What Is The Mobile Home Replacement Program & Do You Qualify?

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase before and you’re looking for a little bit of explanation. Whether a friend mentioned the mobile home replacement program or you came across it on your own, you’d like to fill yourself in. And your question is twofold: what is the mobile home replacement program and do you qualify?

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Replace a mobile home… but why?

As a mobile home owner yourself, it may come as no surprise that not all mobile homes are created equal. Plus, if you’ve ever lived in an older mobile home, you may be only too aware of its deficiencies. And the fact is, you’re not the only one who realizes that older mobile homes can have some elements to be concerned about.

One area where mobile homes sometimes don’t do so well is energy efficiency. Now, the federal government may be able to help with that through programs like the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Still, another option when faced with homes that aren’t efficient may seem only too obvious: replace them with homes that are. For instance, wouldn’t a newer model be preferable when it comes to energy efficiency (and to a lot of other factors, too, of course)?

What is a mobile home replacement program?

Of course, replacing a mobile home that’s not in prime shape isn’t as easy as replacing other items – say your toaster or even your car. Let’s face it, purchasing a mobile home is expensive, even if it’s not as expensive as a stick-built home. Thus, it may not be financially feasible for some to head out and snag a new mobile home whenever they realize their current one needs replacing.

This is where a mobile home replacement program could come in.  A mobile home replacement program helps by assisting in replacing older mobile homes with newer ones. For instance, the state of Maine has a program to replace homes built before 1976 with newer models. It’s called the Pre-1976 Mobile Home Replacement Initiative and it combines a loan and a grant.

Do you qualify?

Of course, your next interest may be whether you qualify for a mobile home replacement program. After all, who couldn’t use having their mobile home replaced? Yes, it sounds glorious, but you’re wondering who would be able to take advantage of this opportunity. And that’s a great question.

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Possible requirements

When it comes to eligibility requirements, here are some possible ones. However, it’s important to note that you need to discover what the eligibility requirements are on a program by program basis. Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list and the requirements for your program could be different. Requirements could include that you:

  • Own the mobile home that’s being replaced
  • Reside in the home
  • Do not have any mortgages or liens on the home
  • Own the land the home is on
  • Have income below a certain level

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Where to go from here

When it comes to a mobile home replacement program, we recommend that you begin by searching the internet for a program in the state you live in. Does your state have a program? Then, if you find a program, begin reading the relevant requirements for it. Does it look like your home fits into the parameters described? If you’re searching, but not coming up with much information, ask a local lender if he or she knows of any mobile home replacement programs in your area.

To replace or not to replace

Undoubtedly, one can get sentimentally attached to their home. If you’ve lived in your mobile home for a while, you might be wondering what you could do to fix it up when you don’t want to scrap it completely. So if replacing your mobile home as it ages turns out not to be a feasible option for you, you might decide to turn your attention to repairing and making changes to your existing home.

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Exterior upgrades

As far as the exterior of your mobile home goes, you may choose to start with a good pressure washing. And if the cleaning doesn’t quite cut it, painting your mobile home may be an option to freshen up the outside. Finally, check out our 7 Ways To Increase Your Mobile Home Curb Appeal.

Interior upgrades

Since you live on the inside of your mobile home, you see it all the time. If you’re looking to make some changes to the interior of your mobile home, consider remodeling. From your bathroom to your living room and master bedroom, remodeling could give your home the boost you’ve been looking for. Just be sure that as you remodel, you only remove walls that aren’t load-bearing.

Fresh starts

For fortunate recipients, a mobile home replacement program could provide a wonderful fresh start. Plus, the homeowner might not be the only beneficiary. In fact, the community could discover it benefits them, too. However, mobile home replacement programs aside, you can always consider creating your own fresh start with a mobile home makeover.

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