Helping you handle mobile home park issues.

Are you experiencing park issues and want out of your mobile home? We can help!

When you are thinking about selling a mobile home, several issues can put homeowners over the edge. Needing to sell your mobile because of issues in your park is honestly something we hear often. This is one of the main things that cause people to go from considering to sell to, we need to sell this thing now. We understand the importance of wanting to live in a place that just “fits”. When it doesn’t, things can get painful. 

Do you feel trapped?

Many owners feel this way when they start down the road of selling their mobile home. “How do I deal with the park? What about my contract for the lot? What do I need to do with the bank? Who should I inform about my desire to sell?”

Mobile Home trap

These feelings can make the walls feel like they’re squeezing in on you. Scrutinizing gazes peering in on you, “Am I making the right decision? Will my neighbors think I am crazy for leaving?”

We want to help relieve your stress, and walk you down the path to liberty. Mobile Home Pro takes care of the sales process, saving you the hassle of going here and there, informing this or that person, and trying to make tough decisions on the go.

Managing Management Problems

Every month you pay your bills on time. No late payments, no overdue balances, no problems at all. Every month, however, you notice the bill is getting higher and higher. $5 increase one month, and then 2 months later it’s another $15 higher! You bring it up to management, and underneath all their elusive verbiage you hear them say, “Because,” as they point to the fine print on the contract, “Prices subject to change.”

Mobile home parks are notorious for raising prices whenever they want since there are not many checks and balances against them. Everything is done in-house; financing, repair, etc. This might leave you feeling like there is nothing you can do, and you just have to go with whatever they say.

We are here to tell you that is not the case! We’re able to provide immediate assistance which puts the power back into the hands of the home owner. We help the seller navigate around the park and all their demands.

Neighborhood Down The Drain?

When living in a mobile home park, your happiness can be affected by your neighbors and the whole community overall.

First, problems with neighbors can affect your peace. Loud music, barking dogs, and parties until the middle of the night can have your nerves tight like a bow string. However, your peace is not all that can be lost! Those factors may be impacting the value of your mobile home! Here are a few ways that might happen:

  • If your neighbors do not maintain their home (faded siding, damaged skirting and shingles, broken windows, etc.)
  • If they do not take care of their lawn (cut grass and weed wack)

Second, the condition of the mobile home park itself can also cause stress and lower the value of your mobile home. Do you experience any of these where you live?

  • Roads cracked and littered with potholes
  • Broken and uneven sidewalks that are not only ugly but are a safety hazard to
  • Amenities in the park are broken, and instead of being removed or repaired, they have been left sitting there.
  • Destroyed, or burned, mobile homes are left sitting on mobile home lots for prolonged periods of time.

All of these issues pile up and can make it unbearable for you to live there, but who would be willing to buy the home from you and take over the lot? Nobody wants to live in the park either! Since we specialize in moving homes to different locations, these issues don’t affect us. We are here to help you out of sticky situations!

A Helping Hand

We at US Mobile Home Pro are here to get you out of the mess that mobile home parks can turn into. We want you to have access to choices beyond, “I have to bear with it! There are no other options!”


Our Sales Process

Step 1 - Tell Us About Your Home

Fill out our quick 3-minute form and upload a few pictures if you have any.

Step 2 - Get a range offer

We’ll email you a rough idea of what we could offer you.

Step 3 - Finalize home details

We will collect detailed information to narrow down our offer.

Step 4 - Sign purchase agreement

We’ll sign an agreement and give you a downpayment.

Step 5 - Closing

Upon our closing date we will exchange the remaining funds for the keys.

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