The Mobile Home Industry: Past, Present, & Future

Nov 5, 2018Blog, Buying a mobile home

Some of our readers may be preparing to join the ranks of mobile home owners. Others have already taken the plunge with their names on the deeds to prove it. Still others are involved in the mobile home industry as investors.  Whichever of these describes you, you feel invested in this housing choice.

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Yet maybe you’ve never taken the time to zoom out and get a bigger perspective on mobile homes than just your own dwelling. So let’s take a look at the bird’s eye view.

The past

Now don’t worry, we promise not to turn this article into a boring history lesson. Of course, we don’t want you to get more than you bargained for. And we promise there will be no quiz at the end.

However, sitting in your comfortable mobile home or doing a walk-through before purchasing, you may not think too much about your housing choice’s yesteryear. Some of you may be well aware of the process of moving a mobile home. Yet, we venture a guess that you don’t usually think about what kind of power used to be needed to move homes.

The old-fashioned way to move a home

For instance, when you choose a mobile home moving company, you might ask questions about what to expect. But, chances are you never ask whether the company will be using horses to pull your home away from its current spot. Of course, that’s because horses aren’t used to pull mobile homes. Not anymore.

But, it turns out that horses were once used to move “mobile” homes. Gypsies used them to pull homes that served their nomadic lifestyle. Additionally, early mobile homes by beaches were also hitched to horses to be pulled. And it turns out mobile homes have done their patriotic duty too. In the post-World War Two era, mobile homes provided housing for veterans.

The present

Country themed decorated kitchen

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While we could mourn the passing of an era in which the strength of a tow was measured in literal horsepower, there’s plenty to be pleased with in today’s mobile homes. No, the mobile home industry doesn’t offer us 2-for-the-price-of-1 deals in which we get a house and a horse or two to pull it with. But it does offer some beautiful, modern mobile homes.

If you thought fresh, bright spaces were only for stick-built houses, think again. And if you despaired of “open floor plan” and “mobile home” ever being used in the same sentence, you might be pleasantly surprised by today’s options. Plus, if you’re interested in a home with some farmhouse feel, you’re not left without options either. On top of this, in the mobile home industry of today, unfortunate-looking mobile homes do not have to be left to languish in ugliness.  

The mobile home industry of the future

The mobile home industry has certainly come a long way from the horse-drawn days of old. Given how the industry has evolved so far, it’s fair to assume it will keep changing in the 21st century and beyond.

Some say that the mobile home industry took a hit with the recession and doesn’t have a very bright future. However, opinions on that differ. Others anticipate that mobile homes will be a possible help to the housing crisis.

Furthermore, it wouldn’t be surprising if mobile homes play a significant part in the future of retirement. For retirees, they’re often a welcome option. Not only do they cost less than a stick-built house, but many offer the security of a mobile home community. Plus, retired mobile homeowners may like the ability to spend money on things other than home payments.

Movable homes that push the limits

Finally, let’s consider some homes that bring a fresh and even futuristic perspective to the concept of a movable home. If you’ve ever dreamed of a house that could be folded up to take up less space, you won’t want to miss the 252° Living Area. And for those of us who love natural light and homes with windows, it doesn’t get much better than the coodo.

A "coodo", modern form of a mobile home

Photo credit: coodo

Several hundred years from now, perhaps mobile homes will have changed drastically from their current state. If we could get a glimpse of these future homes, maybe they would barely fit the reigning current conception of mobile homes. Or maybe they will simply be much improved, but still highly recognizable.

What about the future of your mobile home?

Who knows what the future of the mobile home industry will hold? While we may not be able to anticipate all of the mobile home standards of the future, we can bring our homes up to contemporary standards. If you need some thoughts on updating your mobile home, check out our updating tips.

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