The Best Mobile Home Outdoor Lighting Solutions For Spring

Are you looking forward to enjoying the fresh evening air but don’t want to stumble around in the dark?

Then you need to find ways to illuminate your garden. Luckily, there are thousands of possible ways to shine a light on the subject.

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Read on to find out what the best outdoor lighting solutions are for your mobile home.


Going green is the way of the future. Installing solar lights in your garden is a convenient and low-cost way to reduce your electricity consumption. And because it uses renewable energy, you’ll end up saving some money too.

If you can find the inserts and plates that they use for solar jars, you can make your own DIY solar lights.

String lights

Nothing looks more magical than the twinkling of fairy lights in trees at night. This can be the ideal way to create a romantic atmosphere in your garden.

One benefit is that you can place these ropes virtually anywhere. You could even bend and twist them to create shapes and patterns. They are incredibly versatile. If you don’t have enough power sockets, you can buy ones with battery packs.

One nifty trick is to make your own lanterns by placing string lights into a mason jar.


One great solution for outdoor lighting is to install lights with a timer. Or else you can install a timer switch for lights that are already installed.

These are devices that you can program to turn on and off at times of your choosing. You don’t get much more hassle-free.

They are particularly useful if you leave home early and get back late.

Outdoor light bulb

Daylight sensor

Another automatic product to consider is lights connected to daylight sensors. They have photocells installed that can detect changes in light levels. These are brilliant to help you adapt to the changing seasons.

The lights can contribute to your security measures by making sure that you’re never stuck in the dark.


One of the newest solutions on the market are lights that you can control through an app on your phone. You can just imagine how useful these would be. Without moving an inch, your lights can be turned on or off from anywhere in range.

Some of these even give you the option to customize the glow by changing its color or brightness.

Security lighting

If safety is a significant concern for you, you should consider security lights. These come with sensors that can pick up movement. They will turn on and off when anyone moves past. There are various sensitivity levels and height levels from which you can choose.

The lights are often particularly bright so they will alert you to any intruders.

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Nothing says island paradise like burning torches. They can transport you to another place and time.

Most of these are meant to be stuck in the ground, but there are other types like wall mounted ones. Tiki torches need some kind of holder to hold paraffin or a type of fuel to keep feed the flame.

If you are feeling crafty, you could even make some yourself.

Wall mounted

Of course, if you want to light up the exterior next to your home clearly and brightly, one of the best options would be to use lights that are installed on the wall. They can be in the form of sconces or a variety of other fittings.

This allows you the opportunity to pick one that fits in beautifully of the style that you are trying to achieve.

Paper lanterns

Is fun and casual the vibe you are looking for?

If that sounds like your vision, you should get lighting that suits this. Lanterns can spice up the atmosphere of any environment. They are whimsical and playful besides being something different.

Underneath paper lanters

You could choose ones in the style of traditional Chinese style lanterns. But nowadays there are many more facets and shapes available.


There’s nothing like good old candles. By lighting these, you can immediately transform a boring porch into the ideal setting for date night.

All you need are the candles and suitable containers to keep them in. You can use glass holders. However, there are plenty of DIY solutions. Some of the best-looking holders are made from mason jars or tins that are painted and decorated.

The main con of them, however, is that you can’t leave them unattended.

Where to place the lights:

No matter what lighting you choose, you still have to consider their placement. This is the only way for them to shine their full potential.

Here are the essential spots to illuminate:

  • Any walkways
  • Doors and gates
  • Exterior walls of the home
  • Seating areas
  • Water features
  • Porches and gazebos
  • Base of trees
  • Address sign
  • Around the barbeque

Nighttime glow

Outdoor lighting isn’t only supposed to be useful. It should be beautiful as well. When chosen carefully, it can become central to your decor and help create the ideal atmosphere. If you are planning on sprucing up your house for spring, read our guide on mobile home design & decorating trends of 2019.

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