The 10 Best Shelf Ideas For Mobile Home Walls

Who said storage is boring?

It doesn’t have to be! Check out ten of the best shelf ideas for mobile homes. They will help you clean up and organize your space while adding value. And each of them can bring a touch of style to any room.

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how to hang shelves on mobile home walls?

#1 Geometric shelves

Do you want your shelf to be a statement piece? Then you might need to look no further than geometric shelves.

Nowadays you will be able to buy shelves in a variety of shapes hexagons, triangles or even circles. You could also make them yourself.

They are super stylish and modern. But these shapes might be less practical and provide you with less space than some of the alternatives.

#2 Copper pipe shelves

Warm metallic hues are undoubtedly in for 2022. However, if you don’t want them to overwhelm the room, shelves made from copper pipes can be a more understated way to incorporate the trend. This will add a touch of industrial flair to your home.

If you have some metalworking skills, this can be a great DIY project. You can make a framework out of pipes and then mount wooden planks on them to create the shelf.

#3 Driftwood shelves

Driftwood shelves could be the perfect way to add some beachy vibes to your home. If you live on the coast, you could be lucky enough to pick up a few logs or planks on your daily walk.

Every piece of driftwood is unique. That’s why your shelves would be too.

Check out this DIY tutorial to make your own.

#4 Floating shelves

Do you like the idea of shelves seeming to hover in the air as if by magic?

In that case, consider getting some floating shelves. You can make them look sleek and stylish. And they will fit perfectly in your minimalist home.

Not convinced yet? Take a look at these examples of stunning floating shelves.

These shelves aren’t always structurally strong enough to support loads of books or other heavy objects. But they can work well for smaller items. And because they take up so little space, you can put fit them in almost anywhere in any room.

#5 Hanging shelves

One excellent idea for a shelf is to hang them from your ceilings or walls. You can make the actual surface in a variety of shapes and sizes, even geometric ones. Or you can buy complete ones.

Then you need to find a way to suspend them on the wall or ceiling. A few options for hanging them are:

  • Leather straps
  • Thick ropes
  • Twine
  • Wire
  • Chains
  • A variety of cables twisted together

#6 Floor to ceiling

Most of the choices we’ve looked at don’t provide much space. So if you have lots of books or other items to store, you might need to install floor to ceiling shelves. This way, you’ll be able to put up several ledges.

They’ll not only increase your storage, but they look fantastic too. These shelves look striking when they cover an entire wall. Alternatively, you can shape them to frame something like a window.

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Check out this tutorial for a bookshelf with a window seat.

You will need to secure it with care to the wall to make sure it stays put.

#7 Recessed shelves

Permanent installations aren’t only useful but can also increase the value of your mobile home. One such addition is recessed shelves.

These are cabinets that you mount inside the walls of your house. This is a fantastic way of finding and making more space to use in the home.

These shelves can work well in any room as long as there is room inside the walls.

#8 Ladder shelf

If you have some extra floor space, you can always go with freestanding shelves. There are endless choices available to you. One of the best of these is ladder shelves.

With their popularity, more and more models have become available to purchase. They’re also an easy DIY. Simply refurbishing an old wood ladder that you have lying around. Or, build one from scratch.

If you don’t necessarily want to move it around, you could make one without a complete set of feet and secure it to the wall.

#9 Crate shelves

For the past year, pallets and similar containers have been all the rage.

And for a good reason! They can be used to recreate a variety of styles like rustic, farmhouse, or natural, depending on the finish you choose. On top of this, if you use reclaimed pieces of wood, these shelves are a great eco-friendly solution.

Floating crate shelf

Try mounting individual crates on the wall to stack your things in. Or, mount several on top of each other and make a freestanding bookshelf.

#10 Peg shelves

Another brilliant shelf idea utilizes pegboards. You could buy one or create your own and mount it on the wall. Then, stick some pegs in and mount planks on top of them.

You can create different looks with this type of shelf. If you want to, you could neatly space the planks on the board. Or you could stagger them all over the board.

Overall, it can be a fantastic DIY project.

Stylish storage

Go on, try these shelf ideas for yourself. They can be the just the right mix of decoration and utility to update your space.

Unfortunately, one thing that mobile homes are often short on is space. This is where storage solutions can save the day. Read here for a few more single-wide mobile home remodel ideas to update, upgrade, add space.

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