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The year 2018 is officially here and is well on its way. You know what they say, out with the old and in with the new. This is the time of year for you to do some mobile home renovations from top to bottom and from inside out.

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You might feel that your décor has become outdated or that you have outgrown it. We change and our taste changes with us. Who doesn’t look forward to the excitement of giving your house a makeover? The questions most people face at this point, however, is whether and how you will be able to remodel your home.

Also, when people hear the word renovation they usually just see dollar signs. Depending on how you approach this process and what you plan to do it can be quite expensive. However, renovating doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. There is definitely more than one way to do it and you can tailor your renovation to suit your budget and your requirements.

In this article, we’ll look at how you can remodel your house while spending responsibly.

Where to start your mobile home renovations?

You can start this process by brainstorming. Go look for different ideas on the internet and magazines and make notes on the styles or themes that you like. You can make a folder of pictures and things that you want. Having a clear vision of the style or theme that you are going for will help to keep you on track.

During the brainstorming phase, you should ask everyone who lives with you in your home about what they would like. You want everyone to be happy with the end result (particularly their own rooms) and they might have some brilliant décor ideas.

Work out a budget

Piggy bank with bills

The word budget can send anyone running but paying attention to the budget is often what makes your renovation a success. The best way to try to save money during your renovation is to work out a strict budget and stick to it.

How do you work out a budget?

  1. Figure out exactly how much money you’re able to spend in total. Rather let what you can safely spend determine what you are going to do instead of letting your ideas cause you to spend much more than you can afford.
  2. Decide what you really want or have to do in your renovation and what isn’t essential.  For example, you might feel that you have to redo your kitchen but that your study doesn’t need to be remodeled yet.
  3. Research different suppliers and different contractors and compare their prices. Remember to look for some second-hand goods and their costs. Doing some window shopping will give you an idea of how much everything will cost and what you will be able to manage.
  4. Divide the total amount so that you allocate money for different rooms or different parts of the renovation. If you want to or are able to be conservative with your estimates so that there is some money put away for extras and unexpected expenses.
  5. Record everything in a spreadsheet or write it down somewhere. Write down every transaction that you make along the way.
  6. Check up on your budget throughout the process. This will help you to make sure that you aren’t on your way to overspending.


Once you have your budget the next step should be to strategize and plan out how you are going to approach the makeover. Sticking to your plan will help you to stay within your budget and deadline as well as help you make your vision come to life.

To make sure you don’t get overwhelmed, you can break the renovation down into different tasks. We recommend that you divide your house into the interior and exterior and then break it down further into different spaces or different rooms.

Before we look at how you can renovate different rooms in your house we are going to talk about things that you should keep in mind every step of the way.

Extra tips to save money


A good way to save money is to make this is a do it yourself project. There are some things that you may need a contractor’s help with, but you will be able to do a lot of things on your own.

There’s a great sense of satisfaction that comes from completing this type of DIY project. As a bonus, your renovated mobile home will feel even more special.

Home Repair

As time passes it’s to be expected that parts of your mobile home could get damaged. This normal wear and tear can affect both the interior and exterior of your home. Your paint might begin to flake or part of your roof might be damaged.  

Unfortunately, we all often neglect home maintenance. There just doesn’t seem to be enough days in a week. Renovating your home is the perfect opportunity to get these repairs done.

Fixing these issues with your home shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Think of cleaning out your gutters, for example. But getting these repairs done will help you to save money in the long run by helping to prevent them from becoming bigger and more unsightly problems.

After completing these repairs your home will already look better! It will also be a big weight off your shoulders already.

Home Decor 

Over the years we’ve been in hundreds, if not thousands of mobile homes. And without a doubt, the thing that stands out the most in a home, is it’s decor. There is something refreshing about a home that has just the right touches, in just the right places. You don’t have to spend much to change the look and feel of a room. Sometimes it’s just a well thought out theme that livens up a room, when a few items are sprinkled throughout the home. Our go to place for home decor is The Primrose Market. They specialize in affordable decor, both handmade signs and specialty pieces, that are sure to brighten up your room.

Renew and Upgrade

Whenever you want to renovate your home on a budget, we would recommend keeping the concept of renewal in mind. Instead of replacing everything inside and outside your home rather renew what you already have. This won’t be possible with everything but try to stick to this as much as you can.

You can save a lot of money by not always buying or installing new things. You might be surprised what a new coat of paint can do.

Here are examples of some parts of your home that can be updated and refreshed rather than replaced:

  • Furniture: Sanding of some of your old pieces and repainting them will give them a whole new look and create a brand-new vibe. You can also redo the upholstery on your sofa and chairs.
  • Skirting: Even though your homes skirting, and trim might look worse for wear, you don’t necessarily need to replace it. Sanding them down and repainting can do it a world of good.
  • Doors: Painting your old door with bright paint will give a nice pop of color to your room. This can give a quirky and upbeat vibe to any space.

Make your home more eco-friendly

Eco-friendliness has many possible benefits, of which one is saving money. You can make your home more eco-friendly by making it more energy efficient. You can also look reduce your water bill by employing some water saving features.

People often think that this costs a fortune, but it doesn’t have to and is possible on a budget. It could be as simple as replacing outdated light bulbs with more energy efficient ones, installing window film or adding weatherstripping.

This way you won’t only spend smartly during your renovation but in the future as well. So, keep an eye out for opportunities to make your home more environmentally friendly as you go along.


varnish brush

The outside of your home is the first thing that you and your visitors see when you arrive. It’s important that the outside of your home matches its beautiful new interior. The exterior sets the tone for your mobile home’s atmosphere.

Here are some specific changes that you can make to the outside of your home:

  • Paint your walls – Repainting your walls is a relatively inexpensive way of updating your home’s appearance.  Remember that not all types of paneling used in manufactured homes can be painted as easily so check what type of panels yours has.
  • Update your paneling if you can.
  • Repaint or treat your porch – Weather can be especially harsh on your porch and it needs to be sanded down and treated every few years.
  • Refresh the trim on your house.
  • Paint your window frames and sills.
  • Revamp your garden and landscaping.
  • Look at your roof: You might have to replace some parts of your roof or retreat and paint it. A TPO roof membrane is also relatively inexpensive and also provides great energy efficiency.


The inside of your house should reflect your personal style and taste. It should match your lifestyle and make you and your family truly feel at home. Many of the same projects you used on the exterior apply for the interior as well.

Now, let’s take a look at some things that you can do to renovate the interior of your home.


Especially in the interior of your mobile home, the paint color plays a huge role in creating the atmosphere of the room. If you don’t have a specific style that you want to stick to you can also style your rooms according to a color scheme.

Go to your local paint store and pick up some paint swabs. Spend a few days mulling over which one you want for each room. You can consider choosing a color scheme that extends through your home or pick a color that matches the specific mood that you want for each room.

Walls aren’t the only part of the room you can paint. You should also paint the room’s skirting or trim to suit the rest of the room. A handy tip is to paint it white if you choose a colorful wall color. Many mobile homes also have linoleum floors which can be painted as part of your renovation.

Don’t skimp too much on the paint that you buy. it’s better to buy a more expensive paint that is better quality. It will last a lot longer and will look better.


A lot of older manufactured homes have paneled walls that could easily be replaced. The panels might become damaged or could begin to look outdated and in need of a revamp. Nowadays you can find beautiful plywood panels that are colored or patterned. There are a variety of patterns and colors available to suit all kinds of tastes and styles.

Just like painting your walls, installing new panels can completely transform the way your house looks and feels.


This is potentially one of the easiest parts of remodeling but it’s a step that people often overlook. Reorganising the objects in your home can work miracles for your space. Just think back to how different your home feels after some spring cleaning.

As part of renovating your mobile home, you can go through your house room by room and take stock of everything that is inside. You might be surprised by what you find.

Organise all the objects in the room into different categories- what you are going to keep, what you no longer want or need and what you want to keep but that doesn’t belong in that room. Then immediately take them where they need to go. Packing everything away neatly will make a world of difference.

You will probably find that some things look better in different places or that some of it doesn’t suit your taste anymore.

Out with the old

Old collectibles

It’s so easy to accumulate things that we no longer want or need. Luckily there is a new home that is just waiting for some of your old possessions. So, what can you do with them?

  • Sell: As you go through your house you will probably find a lot of old furniture or appliances that are still in a good condition and that you might want to sell. Online sites like Craigslist is a great tool for this and is an alternative to old school yard sales. You can use some of this money to help save for the rest of your renovation.
  • Donate or gift: If you don’t want to sell some of these objects you can always donate it or gift it to someone who might want or need it. You can either give it to someone yourself or you can give it to a charity organization.
  • Clear out the clutter: There will probably be a lot of stuff that you can’t give away or sell. You might be forced to throw it away. Try to recycle as much of this as you can, for instance, you can go recycle all kinds of paper like old documents.

The best part about this step is that it won’t cost you a cent.

In with the new

When you need to buy new furniture or other décor items research all your options before rushing to the till. Shop around until you find the perfect new additions to your home. There are also wonderful second-hand options available.  

It’s a good idea to bring them home only after you have finished painting or completing other handiwork in your house. Remember to incorporate your new furniture and decorations within your complete vision to make sure that all the combinations work.

On our blog, you can find a whole list of articles that provide tips, inspiration, and steps on how to tackle a whole range of makeovers and renovations. For example,

Enjoy your budget-friendly mobile home renovation!

Following these tips will help you to make your home look brand new and exactly how you want it. Not all mobile home renovations cost a fortunate and with these budget-friendly renovations, you are well on your way to a “new” home at a price you can afford.

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