A Collection Of Mobile Home Small Bedroom Ideas To Liven Up Your Space

Sometimes, being short on space is par for the course with mobile homes. You may feel you know this only too well. So, it’s appropriate today to turn our attention to mobile home small bedroom ideas.

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It’s never fun to have the “short-on-space problem” in any of your rooms. There’s bumping into others when you try to cook in your kitchen. Or the seating shortage in your living room when you have guests visiting. Having a small bedroom poses its own problems. For one, there’s the difficulty of finding things when you’re trying to get ready in the morning. For another, a shortage of bedroom space can lead to health issues if it’s impairing your rest.

So let’s remedy that, and think about things you could do in a bedroom that’s a little low on space. Settle in for our mobile home small bedroom ideas.

Change the lighting

First up in our mobile home small bedroom ideas: lighting changes. You may be thinking “Why on earth do I need to worry about the lighting?” We’re suggesting you pay attention to the lighting for a couple of reasons.

Sometimes, a dimly lit room appears depressing, which probably means you don’t enjoy the time you spend there. You know your bedroom is already small. Don’t add insult to injury by keeping dark and shadowy.

Also, your room may be the victim of some space-hogging lighting choices. Ever have enormous stand lamps? Or lamps built into clunky side tables? Removing these in favor of smaller but still bright choices will free up some space. Read more on lighting here.

Get rid of the closet

Now, let’s start with a caution. You should only remove walls in your mobile home if you know you can do so while maintaining the structural integrity of the home. You may want to check with your home’s manufacturer or with a builder or engineer to make sure it’s okay to knock down a particular wall.

Clothes rolled up neatly in a drawer

If knocking down the closet walls in your bedroom is an option, give it some consideration. Especially if you have another place (e.g. laundry room or spare bedroom) where you can store your clothes. Then you can definitely free up space. However, know that you may have to get creative with where you put all the stuff from the closet. Of course, it’s worth having a few extra square feet for a desk or even a small seating area.


In addition to getting rid of the closet, think up a list of things you can get rid of. Or things you can get in a smaller size. Take the time to sit down with pen and paper and brainstorm. Start with a list of everything in your room. Next, strikeout the items that could be removed from your room altogether. Then, put a star by any items you can find in a smaller size. For the items to be removed, ask yourself if you want to keep them somewhere else or get rid of them altogether. You might find they come in handy in another space. Or you could consider donating them to be put to good use for someone else.

Switch out the furniture

As far as items to get in a smaller size, one option would be your bed. Obviously, you don’t want to ditch your bed entirely because that would get uncomfortable. However, you could downsize to a smaller mattress. Plus, you can remove headboards and footboards to save some space.

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More than the bed

There are other items you can swap out for a smaller one. If you have an enormous dresser, you may want to consider swapping it out in favor of something more space-friendly. Additionally, if you have a large desk, consider finding one that takes up less space but still allows you to get work done.

More mobile home small bedroom ideas

Do a decor makeover

A great way to make your room feel larger is to freshen up the decor. Choose a new bedspread. Now take everything off your walls. Then be selective about what you put back up. Or buy a few new items to spruce the place up. Mirrors and reflective surfaces can help the room feel larger.


You may be working with a small room that’s painted a very dark color. In this case, consider grabbing some paint to lighten up those walls. You may find the space more cheerful and inviting this way. And it may even seem more spacious!

Paint palette of various colors

Check out these Small Bedroom Color Schemes if you’re looking for ideas for your re-do.

Cut the clutter

Since clutter may make your room look even smaller, take extra care to find organization solutions that keep things neatly stowed away. Under-bed storage is a great space saver. Grab behind-the-door storage options too.

Make it “you”nique

The best way to liven up a small bedroom is to make it a space you love. For example, if you love bright colors, choose a couple key items that will cheer you up every time you walk in the room. Take the things you really love and work around those, then try to minimize the things that aren’t so important.

As you utilize these mobile home small bedroom ideas, remember to focus on your room’s potential. Try to imagine what it could be without getting too distracted by what it currently looks like. Meanwhile, if it’s a master bedroom you’re trying to fix up, check out our Tips for Remodeling Your Mobile Home Master Bedroom.

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