Wall Art For Your Mobile Home | 6 Ways To Dress Up Blank Walls

Jun 4, 2019Blog, Decorating, DIY

Blank spaces on your walls aren’t just blank spaces – they’re an invitation to decorate! Since wall art never goes out of fashion, all different types of art can grace your mobile home walls. Maybe some of our top picks will catch your eye.

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#1: Ethnic art

Ethnic art can add to any interior style. Even if you’ve never thought ethnic art would blend well with the color scheme of your mobile home, trust us, it definitely can. The ethnic art in this modern bedroom is a good example: the art fits in with the contemporary design very well.

Ethnic art hanging on a room wall

Ethnic art by getdecorating.com via Art and Interior Vyala Arts

#2: Abstract art

Many homeowners find abstract art intriguing and even beautiful. Sure, this art doesn’t usually paint a distinct picture of what’s going on in the piece, but it can be stunning and inspiring when it’s captured on canvas. Does abstract art have a place in your mobile home? This piece might: 

Of course, we realize that abstract art isn’t for everyone, but it’s still worth mentioning. Why? Overall, this art may not speak to you, but who knows? Maybe you’ll find that one piece that you and only you really understand – and that’ll be the piece that belongs in your mobile home.

#3: Vintage art

If contemporary art styles aren’t your thing, check out some vintage art for your mobile home. You might find china plates like these at a thrift store or yard sale:

 Another beautiful vintage piece, this one isn’t quite as delicate as the china plates:

 #4: DIY wall art ideas

Sometimes, the key to really enjoying something is creating it yourself. Connecting with your DIY art is like sitting down to a perfect dinner you’ve just cooked – it looks great, it tastes great, and best of all, you made it look and taste like that! With that said, check out some fun types of DIY wall art.

Shoebox shelves

Next time you get home from a shoe shopping trip, don’t throw out your shoeboxes! Instead, paint them and hang them up on your wall. If they’re sturdy enough, you can even place decor items inside like this:


Macrame projects are “in” right now, so get some style going and create some for your mobile home! This DIY wall art isn’t expensive to make, and you can easily take it down and store it for later anytime.

#5: Wall planters

Potted plants look great in other parts of your home, so why not put them on the wall, too? Creating a wall planter (aka a plant wall) in your mobile home takes some time and effort, but we think it’s definitely worth it. Just look at how beautiful this plant wall is:

A garden wall

A living wall at home by Sage Vertical Garden Systems and Ambius via HGTV

 If you want something a little less dramatic, try this project that incorporates potted plants and macrame:

#6: Cloth art

A fantastic rug you found at a garage sale, a cloth wall hanging you found online, or a quilt your grandma made are all great options for some cloth wall art! Here are some examples of these types of art to get you started, beginning with a homemade framed piece of cloth:

 A colorful rug like this one is also a great way to fill up the blank spaces on your walls.

 Of course, you can go with something less colorful, too:

Textured rugs

Make your mobile home a beautiful place

Your walls don’t have to stay plain and boring. Instead, they can reflect your personal style as much as you like, with DIY projects, wall planters, abstract art, or whatever appeals to you the most. If you’re not up for a big change, a simple flower arrangement or new paint job can go a long way. No matter what you choose in the end, your mobile home will take on a new look. Ideally, it’ll be a look that you love!

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