Make Your Mobile Home Resolution-Friendly For 2019

Jan 15, 2019Blog, Decorating, DIY

New Year’s resolutions – we’ve all made them, and most of us harbor a little bit of guilt because we know we won’t be able to fulfill all of them. Perhaps you’re so disillusioned with your past New Year’s resolutions that you’re not sure if you’ll make any this year, or maybe 2019 is the year you’ve decided to get serious about your resolutions. Either way, you’ll definitely benefit by preparing your mobile home to accommodate a new lifestyle.

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What’s your resolution?

You’ve probably made some New Year’s resolutions that involve your job, finances, fitness, or health in 2019. Perhaps you’ve also made some more personal resolves. However, if you’re surrounded by reminders of your pre-resolution life, you’re going to have a hard time accomplishing your goals. To avoid these major setbacks, utilize your surroundings and inspire yourself to get moving on your goals!

Maybe you’ve decided to refocus on your job

You set high standards for yourself when it comes to your job. This year, you want to raise the bar a bit – you’re setting new goals and expecting more of yourself. So, try out some of these tips to help attain your new goals in this area.  

Clean your workspace

For many people, a cluttered workspace kills motivation and decreases productivity. If you’re one of those people, now is a good time to give your desk or table a thorough cleaning. Decide what items you need in your workspace and which ones you can do without. Even if a cleaner work area doesn’t help you accomplish your new work goals, it’ll still help to ensure that you don’t lose any important paperwork in a messy desk.

Set up some art in your work area

A few well-placed pieces of artwork can help to refresh and invigorate you when you start work each day, especially if you’re a person who really appreciates art. Changing up your decor or simply rearranging it every so often will give you something new to look at when your eyes need a break from your computer screen.  

Office space, organized and minimal

Update your organization system

If you find your important documents going missing or ending up in the wrong places regularly, perhaps it’s time to update your organization system. What better time to do so than right now? With a clean, artsy, and well-organized workspace, you’ll find that your tasks flow much more smoothly!

What about finances?

Maybe you’ve decided that your financial situation needs some attention in 2019. If you’re among the many people who have made a money-related New Year’s resolution, here are a couple of ways to keep yourself on track.

Create a budget (and stick to it)

Creating a budget is a tried-and-true way to improve your financial situation – as long as you take your newly-formed budget seriously. Yes, there will be days when you spend more than you planned for in one area or another, but that’s okay. The point of having a budget is that (1) your spending habits will become more responsible, and (2) you’ll most likely end up saving a significant amount of money in the long run. Those are some pretty convincing reasons to budget this year!

Identify the problem and give yourself creative reminders

Find out where you’re spending too much (your various online subscriptions? Too many long showers?) and set goals to stay within your budget in those areas. For example, if you’re using too much internet, you might keep a sticky note on your computer reminding you to put a 1-hour limit on the time you spend looking at Pinterest or YouTube. To motivate yourself even more, include a picture of somewhere you want to travel to this year. Cutting down on your costs will start to feel like a great idea once you realize that the extra money is going towards your next vacation!

Your fitness and health goals for this year

Getting fit isn’t just about exercising, it’s also about giving yourself the necessary time, space, and motivation that it takes to get in shape. Motivation means different things to different people – for example, some people will find themselves motivated by a good workout playlist, while others will find a fitness planner more motivational. What will you do to boost your fitness goals in 2019?

Prioritize your workout

For most people, finding a good time to workout every day becomes difficult. Therefore, it’s important that you set aside a block of time to exercise. Having trouble doing this? Try putting your TV away in a closet instead of leaving it in your living room where it’ll tempt you every day. Hopefully, you’ll be able to trade your TV time for a healthy amount of time spent exercising.

A jogger stretching on a bridge

Make space for a workout

Exercise can become quite a chore when you don’t have enough space. So, save yourself the frustration by rearranging your living room (or whatever room you’ve chosen for your exercise) to accommodate your workout. This could be a good opportunity to throw away furniture or decor that you aren’t using, as well.

Throw out the junk food

Even if you’ve strongly resolved not to touch junk food this year, you’re going to find yourself tempted sooner or later to indulge in any unhealthy treats that might be in your refrigerator. Don’t give yourself any opportunities to do so – instead, throw out all of your junk food right away, and replace it with healthy food. You’ll be eating a much healthier diet before you know it!

Make your New Year’s resolutions happen this year

If you’re having a hard time accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions this year, don’t forget that a little bit of inspiration can go a long way. Set up your mobile home in a way that helps you achieve your goals. And before you know it, you’ll be going the extra mile by doing things like organizing and recycling. So, don’t write those New Year’s resolutions off just yet – you can accomplish more than ever in 2019!

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