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by Jan 1, 2018

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Working from home comes with many great benefits, the biggest ones being the ability to work in privacy and on your own schedule. As great as this may sound, it can be difficult to stay productive at home when you don’t have the pressure of neighboring coworkers or daily chats with the boss to keep you on your toes. This is why it’s so important to invest in an at-home office. In addition to helping you stay focused, an office can also separate home life from work life. Take the following mobile home life tips into consideration if you’re looking to create a private home office.

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We’ve factored in the challenges that a mobile home presents – limited space, structure, and design – to compile the most helpful tips for entrepreneurs living in a mobile home.

Renovate your closet space

It’s possible to renovate your closet into a work-from-home office depending on its size and how much space your clothes take up. Try moving all of your clothes to both ends of the closet to assess the space available for a desk. If there’s no room, consider moving your clothes into an available dresser drawer or folding them neatly on the floor of the closet.

There are plenty of examples on the internet of what a closet office can look like. We recommend sprucing up the inside of the closet if you’re looking to renovate it. This could involve painting the walls, removing the clothing beam entirely, or perhaps mounting photos as a backdrop. Sitting in front of a blank wall or next to a pile of clothes can dampen your mood and make you less productive. Make it just comfortable enough so you’re excited to go to work. It’s probably a bit too comfortable if you’re falling asleep at your desk, though.

Hang a shelving unit that doubles as a desk

Chances are you don’t have an entire room to spare if you’re living in a mobile home. And even if you do have one, you might be hesitant to dedicate it to your office in the case you have visitors spend the night or need extra storage. This is where a wall-mounted desk comes in.

Take a look at this Southern Enterprises Wall Mount Desk we found on Amazon. With the ability to neatly fold up your desk back into the unit, this wall mount is a great investment if you need to repurpose your office at the end of a workday. The paper organizer is a convenient location to keep important documents, and the four overhead compartments could easily fit flowers or even family photos. Note that this particular model supports 30 pounds – this may differ depending on what unit you buy. Take a look at these other floating desks to get your creative juices flowing.

Buy a mobile file cabinet

Your home office doesn’t need to be an elaborate DIY project. If you’re looking for a simpler option, consider investing in a mobile file cabinet. This will make it easier to move all of your files around the house as you won’t have to make multiple trips back and forth. It could even be used as a nightstand or an additional counter in your living room/kitchen. A mobile file cabinet might not be a good idea if you’re working on a shag carpet, though, so invest at your discretion.

This mobile file cabinet on Amazon runs just over $110. We recommend doing a little extra research for price comparison. You should also consider the height and width of the file cabinet before purchasing – the right size might just fit underneath one of your existing desks or snug nicely elsewhere in the home.

Invest in a chair you’ll love

While we understand that a nice chair can be a bit pricey, you’re not going to be as excited to get to work if you have to sit on something like a folding chair or kitchen stool. Keep in mind that you’ll be sitting for eight hours a day if you’re working full time. Alleviating discomfort will keep you focused and increase your overall productivity.

Try scouring yard sales for cheap furniture. You might not even have to spend money as many people will put unwanted furniture on their lawn for first takers. Don’t forget about searching online in places like Craigslist, LetGo or as well as in stores such as Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Use natural light

Natural light

A common tip among many people who work from home is to set your desk next to a window. You don’t know how important it is to have a view until you’re placed in a windowless room. Some may think having a window can be a distraction to your workflow, but it actually does the exact opposite. This study from Northwestern University in Chicago found that daylight exposure has a positive impact on a worker’s sleep, activity, and quality of life.

Placing a desk next to a window might not be possible for you. If that’s the case, take a look at these strategies for staying productive in a windowless room. One interesting idea here is to place a mirror in the room to create an added sense of depth. You could also hang art to break up the monotony of the four walls.

Don’t forget to make it look professional

Some work-home-jobs require minimal communication with the outside world, while others may have you regularly video chatting with colleagues on a daily or weekly basis. If you fall into the latter category, don’t forget to make your office look presentable to the people you work with. There are some things you just can’t control: obtrusive kids, noisy garbage trucks, etc. But you can control what your backdrop will look like. Keep this factor in mind when you start laying out your office.

Create a productive space with these mobile home life tips

Take all of these mobile home tips into consideration before you build your office. Everyone’s office is going to differ depending on preference and work style, so don’t be afraid to stray from the norm if you have to. If noise is a problem, read this article for soundproofing tips.  

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