9 Valuable Things In Your Mobile Home You Didn’t Even Know You Had!

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What kind of everyday things have more value than you thought in your mobile home? Let’s zero in on a few of them today. From sentimental items to collector pieces, there’s so much value in your mobile home that you’ve never even thought about! 

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Sit back and look at your home with new eyes

To really appreciate the valuable moments and items right in front of you, take a moment to sit back and reevaluate. What parts of your mobile home make you happy? Which ones remind you of something important in life? Are there any pieces you could sell for a good amount of money? These questions will help you determine where you can find value in your mobile home. 

#1: Unusual quarters

Loose change tends to gather in random jars around the house, and there might be something valuable sitting in one of those jars. Instead of “In God We Trust,” some Kansas quarters read “In God We Rust,” due to a mint error. The Kansas quarters featuring this unique error typically sell for around $100, meaning that you should go through all your loose change right away! 

#2: Vintage Pyrex dishes

First of all, vintage Pyrex dishes are selling for a decent amount of money right now: you might stand to make a good amount if you have any to sell. Second, Pyrex dishes are a great collectible item. Using them as kitchen decorations is a great way to give your mobile home decor some extra value. Finally, if you own vintage Pyrex, chances are that it belonged to your family, which means that it carries plenty of sentimental value. One way or another, these vintage dish sets are certainly a valuable item! 

Vintage pyrex bowls

Vintage Pyrex bowls by Jessica Fiess-Hill via Mental Floss

#3: Used gift cards

Believe it or not, there are people out there who collect used gift cards. So, next time your birthday rolls around, don’t throw out your empty gift cards. Instead, see if anyone’s looking for the ones you have to offer. (Usually, limited edition gift cards are the most popular, so keep an eye out for those.)

Used gift cards

Spent gift cards by LaniElderts via Love Money

#4: Used nail polish

Since we’re talking about used items, partially-used bottles of nail polish can also bring in some money. Yes, we’re saying you should try to sell your leftover nail polish instead of trashing it. In any event, it can’t hurt to try! 

#5: Kefir grains or kombucha SCOBY 

Kefir or kombucha starters may not be a huge moneymaker, but they can save you plenty of money. At the grocery store, kefir and kombucha are fairly expensive: making them at home is much cheaper and gives you a new hobby to pursue. In addition, both of these fermented drinks are a great way to keep your lifestyle healthy. Many people make kefir and kombucha just for the health benefits. So, if a healthy lifestyle is valuable to you, your kefir and kombucha cultures will be too.

#6: Dried leaves and flowers

Dried flowers hanging from metal rods

For many of us, sentimental value is more important than what an item is worth. Wedding bouquets are a good example. They won’t bring in any money, but their sentimental value is beyond compare. Dried leaves are an easy and beautiful way to preserve memories as well. Even the most colorful leaves keep their beauty when they’re dried and preserved. 

#7: Heirloom houseplants

Along the same lines, houseplants are also a way of preserving sentimental memories. For example, re-planting a seedling from a deceased family member’s potted plant is a good way to keep their memory fresh. Every time you look at your seedling, you’ll remember how much your family member meant to you. Isn’t it funny how a tiny seedling can carry so much value? 

#8: Sentimental collections

So many collectors’ items are worth money or have some kind of trade-in value, but collections that aren’t worth a penny are still valuable. If your grandpa liked to collect pencils, or your mom gave you her collection of homemade kitchen spoons, don’t throw them out just because they aren’t worth a ton of money. Instead, make them your collectibles and add to them! You’ll be carrying on a beloved tradition for your family. 

Vintage cans and canisters

#9: Your favorite chair to relax in

No matter how much other items are worth, your favorite chair is still one of the most valuable things you own. While other things in life cost something, relaxation is priceless. You can’t put a price tag on it, and if you could, it would cost more than you could afford. With that said, your favorite chair is worth more than you know! It’s definitely an item that’s there to stay in your mobile home. 

What’s it worth to you? 

The most important question to ask is, “What’s it worth to you?” If something in your mobile home is worth everything to you, that makes it valuable, no matter how much it would sell for. So, take a look around and remember what’s important – because the best way to live life is to surround yourself with the important things! Finding value throughout your home might even bring up some fun stories – you never know! 

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