1st Blog Of Christmas: Get Your Mobile Home Yard Ready For Winter

by Dec 5, 2018

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Noting a nip in the air and increasingly barren trees? Yes, winter is ever closer and so is Christmas! We have 12 blogs left until the big day, so today we’re heading up our 12 Blogs of Christmas series. We’ll be starting with the outside of your mobile home and working our way indoors as the series progresses. As you get ready for winter, here are some thoughts on preparing your mobile home yard for the cold … and those holiday decorations.

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Maybe where you live you measure snow in feet. Or perhaps a slight dusting is the most you’re likely to get. Possibly, your mobile home yard will be obscured by fluffy white water crystals some of the seasons. But don’t let that stop you from doing some tidying up on the front end of the season.

Clean it

Maybe we could call this the grown-up equivalent of a child being dispatched to clean their room. In both cases, how much work there is to do and how long it takes can depend on how dirty it is to begin with. One difference between your childhood room-cleaning and your present-day lawn prepping may be the lack of an authority making you get the job done. So you may just have to come up with the resolve and the diligence yourself this time!

Start with general picking up. Here, go ahead and gather all toys, trash, scraps, tarps, and anything else that’s been hanging out on your lawn. If it deserves to be thrown away, toss it. However, if it’s something you’ll want next year (the kid’s toys for instance) either create a place for them or put them in the appropriate toy box or bedroom.

Mobile home yard furniture & the like

Now, take down lawn furniture and other items that you don’t want spending the winter out of doors.

  • Hammock – Take it down when completely dry and store.
  • Fire pit – You may opt to store this inside a shed or basement, but if you do decide to leave it outside, cover it.
  • Lawn chairs – Collect them and cover or store inside.

A place for everything and everything in its place

Before the cold and snow (if you get it) set in, establish a place for keeping supplies you’ll need. You could opt to establish a corner of your garage, carport, or mudroom for storing the following:

  • snow shovels
  • whatever ice melt you’ll be using 
  • snow brushes (or keep them in your cars)

A man shoveling snow

Plus, you could designate a place where the kids can put sleds, snowboards, and saucers when they’re done using them.

Keep it green and healthy

Next, let’s turn our attention to the lawn. Here are a couple things you can do to your “patch of grass”:

Fix it

Additionally, before winter strikes in earnest, take some time to do those outdoor projects that have been waiting for you. If your fence has been broken for a while, now’s a fine time to set it to rights. And that fallen tree that just begging to be removed, consider tackling that now, too. Broken railings or steps on your deck could also be attended to.

Fill it

Do you have potholes in your driveway or major broken spots in your sidewalk? Go ahead and fill them now so no one steps in them inadvertently later when they’re hidden by snow.

Rake it

Now, don’t forget to clean the leaves off your lawn before snow starts piling up. Get out there with your favorite rake and make a big pile. Transfer it to a tarp and drag it away. In fact, snag some family members and make it a raking party. Just don’t forget to budget in some extra time for kids to have fun jumping in the leaf pile.

Raking leaves in the fall

A few more ideas

On top of our suggestions above, here are a couple more outdoor things you could opt to complete before the winter. One job is cleaning out the gutters on your mobile home. And another task is going after your home and other structures with a power washer.  Besides these, also give attention to winterizing your pool.

You could elect to do all your activities at one time – perhaps setting aside a day or an afternoon. Alternatively, you could split it up and do different parts of the job on different days. Perhaps one afternoon you could knock out raking your mobile home yard and another day you could devote time to closing the pool. Do whatever works with your schedule.

Keep up the good work

Once your mobile home yard is ready for the onset of winter, take time to tackle any other mobile home issues you need to address. From wall insulation to roof maintenance, keep yourself busy preparing your home for winter. And stay tuned for our 2nd blog of Christmas! We’ll be taking a look at that mobile home porch!

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