How To Create The Ultimate Mobile Home Guest Room Retreat

Sep 4, 2018Blog, Decorating, DIY

Entertaining guests can be a delightful chance to practice hospitality and to serve others. However, it does take planning and work. So we’d like to share some thoughts to get you started settling your guests in for a pleasant stay.

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If you’ve got an extra empty bedroom you can designate the guest room, that makes the process even easier. This way, you can keep the place in guest-ready mode. This makes it simpler to handle unexpected guests. You can simply maintain a state of readiness or near-readiness.

Take it easy

Don’t panic at the thought of hosting. It doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, if you forget something and your guest has to tell you, it’s actually not the end of the world. If you forgot to put sheets on the bed, then just go ahead and put sheets on the bed.

So, as you get started, use these ideas as guidelines. Adjust them as you like. And don’t feel like you’ll be a lousy host if you decide not to include something we suggested for your guest sanctuary.

Think, think, think

Before you actually begin creating this guest room, it’s a good idea to take a minute to reflect. Ask yourself some questions to get your thoughtful juices flowing. Who will you most often host? What kind of needs will your guests have (e.g. children, disabilities, dietary restrictions, health problems)? How might their needs affect their use of your guest room?

Use your bedroom as your guide

Additionally, you can ask yourself: “what have I put in my bedroom because it makes me more comfortable?” That’s right. Use your own room as a jumping off point. If you feel comfortable in your room, it’s probably partly due to having filled it with anything you know you need. Do the same for your guests.

A bedroom with two round picture frames

In short, take stock of what you’ve got. Your thought process could go something like this:

  • I have a closet so I may want to provide a place for my guests to store their clothes.
  • I always keep a tissue box on my nightstand. Thus, I may want to set one out for my guests.
  • My alarm clock is always by my head with fresh batteries in it. So, I may want to provide one for the company.
  • If I wake up in the night thirsty, I would know where to get a cup. My guests may not know their way around quite so well, so I leave some cups in their room.
  • I always pull the blinds and the curtains to make it extra dark and easier to sleep. Since my guests like to get rest from time to time, too, I’ll make sure the blinds work and the curtains are easy to adjust.

Just keep brainstorming to come up with other ideas in this vein.

Put yourself in their shoes

Also, take time to think like your guests would. If you were about to go on a trip, what would you pack? What would you be likely to forget? Similarly, you can make a list of things you have forgotten in past trips and use that as a jumping off point.

Make it beautiful

Really, why make your guest sleep in a drab room when you could easily liven it up? You don’t have to break the bank doing this. Keep your eye out at second-hand stores for a gorgeous bedspread with pillow shams. Give it a good washing when you get it home, then use it to transform your guest room.


Obviously, you know you need a bed. If your space is small, find one without a bulky bed frame. A rocking chair or two, recliner, or wingback chair would be delightful. Additionally, add a footstool if possible. Or, instead of a footstool, select an ottoman or coffee table, which doubles as a resting place for feet.

If space permits, add a desk and chair in case your guest needs to work while staying with you.


Choose lights and bulbs that have several settings. This way your guests can adjust things to their own liking. For example, if they’re working during the day, they can have all the lights on. Then, when winding down at night, they can dim it down. Plus, add candles for a lovely, cozy look.


Simple bedroom decor

Do put some time into decorating the place. You won’t have to look far to find inspiring ideas.

Little details

In this day and age, it can be helpful to provide the wifi password to your guests. Find some cute note paper and write it down. Stick it to the desk in the bedroom. Also, provide a basket of toiletries and light snacks. Plus, throw in some hand lotion.

Leave a “homey, cozy” impression

Now that you’ve gotten the guest room looking great and ready to receive company, you can take a quick break. Take a moment to catch your breath before your guests arrive. And take a moment to check out our article on How To Be A Good Hostess And Entertain Your Mobile Home Guests.

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