Life In A Mobile Home: Winding Down From Christmas

Dec 26, 2018Blog

Christmas may be behind you, but you find you still have some related activities to tie up – from getting the house back in order to buying batteries for the new toys. Not to mention taking a breather after all the happy busyness. So, grab a hot cup of your favorite drink and savor some post-holiday thoughts with us.

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After the feast

Of course, one consideration is the food. Whether it’s leftovers from a large family dinner or dozens of tasty cookies, you may have a hefty stock of food left. Obviously, you could simply reheat and re-enjoy dinner leftovers. Once you’ve done that a few times, though, you may be ready for something else.

If you don’t want to consume all the food now, go ahead and pop some of it in the freezer. Grab some freezer bags or containers and save it for a little later. Freeze some of those cookies, too. Not only could this save you from overdoing it on the sugar, but it will also provide you with some treats in the future (or an easy dessert for unexpected company).

Another idea is to reinvent leftovers you’re not feeling enthusiastic about eating on their own. Check out’s 32 Ways to Enjoy Holiday Leftovers.

“Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere…”

Beyond food, there’s also the house to think about. Holiday happening and transitioning from a busy, full house back to your home’s normal level of activity may have left some chaos behind. From newly acquired gifts to empty boxes to messy toy areas, time to get things stowed away and back in order.

As the popular children’s clean up song advises: “everybody do your share.” Get others involved in setting things right around the house. Actually, if you still have a guest or two staying over, you can even allow them to help if they offer.

Cleaning products

Kids can help, too. They can work on tidying up the play area or their own bedrooms. Plus, they can tag along and help you with chores like stripping sheets off the guest bed. Older kids could help with things liking breaking down for recycling those extra cardboard boxes that presents came in.

A place for everything

As you wrap up the holidays, remember to establish new places for gifts you just received. From toys to tech items to decor, find those things a new home. As they say, a place for everything and everything in its place.

Keep up the festive, family atmosphere

Why let the celebrating stop after the official holidays pass? If visiting family is still in town, consider choosing some fun activities as you continue spending time together. Obviously, what you do will depend in part on your interests and where you live. Activities like hiking or outdoor mini-golfing could be great options if you live where the weather is mild. In colder places, you may opt for indoor activities like going to see a movie.

And remember, you don’t have to go out to have a pleasant time! Enjoy relaxing quietly at home with hot drinks, favorite snacks, and great conversation (or good books). Plus, if the kids are looking for some entertainment, how about making them a tent?

Use up those gift cards

Plus, now could be a great time to use up some of those holiday gift cards. Enjoy some family time as you go out for dinner or ice cream. And, depending on where your gift cards are for, you could also make time for shopping outings.

Relax before getting back in the swing of things

Before you spring back into life-as-usual, consider making time to enjoy rest and relaxation if possible. Reading, napping, and spending time with family (as we mentioned above) are all options. And don’t forget to enjoy other cozy delights of the season.

Fuzzy slippers and a hot drink by the fireplace

For example, make yourself a cup of hot cocoa or your favorite tea. And don’t forget a snack to go with it – cookies, candy, fruitcake, or nut roll. Or dig into a gift tin of popcorn. And while your tea or cocoa may already be warming you up, it’s also a great season for cozy sweaters, fuzzy socks, and warm throw blankets.

Not quite over

Yes, Christmas day is past. But in this case, “out of sight” might not mean “out of mind”. You may be looking forward to digging into those leftovers or trying to cram in as much family fun while everyone is here. Whatever your situation, take some time to enjoy your favorite parts of the season. And if you can’t wait for the next opportunity to entertain, maybe it’s time to start thinking about a New Year’s party.

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