11 Popular Mobile Home Layouts With Tips To Design Your Own

We’re excited to say that aside from choosing from mobile home layouts that are already out there, you can also design your very own. Giving your home your own special touch can go beyond the decor. You can give it your own flair and preferences in the layout too.

11 Popular Mobile Home Layouts With Tips To Design Your Own - Featured Image

Excitingly, many factories give you the power to do things your way. And we’ll be providing tips in this article to help you design your own! But first, let’s showcase some of the popular mobile home layouts. They may be a perfect fit or inspiration for you. Click on each heading below to see these mobile home layout ideas and see what the floorplan looks like.

Popular Mobile Home Layout IDEAs

1 – The Bonanza Flex

This three bedroom, two bathroom home provides you with extra space readily available for whatever your needs are at any given season in life. It comes with three bedrooms, two baths, a dining room, a breakfast room, living room, utility room, and a “flex” room. This flex room can serve as an entertainment room, extra bedroom for guests, office area, or hobby room. At 2,302 square feet, you’ve got a place for everything and everyone.

2 – The Breeze

Another popular mobile home floor plan is The Breeze. At 1,120 square feet, this home packs quite the deal inside its walls. It carries two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a generous amount of closet, and an open kitchen and living room set up. Don’t let the number of rooms scare you away.

3 – Richland Ranch

Next, we have Richland Ranch. This 1,531 square foot beauty has cathedral ceilings throughout its layout. Two bathrooms, utility room, three bedrooms, and a foyer with a “great” room leaves visitors with a big impression.

4 – Nova Ranch

The Nova Ranch is a double wide with class. Cathedral ceilings and plush carpet give this home that special bit of pizzazz. The kitchen is spread out to about 26 feet, with a wide opening into the living room. Perfect for entertaining and keeping the dialogue alive between the kitchen chef and visitors. Two baths, two bedrooms and more take their place within this 1,421 square foot home.

5 – The Patriot

With 1,475 square feet under its room, this mobile home layout lends itself to spaciousness. A spacious kitchen with island and eating area opens widely into the living room. Open spaces give an appearance of more room, so this is a plus. The master bedroom’s bath carries a jacuzzi and double sink, making it a cozy haven.

6 – The Marvel

A straightforward but practical layout, The Marvel gives you four bedrooms, a kitchen, den, living room, utility room, and two bathrooms. One or two of those bedrooms can easily turn into a welcoming office for those who work at home. A guest room is another suitable option.

7 – The Wonder

It’s not called The Wonder for anything. This floor plan is home to four bedrooms, a living room, a family room, kitchen and dining area, utility room, and two bathrooms. The master bathroom opens up into a walk-in closet. Without a doubt, the family room can be a fun space for family gatherings. Perfect place to set up that big screen TV and surround sound system, and stash your board games.

Board game pieces

The living room, kitchen and dining area, and dining family room open wide, one into the other. Thus, making for a big open spacious entertaining area of your home.

8 – The Jubiliation

In this floor plan, the living room is at the front door and opens into den, dining and kitchen area take their place on the other side of the house. A utility room, master bedroom, three bedrooms, and two baths give this home a full deal.

9 – The Boss

Say yes to the boss! It’s simple but it works. You have three bedrooms and two baths at your fingertips. The dining room, kitchen, and living room open widely one into the other. You won’t feel like a sardine in this home with the open spaces for entertaining.

10 – The Hidden Pantry

This lovely floorplan gives you three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The kitchen is slightly angled, giving it a unique style and view into the dining area and living room. At one end you have the master bedroom and bathroom, at the other, there are two bedrooms and a bathroom. The utility room is behind the kitchen. Not bad for a 1,190 square foot home!

11 – The Micro

No, we’re not shunning small homes. To prove that, we’ve included The Micro in this list. It’s a darling little mobile home. At 437 square feet, you have all you’ll need to embrace the sweet simple life. It holds one bedroom, one bathroom, and an open living, dining and kitchen area.

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Tips to design your own mobile home layout

So you’ve seen some of the popular mobile home layouts, but they’re not quite what you’re looking for. Why not take the best of what you love and mix it up for the mobile home layout of your dreams? We’ve provided some tips to help you in your design journey.


Do you prefer to do things on the computer? CNET editors gave SmartDraw a five-star rating. SmartDraw is a floor plan designer. And the best part? It’s free.

Know your household

If it’s just you and your spouse, then you may not want a three bedroom house. (Unless you plan on converting the extra rooms into some other use.)

If you do have a family (or plan to have one), do you think your family might grow in number? Will your children be home for a while? Answers to these questions should influence your design.



We think hospitality is a fun way to become better acquainted with friends and family. If you plan on hosting awesome parties or having friends over for meals, you may want open spaces.

If you’re very private, perhaps structuring your home design so that all the excitement is far from your room is a good idea.

Design your own thanks to these mobile home layout IDEAs!

It’s no surprise, designing mobile home layouts is a rewarding experience. With some inspiration from popular floor plans and a little dreaming, you can come up with the ultimate design for your dream home. And while you’re thinking about designing that killer layout, make sure you’re familiar with mobile home kitchen layouts and the different types of mobile homes.

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