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by May 28, 2021

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At US Mobile Home Pros, we know how hard it is to find info about selling your mobile home. As you scroll through Google search results, you’ll see plenty of articles about how to sell a stick-built home. And that’s great. Sometimes there are bits of wisdom for you in those articles. But we still can’t deny it: selling a mobile home is different than selling a stick-built home. 

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This is a problem. As a mobile home owner, you are in a unique situation. And if you can’t find the information you need to sell your mobile home successfully, then the internet is failing you! The result? You’re clueless as to how to do this selling thing. And you’re probably more than a little anxious because of that.

It’s time to remedy this problem. Let us introduce you to our new series: The Mobile Home Seller Sit-Down.


A brand-new series

Think of this as a TV show. Only better. Every week we’re going to publish an article about an aspect of selling your mobile home. Then we’re going to unpack it in detail. No mindless entertainment here. This is serious advice that you can apply to your selling process. 

Best of all, our topics are going to cover all the questions you have about selling your mobile home. We don’t want to give you any information you donn’t need or didn’t ask for. But more on that in a bit. Since we’ve been throwing the term “sit-down” around a lot already, we should probably take a quick look at the term itself. What’s a sit-down?

What is a sit-down?

A sit-down, according to, is “a period or instance of sitting, as to relax, talk, or the like.” Over the next few weeks, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Never fear, this series won’t be formal or critical. This is a place where we can relax and chat about all things related to selling a mobile home. We’ll take a few rabbit trails, have some laughs, and get real about the nitty-gritty details of selling. 

Imagine sitting with a cup of coffee in hand around a warm fire or relaxing on the back porch sipping lemonade and watching the sun set. That’s what this series will feel like. No formality. Just the honest truth about the ups and downs, ins and outs of selling. As we go along, you’ll get more and more comfortable with selling your mobile home. And hopefully, by the end of our fireside chats, you’ll relax and forget the worries you once had. You’ll have accumulated enough knowledge that fear won’t even have a seat at the table!

Time to sit down and discuss

You may be wondering by now what questions we’re going to be covering in this series. And you probably have plenty of questions of your own. Here’s a quick rundown of some questions we’ll answer in the next few weeks:

  • “How do I deal with a park owner when selling my mobile home?”
  • “Should I sell my mobile home to a buying company or an individual buyer?”
  • “Can I sell my mobile home retail?”
  • “What route should I take when I need to sell my home ASAP?”
  • “Is selling my mobile fast even possible?”

If your question isn’t on that list, don’t worry. Chances are, in our discussion of these questions we’ll branch out and answer more specific topics. These examples are just broad subjects we’ll be covering. There’s sure to be something for everyone, so stick around.

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Focusing on getting rid of fear

We’ve said it before, but we really want to emphasize this point. In this mobile home sit-down series, we’re looking to take the fear out of selling your mobile home. Here at US Mobile Home Pros, that’s one of our top priorities as a company. Whether you use our service or not, we’re dedicated to helping you let go of fear.

If any of the questions we listed above make you nervous just thinking about them, then this is the series for you. Our goal is to give you expert advice and solutions you can apply to your selling process. When you have answers in hand, you will no longer be nervous about selling. You’ll be free to sell your home and move onto new horizons, the next chapters in your life.


Selling your mobile home: ready or not?

Selling your mobile home can give you a fresh start in so many ways. It allows you to flip the page and venture into the exciting unknown. But sometimes, it’s hard to know if it’s really the right decision. As with anyone else who sells their home, you know there’s always the chance that you’re making the wrong decision. How do you know if you’re one of those people about to dive into a big mistake?

This question looms over you as you get closer to selling, and for many, it probably contributes to their fear of selling their mobile home. Although you need to do some serious thinking whenever you make a life-changing decision, we’ve provided a short checklist of questions for you to reference. These are things you should consider to determine if you’re truly ready to sell your mobile home or not.

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#1 What life improvements am I trying to make?

If you’re considering moving, chances are you’re motivated to create a better life for yourself and your family. Maybe you want to move to a state whose politicians align better with your personal beliefs. Or your children are getting older and you want them to grow up in a better neighborhood or school system. Perhaps you’re an empty nester looking for a place you can call your forever home.

Your desire for a better life could be related to any of a number of factors – family, work, comfort, etc. Whatever your reason is, after you pinpoint exactly why you want or need to sell your mobile home, you can move on to list item two.

#2 Are my priorities in order?

This is a serious question, and we aren’t going to tell you how to answer it. Just think about it. Are you moving for the right reasons? What should your priorities in life be right now? Would any of those priorities be pushed aside if you moved? 

If moving negatively affects one of these all-important priorities, you should think even more seriously about the consequences of a move.

#3 Do I have a realistic budget for my new home?

Money is such a huge part of buying and selling. Many people end up fretting too much about their budget, while others rush into a decision without taking stock. Take some time to crunch those numbers and find out if you really can afford a new home! Assessing money matters might be tedious work, but it’s worth it.

#4 Are my fears of selling reasonable? 

Sometimes, you’ll answer all the questions you can come up with, and you’ll decide that moving is the right choice. Plus, you’ll realize that all those fears you had about selling weren’t even logical! You can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re making the right choice. 

As you dig deeper into these questions, if you’re still feeling some fear about selling your home, ask yourself “Are my fears of selling my home reasonable, or just a natural reaction to change?” Once you know the answer, accepting your circumstances becomes much easier.

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Do you suffer from fear of selling?

It’s easy enough to spot fear in yourself. It could stem from anything: a simple lack of confidence in yourself, a bad experience selling last time. Or maybe the fact that you suddenly find yourself a single person living alone for the first time, and you’re struggling to do things on your own. 

If you’re the kind of person who recognizes fear in yourself, then take a deep breath. You’re halfway to solving the problem. If you know your weaknesses, then you have the motivation to turn those weaknesses into strengths. 


Are you confident about selling your home?

On the other side of the spectrum, you may be the person thinking, “I don’t know what you’re talking about! Me, anxious about selling my mobile home? No way!” That’s a good thing if it’s true. Assuming you’re an experienced mobile home hopper (meaning, you’ve sold a lot of homes in your day), then you’re all set. You can move forward in the confidence that you know what you’re doing. 

But if you’re diving headlong into selling your mobile home without any prior experience, look out. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you know what you’re doing if you actually don’t. There are things you can still learn. You don’t want to go into the process too confident then make a mistake and have no idea what you did wrong. Nor do you want to suddenly encounter a variable you didn’t take into consideration. Next thing you know, you’ll be scrambling to set things right.

We want to educate everyone. The fearful, as well as the confident ones! And yes, even those of you who are old hands at selling mobile homes. After all, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on your skills by looking at things from another person’s view. Giving you that alternate view point is what we hope to do in this series. And it will be helpful to everyone of every experience and confidence level.

How we take the fear out of selling

We want to give a quick peek behind the scenes at US Mobile Home Pros before we wrap this up. 

A transparent process

First of all, we’re a mobile home buying company, which means we purchase used mobile homes and sell them for a profit. It saves you the trouble of marketing your home and dealing with individual buyers and their offers. 

We’re dedicated to taking the fear out of the process for you, so we value transparency. When you work with us to sell your mobile home, we’ll answer every question you have. Our team will walk you through each step.

Step by step

What are those steps? First, you’d need to fill out our online form. Then you’d be contacted and an admin will take a look at your mobile home. If we like what we see, we’d make you a cash offer. Your payment would get to you quickly so you can move out and settle into your new life. 

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Note that we’ll also work with you if you want to buy a new mobile home! We always have new mobile homes rolling in, and we can assist in finding the perfect new home for you and your family.



Expert advice

Lastly, we help you overcome your fear by giving you weekly advice here on our blog. In detailed articles like this one, we break down every step of the process – from buying your mobile home to living in it to selling it. We have something for everyone in every stage of mobile home life.

We take the mobile home lifestyle seriously. So whether you’re looking for tips on how to repair a part of your mobile home or looking to learn how to time the details of your move, you’re sure to find expert advice on the US Mobile Home Pros blog.

Next time on Mobile Home Seller Sit-Down

We hope you’ll join us next time! We’ll be talking about dealing with park owners during your sale and why you actually don’t have to fear them. It’s going to be a great installment so don’t miss it. We’re looking forward to having these relaxing chats with you, and we hope you’re excited.

That’s all for now folks. We hope this introduction to our new series has gotten you thinking. Whether you’re nervous about the selling process or just apprehensive about the life-changing act of moving, we’re here to help. Until next time, consider what we’ve discussed today, and we’ll see you again next week.

Remember, if you need more tips, we have a large archive of articles on mobile home living, buying, and selling. Check out this one about how selling your mobile home can give you a fresh start. Perfect for combatting the fear of selling your mobile home! Or take a look at how mobile home attachments affect resale value.


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