Mobile Home Living Room Ideas: Inspiration For Your Space

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People often say first impressions last, and despite our best efforts, it’s often very true. Just like your “first impression outfit” for a job interview, the living room of your mobile home makes the first impression of your home life. It’s where your friends, relatives, clients, and even your professional acquaintances, are first exposed to your internal life. In light of that, consider some of these mobile home living room ideas to make your living room more appealing!

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Mobile Home Living Room Ideas

There are several simple yet creative ways to engineer an exciting look to your living room. These ideas are quite inexpensive but will go a surprisingly long way in transforming your environment. Read below to see a few of our favorite ways to transform your mobile home living room without breaking the bank.

Don’t Be Afraid of Paint

You can never go wrong with paints, as long as you mix and match them in a complementary fashion. If you’re a renter, you’ll want to check with your landlord before picking up the paintbrush. You can mix neutrals with bold colors or choose different shades of the same color. Those who have experimented with pastel colors can attest to their exhilarating effect as well. If you are okay with the existing color scheme, just apply a fresh coat of paint to breathe life into your faded walls.

Paintbrushes in a Paint Can

Colors also have a way of changing space. Dark colors large spaces feel narrow while lighter shades can appear to enlargen cramped areas. In this mobile home, lighter colors were used to make the area feel larger. There are also different hues for different kinds of climates. If your mobile unit is in a temperate zone, it’s best to use cold and rusty shades. Warm colors should be applied if the mobile unit is in cooler climates.

There’s No Reason to Forget the Floor

Another ingenious trick to improve your mobile home living room is to treat the floor. This tip works unbelievable magic for the whole environment even if it happens to be the only change you can make within your budget. Consider a change in tile pattern or even replacing with wood to give your living space a new feel. Carpets and doormats can also be exciting enhancements to the overall beauty. Try experimenting with Persian, Turkish, Pakistani, and Iranian varieties for interesting patterns and texture.

Curtains Aren’t Just for Grandmothers Anymore!

Upscaling your mobile living room with curtains and blinds is another option to consider. Curtains are some of the most noticeable and attention-catching features in a home. They are not only decorative but functional too as they provide much-needed privacy. You can customize your curtains in a variety of ways. Simply alter the sizing, fabrics, rails, poles, ropes, and rings to fit your style.


The curtain size should be relative to the living room size to avoid appearing too overt or too small. The width should slightly exceed the window frame measurements. And the length should allow an overhang at the bottom. You can hang the curtains closer to the ceiling and let them reach to the floor to make the room seem more luxurious.


Fabrics also play a significant part in defining emotions around your home. Velvet and silk designs typically create a relaxed, luxuriant, and soothing effect in your home. Patterned curtains can serve to make a little room feel bigger while encouraging a meditative feeling all around.


Rather than installing metal rods, consider hanging painted wood rods. Instead of sliding the rod through the curtain pocket, you can buy special clips or sew loops onto your curtains and hang them. The number of clips or loops will change the ebb and flow of your curtains. Daytime use of curtain ropes is also encouraged as an attractive addition. They’ll also help keep your room well illuminated.

A wooden window valance can be the most distinctive feature of any window around the home. If it’s done right, it will provide a huge boost to your mobile living room remodeling efforts. Choose an eye-catching design with fascinating curves and grooves to create more interest. Even better, make sure the varnish stain matches with the floor, doors and other fixtures around the table room. Alternatively, you can build your own upholstered box valance.

 Screws and screwdriver

Look Up!

One of the most popular mobile home living room ideas is to remodel the ceiling. This can work instantaneous magic if handled innovatively. Ceilings can either be low-hanging or slightly raised, depending on the height of your mobile unit. With a high ceiling, ensure you use a thick molding for your trimming. This gives the room’s ceiling a neat, polished finish. Also, the ceiling paint should always be lighter than the wall color; it’s preferable to use a high gloss white.

If You Need a New Idea, Reorganize Your Mobile Home Living Room!

Rearranging the living room furniture is one basic technique that has been used for a long time. The results achieved by merely shifting coffee tables, sofas and TV stands can be surprising. Bookshelves, for example, can be used as space dividers. Or try placing your couch strategically away from the wall to remarkably change the shape and flow of the space.

Other unique mobile living room ideas like the use of aquariums or chandeliers can be equally intriguing. Depending on your wall surface, you can find an artist to paint a breathtaking mural for an even more impressive ambiance. Consider adding mirrors to change the look of your room. Mirrors have a unique ability to re-engineer space dimensions in any environment — they make a room look larger and make ceilings seem taller than they are.

If you are considering a larger remodel project, be sure to read our guide on Mobile Home Remodeling first. Remodeling of any type can add value to your home, especially when done in the living room. We hope these mobile home living room ideas inspired you to update your “first impression” space.

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