Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel: Pocket-Friendly Tips

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Every room in a home has a role to play in adding comfort to our daily living. We have rooms for storing valuables, lounging, doing laundry, sleeping, reading, watching T.V., and even cooking. Some rooms are used more regularly than others.  In particular, the kitchen stands out because of how often we spend cooking meals for our ourselves and our loved ones. We make it our first call early in the morning for our breakfast and first cup of coffee, midday for lunch, and in the evening for supper. That’s why using some of these tips for your next mobile home kitchen remodel will enhance, and increase the value of, your home.

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Most real estate gurus and any expert dealing with upscaling mobile homes for sale will attest to the fact that the kitchen can be a deal breaker. It’s not uncommon for a client to lose interest in a unit even after checking all other boxes, just because the kitchen doesn’t meet their standards.

Given its integral role in our lives, the kitchen should occupy a high priority the moment we decide to embark on some remodeling work. There are plenty of ways to transform your kitchen — the only downside is that many of them can often be expensive. What most mobile home owners don’t realize is that there are affordable options available as well. Surprisingly, one doesn’t need a designer to implement these ideas as they are the “Do It Yourself” kind. Below are some pocket-friendly tips to explore with great rewards.

Consider going minimal for your mobile home kitchen remodel

One sure method that is pocket-friendly is going primitive with your kitchen décor. This kind of décor is not only gorgeous and affordable but also one of the most popular of all mobile home kitchen remodeling ideas.

Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel Using Gourds for Decor

Primitive décor represents the period dating back beyond the industrial age when items were mostly handmade and used in their most natural state with very little machine input. These items include wooden spoons, clay pots, and even gourds. These appliances, when neatly displayed alongside modern utensils, can provide a fascinating mosaic in your kitchen.

Give it a fresh coat of paint

Painting is also a good starting point as you reinvent how your mobile home kitchen looks. Just make sure that if you are renting, you ask permission from your landlord before any color substitution. Being a high-energy and activity-oriented space, bright colors like yellow, cream, light green, and light blue will provide the needed oomph to make your kitchen come alive. These tones tend to boost energy levels and elevate the feeling of joy.

Dark shades, on the other hand, should be avoided around the kitchen area, as they conjure up dark emotions and a broken spirit. The last thing you’d want is to dampen the moods of guests enjoying a hot, delicious serving with an icy environment.

Orange, especially in shades like tangerine tango, is an award winning color that is trending with most interior designers. A touch of this shade should not be limited to walls and surfaces only, but also other kitchen elements like hand towels, aprons, dish rags, curtains, and even your kitchen equipment like a coffee kettle, frying pan and kitchen knife handles. The idea here is to get a taste of shade.

To learn more about how colors can set the mood in any room in your house, read our previous article, Mobile Home Bathroom Ideas.

Develop a green thumb

Another choice when considering a mobile home kitchen remodel is the use of plants and flowers. These not only keep the air around your cooking area well scented and fresh but also invite a portion of the outdoors inward. Plants and flowers can be displayed and arranged in a variety of ways. Flowers can be put in a vase or placed atop the kitchen window’s curtain box. Some plants like the creeping types can be designed to spread along the kitchen walls, creating a gratifying sight to your visitors.

Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel Using Plants

The mobile kitchen can also be spruced up by plants, both on the inner and outer windowsill, with amazing effects. We suggest the French Geranium or herbs such as the flat leaf parsley. You can also hang plants or flower pots if you don’t have the counter space.

Think about your storage space

Cabinets are one of the most striking features in your kitchen. They can contribute to almost 70% of remodeling efforts needed to transform a drab looking cookery area into a gourmet-like environment. Cabinets can be hung or placed at floor level. In both cases, you’ll want your cabinets to be well spaced and symmetrical to the kitchen room dimensions. Be careful to avoid even the slightest skew or slant, which could ruin all your other beautification efforts.

Another chic, creative concept is having counters built behind the kitchen door. You can also place them as a partition in your mobile home. Consider fitting your cabinets either full length or halfway, with a door splitting them in the middle. If your kitchen access point is right at the center, you can go further and design a revolving door that’s even more inviting.

Redecorate using these two rules

After everything is said and done, there are two critical principles to keep in mind when decorating your mobile home kitchen. First, make sure the work flow around the kitchen area is unobstructed. It’s quite easy to end up being frustrated by the very décor that you thought would liven things up around the kitchen.

Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel Kitchen Clutter

Secondly, make sure that all of the décor and accessories used in your mobile home kitchen remodel make sense together. You don’t want anything to seem out of place. To avoid this, have a well thought out theme before embarking on your remodel.

Before you start your project, read our Mobile Home Remodeling Tips to ensure that your mobile home kitchen remodel is a success!

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