What The View From Your Mobile Home Says About You

When it comes to looking for a place to move your mobile home, you’re likely to take a lot of things into consideration. But did you know that where you choose to put down your stakes actually says a lot about you?

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That’s right. Your surroundings and environment have something to say about your personality and what’s important to you. Whether you’re looking for your next plot of land or you’re already settled somewhere, let’s take a look at what your scenery says about you!

Before we start, take note that these aren’t scientifically proven. They’re just fun guesses based on the 16personalities.com test and what we know about mobile home owners. So read on, and see if we guessed right!

Mountain view

If you get up each morning to see majestic mountains outside your window, you probably have a strong personality. You don’t mind the sense of isolation that comes when gazing at the mountains. And you’re probably a quiet, deep thinker. Making connections with people who share similar interests is easy, but you prefer to stay away from large crowds.

You love your mobile home because it provides a refuge, a place for you to get away from workplace stress. Perhaps you even own a home like this – a log cabin mobile home!


Ever dream of putting your mobile home right on the beach? Or maybe you already have the luxury of owning beachfront property. What does this location say about you?

Houses with access to the beach

You’re likely known for being outgoing and energetic. Life is exciting, and even when it throws challenges at you, you’re ready to embrace them. Because you tend to be carefree and cheerful, you make new friends easily. Sometimes you can take over in a conversation, but your ability to entertain makes you popular with lots of different people.

Mobile home ownership is perfect for you because you have more financial freedom to buy the things you love.


You love being able to step outside your mobile home and be right by the lake. The weekends find you out on your boat. Or if the weather isn’t good enough, you’ll be in your carport tinkering with a project.

Besides loving nature, you’re somewhat adventurous and like learning new skills – especially those that help you stay independent. A mobile home is perfect for you because you can handle the maintenance on your own and there’s always a DIY project calling your name.

Rolling acres

Rather than being confined by mountains or forests, you prefer your plot of land that lets you see for miles all around you. Perhaps your mobile home is surrounded by crops or fields with few homes in sight. You like the simplicity of the land or perhaps you’re drawn to its orderly rows.

Open green field with sunset in the background

You’re the type of person who enjoys stability. In addition to being hard-working, you pay attention to the rules and stick to your plans. Living in a mobile home is part of your financial plan and retirement goals.

Urban dwelling

Big, flashing lights. Crowded streets. Plenty of places to eat and shop. If those are attractive to you, then a suburban area or a mobile home community are the perfect choices for you. You’re the type of person who likes new and exciting things and you find them around different people and places.

Being open and willing to learn, living in a mobile home is an adventure for you. In fact, you’ve found that your mobile home connects you with all kinds of entrepreneurial people. Decorating your mobile home to stay on trend is a fun challenge and you find more and more resources available to you all the time.

Choose your view

While these may not have been spot on, we hope you enjoyed the fun insights they provided to what it can be like living in different locations. Being a mobile home owner means you have access to any of these locations, so which one will you choose?

If you still haven’t decided, why not take a mobile home vacation to visit a spot and see how you like it?

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