Mobile Home Jokes & Limericks | Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday, filled with food, merry-making, and sweets, among some other delightful aspects of this fun day. It’s for more than the Irish – this holiday is celebrated, worldwide, by numerous peoples and countries.

Another characteristic of this grand day is the color green – it’s a celebrated color in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. So with a bit o’ green on, hold on to yer pot o’ gold, we’re in for a delightful treat!

As our gift to you, our wonderful readers, we’ve searched high and low for a collection of mobile home jokes, limericks, and poems to commemorate this festive day.

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It’s been said that laughter is medicine for the soul. We hope wherever you are this day, whatever lemons are thrown your way, you’ll find laughter a rejuvenating balm for your soul.

Funny images

First, we’ll start with a collection of pictorial mobile home jokes – they’re just plain silly.

Mobile home – a home on the go

Trailer park pun

Mobile home parks are often referred to as “trailer parks.” These communities come in all shapes and sizes to meet the various needs of mobile home owners.

With that in mind, how’s this life-sized pun?

Frank’s mobile home meets John Deere

Here we have an innovative mobile home owner.

Mobile home jokes

Next, in our lineup, we have a few jokes to crack a smile.

“A mobile home with a flat tire is a home.” – Demetri Martin

“I was placed under house arrest in my mobile home so I just towed the home to a different state.” – 101 Jokes by Alex Gall

Limericks and Poetry

It’s been said that the limerick is called such due to its inventor, Edward Lear. Edward Lear was a poet from Limerick, Ireland. Limericks are five-line stanzas, popularized in Ireland.

And because the Irish have a penchant for limericks and verse, we’ve included some rhymes that’ll make you smile.

A man who trotted

There once was a man who trotted.

His home was rather rotted.

It was rather dew,

But not very new,

A new mobile home he besotted.


A canary called Moe

I know a canary called Moe

Who would eat in a hat with a bow

“A cracker,” he would say

“Mobile home makes the day

While I watch the park kids run away.”

The following is an excerpt from Judith Rodriguez’s poem titled, Adult Mobile Homes. Judith does an exemplary job of giving character and life to the dependable mobile home.

Adult mobile homes

All flights terminate

in Florida, home of

adult mobile homes.

Everywhere hapless


States of the Nation

wallow in downpour,

huddle from windchill,

whimper for summer

and call for a weather-caller

calling for sunshine –

tiny mobile thoughts.

All over the Union

you hear them stirring,

dreams of retirement.

Edging off slabs,

hauling at water-pipes

gulping detergent,

jiggling electricals,

exercising the spare bed

heels-up into

the tin-foil bulkhead

they are not perfect yet –

infant mobile homes.

All along the slipstream

of the Canada geese

you find them in training:

it’s mobilisation.

They have grown wheels,

they shuffle away chocks,

they gird on their tow-gear!

They bend their vent-pipes

for avenues and bridges,

they graze along sidewalks

to southern comfort,

dreaming mobile homes.

We hope you enjoyed this break from the more serious articles on the topic of mobiles homes and their fine qualities. Here at US Mobile Home Pros, our aim is to provide you with quality information about mobile home remodeling, repair, and purchase. But we also want to provide you with entertaining articles that put the fun in the mobile home topic.

Here’s one last laugh. This post just wouldn’t be complete without a good mobile home meme:

Sometimes it’s important to take care of yourself, kick back and enjoy some mobile home jokes and laughter all around. It’s good to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously.

Hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party?

If you’re looking to host a St. Patrick’s Day party in your mobile home, we’ve got a few hosting tips for you! And don’t forget to share the laughter at your party. We’re sure some of these images and jokes would elicit a hearty laugh from guests.

Finally, let us end with these good wishes from an Irish proverb,

“May love and laughter light your days and warm your heart and home. May good and faithful friends be yours wherever you may roam…”

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