The Best Microwave Ovens For Your Mobile Home + Bonus Recipes

Some call the kitchen the heart of the home. It can be a place where delicious meals are prepared with loving hands. Plus, it can be a hub for family or guests to visit while waiting for the roast to finish cooking or the vegetables to be sauteed. Perhaps you even have an island with bar stools where guests or kids can pull up a chair for an engaging chat while the cooks work.

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Helping cooks cook

Home cooks in the 21st century have many tools and appliances that make food-preparation easier for them than it was for their forebears. For instance, you don’t find many cooks stooping over a wood fire outside waiting for their pasta water to boil. Nor do you often see them reaching into their icebox to grab a bottle of milk as they bake.

The microwave is one appliance that is a staple of many home kitchens these days. It’s convenient for reheating or assisting with food preparation. Plus, it can even cook or bake in its own right.

Mulling over microwaves

Since December 6th is #MicrowaveOvenDay, it’s a great time to consider these kitchen helpers. Let’s start out by thinking about some elements of microwaves that you may want to keep in mind if you’re selecting one for your mobile home. Now, if you’re mobile home is small and your kitchen size is no different, “size” is a good place to start our contemplations.


Microwaves come in different sizes. Yes, that could complicate the decision-making process, but it’s also a good thing. For instance, if the kitchen in your small mobile home is cramped already, the thought of adding a monster microwave could be unpleasant. Calculate how much space you can afford to provide for your microwave.

Now, the size you choose may depend on what you intend to use the microwave for. For example, a relatively small microwave might be wanted for popping popcorn, while a larger one might be preferable for cooking a good-sized casserole. If you’re low on counter space yet want a counter microwave, go for a small one.


Also, while we’re talking about how much space you need, consider where you’ll be placing this microwave. Of course, the counter might be an option. However, if your counter is already full, there may be other options for you. For instance, there are over-the-range microwaves, built-in microwaves, and microwave drawers.

Microwave oven over a stove

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Obviously, if you’ve gone to great lengths to deck your kitchen out in stainless steel appliances and finishes, you may choose to keep that going when it comes to the microwave. Or if you’re a lover of bright colors or retro items, you might be on the lookout for a microwave that is offered in your color. And if your mobile home kitchen has black as the main color, a black counter microwave might be just the thing.

Noise level

Next, think about how loud you want your microwave to be. If you’re very sensitive to noise and your mobile home is small, see if you can find a microwave that’s not going to drive you nuts. One way to do this might be to read reviews online of models you’re considering and to ask questions in online marketplaces. Thus, you might be able to get others’ perspectives on how loud it is. Plus, you can always consider getting one that has a silence feature so you don’t have to hear the beep when your food is done.

A few small microwaves to check out

Make it in the microwave

Once you do secure a microwave to keep your kitchen running smoothly, what kind of good things should you put in it? Obviously, reheating yesterdays leftovers is always an option. But let’s say your oven cuts out on you, leaving you wondering what to serve your family for dinner. Before you rush to purchase pizza or takeout, here’s a chicken tortilla casserole you can serve up using your trusty microwave.

Meatloaf in the microwave? Who knew? After you pull yours out, pop in some potatoes, using your microwave’s potato feature if it has one. Throw a microwavable bag of frozen green beans in next, and you have yourself a dinner.

Now, who couldn’t use macaroni and cheese on a cold winter night? Pop this single-serve version in your microwave for lunch, dinner, or a warm snack. Then, finish off with a brownie in a mug, again courtesy of your microwave.

Brownie with caramel sauce in a mug

Microwave to the rescue

When your oven is suddenly out of commission, you’re not lost! Even losing one of your foremost kitchen appliances isn’t a death sentence for your cooking. Simply turn to your other kitchen assistants – your range, tea kettle, and not least of all your microwave to help you get food on the table. Plus, if you find yourself having to replace the oven, consider whether you want to take it to the next level and give the kitchen itself a remodel.

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