.


Stopping by B.C., Canada, Brookswood Homes is on the job providing Canadians with quality mobile homes.

Brookswood mobile home in Canada

Image credit: Brookswood Homes Ltd.

This 1824 square foot unit is similar to the housing you may find in the U.S.


Next up, we have the Philippines. In this part of the world, Smart House is building prefabricated homes with steel framing and EPS panel boards. These boards are certified in their sturdiness for resisting typhoons, strong winds, and big earthquakes. These weather threats pose a real concern for homeowners in this part of the world.

Smarthouse Prefab Log Home

Image credit: SmarthousePH

Safe shelter from turbulent weather is at the forefront of manufactured housing designs in the Philippines.

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Here we have China. While not considered a mobile home, 3D-printed dwellings are deemed prefabricated homes.

China has now developed a two-story 3D printed home (click this link for pictures of the inside and outside). With 90% of the home built in a factory, it only takes ten days to build this structure. This is a fully functioning home complete with plumbing and electrical.

China is aiming to build more houses in a speedy manner. And as you can see, 3D printing caters quite nicely to making this goal a reality.

Additionally, China is not sacrificing quality at the expense of speed. These 3D printed homes can withstand a 9.0 earthquake. And the process is also more environmentally friendly in contrast to the traditional way of building stick built homes.


Also at work, Moscow is an innovative and motivated player in the prefabricated home market.  Affordable and innovative, Bio Architects created the DublDom series of prefabricated homes.

DublDom Prefab home

Image credit: DublDom

A modern cabin-like structure, you can find these homes range from 280 square feet to 1,4000 square feet.

Because of demand, DublDom is now catering to the U.S. and European markets. DublDom is what you get when a cabin meets modernity. DublDom chooses to employ inexpensive materials such as metal, barn board, and glass.


Over in Morelos, Mexico, SOA Soler Orozco Arquitectos builds a beautiful steel-framed pre-fab home. This home emphasizes outdoor living.

prefab house Mexico

Image credit: Cesar Béjar

All but two bedrooms and bathrooms are exposed and open to the outdoors. This means the living room and kitchen are free to breathe out in the open air.

The contrast of the implemented wood and steel gives this home a sleek and modern look.

If a country’s weather is mostly stable and predictable, this type of home is certainly a winner in every way. There’s nothing like fresh air to refresh the soul.

How other countries are benefitting from mobile home living

As you can see, mobile homes in different countries carry their own unique emphasis on the building process.

For one, safety is a huge concern. If burglars are a big fear, manufacturers make the extra effort to tie that into the design with features such as barred windows. Weather dangers will also play a big role in factoring in the construction material and design. Locations, where earthquakes are a regular occurrence, will sway the construction process in a direction that emphasizes a more robust structure.

In other countries, as we’ve showcased, manufacturers are free to focus on innovation. These places are experimenting and finding new ways to provide modern living that doesn’t take up much time or money.

Mobile homes, a global tradition

Wherever you live, and whatever your preferred housing, we hope you found this brief tour of the world entertaining and inspiring. Mobile homes aren’t limited in their design or location. If you found this article interesting, you’ll probably find more amusement and inspiration in reading about celebrities who’ve chosen the mobile home life.

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