Estimate Your Old Mobile Home Removal Cost & Other Alternatives

Time to get rid of that mobile home that’s been cluttering up your property. You know you’ve got to get it out of the way. But you’d like to learn a little about mobile home removal cost before you decide how to get it out.

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Time to get it out!

It’s not doing you any good anymore. Maybe you moved into it while you built your dream home. Or, possibly, you moved into a less-than-ideal mobile home and proceeded to bide your time while saving for a newer model.

Maybe it’s run down and is just making the whole area look dumpy. Or maybe you’ve just got to get it out because you need to place a new home in its spot. Regardless of your reasons, you’d like to get it out of the way soon. First, though, before thinking of mobile home removal, you want to get an idea of what options you have.

What factors will affect mobile home removal cost, anyway?

There’s no one set cost to move a mobile home. It varies. We’ve identified some of the factors that can affect how much you’ll have to pay to move your home.

So, let’s jump right into our list of factors that could affect mobile home removal cost.

  • What you have in mind when you say “removal”
  • Type/size of the mobile home
  • How far you want to transport it
  • The home’s insides
  • The home’s roof

What do you mean by “removal”?

Maybe you’re thinking you want to remove your home from your property, but you still want to maintain ownership. In this case, you’re likely going to need somewhere to store your home. Plus, you may need to hire a mover to remove it from its current location to its new landing place.

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What kind of mobile home do you have?

Unsurprisingly, your mobile home removal cost may be affected by what kind of mobile home you have. Is it a single wide home? Or a double wide?

For instance, here’s one way the type of mobile home you have could affect the cost. Suppose you decide to move it off your current property and store it at a property you own somewhere else. Alternatively, we could say you have a kind relative who lives on quite a few acres. He or she said you could remove your mobile home to their backyard.

According to Junk Doctors, “The average cost to transport a single wide mobile home less than 50 miles is $4,000. If you have a double wide it is closer to $7,000.” If we go with their estimate, there’s about a $3,000 difference depending on whether we’re talking about a single wide or a double wide.

To summarize, if it’s a single wide you’re moving to your kind relative’s acreage, you’re going to be spending less on the entire mobile home removal process. On the other hand, if it’s a double wide, you’re looking at a bigger chunk of cash to get that home out of your hair, while keeping it in your possession.

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Not an exact number

Now, remember that the cost to move your home varies. In The Homeowners Guide to Mobile Home Removal, Hometown Demolition offers the following: “If you’re thinking about moving your mobile home, expect to pay anywhere from $1,200 – $3,500 per half in order to have it broken down, moved, and set up in its new location—depending on how far you intend to transport it, of course.”

That leads us to our next thought to keep in mind.

How far do you want to go?

In the case of the home you want to get out of the way but not actually destroy, you’ll also need to consider how far it’s going. If your relative who offered a space in their yard lives halfway across the country, you better know it’s going to cost more than if they live in the next town over.

What’s inside your mobile home?

Here’s something else you may not have thought of yet. As Hometown Demolition points out, whether your home is empty or not may make a difference in how much it costs to move it. An empty home will cost less to remove and get rid of.

minimal items in a room, on a shelf

But what if “remove” means demolish?

What if you’re actually thinking of getting the home razed? If you love watching buildings get torn down, this may sound like an exciting idea to you. However, you may still be wondering about the mobile home removal cost when “remove” means “tear down.”  Well, Hometown Demolition suggests “The national average cost to demolish a mobile home is $3.50 per square foot, so a 15 ft. x 50 ft. home would be around $2,625 to remove.”

This is where the roof could actually be pertinent. Hometown Demolition says that having a shingle roof could actually up the price you’d pay.

More than one way to reach your goal

So far we’ve talked about what it might cost you to move the mobile home to another location. Plus, we’ve also touched on what you might be looking at paying should you choose to destroy the home. There are a couple other things you could do, though.

Other ways to get it out of your hair

  • Sell it for scrap
  • Donate it
  • See if your local fire department could use it as Cat Reynolds suggests here. Likely, this would have a similar result as demolishing the home, of course. Keep in mind that as Reynolds says, “in any case, you will still need to get rid of any remaining metal and the frame.”
  • Sell it to a mobile home buying company. Yup, that’s one of the things US Mobile Home Pros does. Check it out here to get an offer today.

We hope this gets your wheels turning about your mobile home removal cost and your options for removal.

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