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EZ Homes, LLC now offers advertising space for mobile home owners.

We are a brokering company who purchases mobile homes at wholesale prices and then resells them at a profit.  We understand that our offers are not always going to be accepted, as home owners often need more than we can pay for the home.  Generally, there are two questions the seller has to ask themselves when selling a mobile home.

1) Profit – How much profit do you want out of the home?

2) Time – How fast do want to sell the home?

Typically, the seller wants to maximize profit in the least amount of time as possible.  This is rarely the case in the mobile home market.

Often, the seller who refuses to lower their asking price ends up holding onto the home for an extended period of time.  They may get lucky and sell the home for top dollar, but this tends to be after a lengthy sales campaign.  When all expenses are added up, the seller really isn’t all that far ahead.  These expenses are outlined in another article if you would like to learn more.

So, you are most likely going to have to chose one over the other.  Do you want out quickly?  Or, do you want a higher profit?

If you want to sell fast, we could be a perfect fit for you.  We pay cash for all our homes and never need park approval.  We encourage you to find out what our offer is for your home, now.  Click the link below to get started:

Get a quick offer now

If you would like to maximize profits and have no need to sell quickly, you may want to list your home on our site.  Below, you will find all the advantages of advertising with

Your Advantages

1) We have thousands of people search our site each month from every state in the country.

2) The people searching are only there because of mobile homes. You can know the traffic to our site is 100% relevant to your listing, unlike sites like ebay, craigslist, and news paper articles.  These avenues have their benefits, but in order to stand out you need an outstanding ad.  In fact, we recommend using our site in conjunction with these other avenues.  Get tips on how to do this here.

3) Our ads are very professional looking.

4)  We will provide you with a link that you can add to your craigslist posts, ebay listings, newspaper ads.  They click that link and all your info is there.  No more having to add pictures and info, over and over again.

5) You will not have the worry of spammers trying to farm your email.  Because of our secure emailing system you can be sure that every contact is a legitimately interested person.

6) Realtors do not generally know the mobile home market.  By listing your home with a realtor you could be setting yourself up to pay hefty commissions.

7) Our program is easy to use.  We guide you along through the entire process.  You could have an ad running within minutes!

 8) We do the advertising for you.  It could cost you hundreds of dollars to properly market your home.  By placing your ad with us; we do the work for you!


9) We give you 2 months of advertising time for one low rate of $39.99 -OR- List your home until it sells for just $49.99

With all of the benefits we offer, how could you not use our service?  We may buy the home from you… or you may have a great chance of selling it for more if you have time to sell.

How to get started:

1) We will take you through a form that will begin building your ad while you answer questions.

2) At the end of the short questionnaire, we may make an offer on your home.

3) You can express interest in our offer or, if you would rather try to maximize profit,  you can click the “List my home to more buyers” button.

4) By clicking the “List ad” you are already half way done.  You will then be prompted to answer a few listing questions and upload some pictures. If you do not have pictures at that time we will set up your ad and you can upload them later.  You will be sent an email that will have a link to upload pictures from.

6) At this point, your listing is complete!  You will be given the opportunity to view your listing and make any necessary changes.

Click here to set up your ad now

Get advice on what to include in your sales ad here.


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