17 Perfect Mobile Home Gifts | Funny To Serious & Everything In Between

In more cases than not, finding that perfect gift can prove to be a challenge and a frustration if you don’t know where to start.

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Maybe a birthday or anniversary is coming up, or perhaps you just want to find a “just because” gift for your mobile home neighbors. We’ve got your back and to cut down on precious time, we’ve collected some cool mobile home gifts that will impress your friends!

#1 Thermometer

The Thermo Pro Thermometer is a handy little device. The sensor can sit up to 200 ft away from the temperature display. However, it not only measures temperature, it also gauges humidity.

#2 Windchimes

A quaint addition to any home’s porch, wind chimes are an excellent gift idea. Known for the beautiful music they make from being moved by a gentle breeze, they inspire a relaxing mood.

#3 Lap desk

Another great mobile home gift idea is lap desk. Whether someone is strapped for space or not, a lap desk enables students or entrepreneurs to work from the comfort of their sofa or bed if they’re in the mood.

It’s nothing to be ashamed about. Some days you just want to work from your favorite recliner.

#4 Hook under shelf mug rack

Next up, we have an under the shelf mug rack that provides twelve hooks for hanging mugs. It’s not only a great space saver idea but also a fun way to put those mugs on display.

#5 Funny doormat

If a mobile home’s doorbell is broken or simply unavailable, this mat makes for a fun gift idea. It says “Doorbell broken. Yell “ding dong” really loud.”

Mobile home gifts wrapped on doorstep

#6 Bathroom space saver

Usually the smallest rooms in a mobile home, this stand up bathroom cabinet and shelf is a great addition to any bathroom setup. It stands over your toilet tank, making use of space that would otherwise be wasted.

#7 Home wireless surveillance camera

For an added boost of security, this surveillance system is quite the practical gift. It can also serve as a baby monitor if desired. The cool thing about it is you can see the video feed via an app on your phone.

Technology can be a great tool to keep your home safe and secure.

#8 Bedside lamp

A nifty gadget, this bed lamp can be clamped on to a bed frame and provide dimmable reading light for the bookworm in your life.

#9 Doorbell kit

Next best thing to gifting a silly mat about a doorbell is buying a doorbell. This one is wireless, waterproof, and able to transmit a signal at 1000 feet.

#10 Door stopper

A good door stopper should not be limited to practicality. We believe it can be both practical and beautiful making for a perfect gift. Check out this fun door stopper made from a canvas weighted bag. Its presence is inviting in any home entrance, with the words “There’s no place like home” printed on the front.

#11 Birdhouse

We’re excited to say, you can bring National Geographic into any backyard with a quaint little birdhouse. Bird watching can provide hours of relaxing entertainment. A birdhouse gives shelter for wildlife, entertainment for homeowners, and a lovely decoration for the yard – it’s a win all around.

#12 French press travel mug

For that coffee enthusiast on the go, the French press travel mug is an innovative gift idea. Nothing like running out the door while your coffee is in hand and brewing.

#13 Subscription to Backpacker magazine

Living in a mobile home can afford many homeowners an opportunity to save money for travel. The world is an open book, why not provide some travel inspiration with a subscription to Backpacker magazine?

Backpacker overlooking lake

#14 Serving cart

If hospitality is a big deal for the giftee, this space-saving serving cart is a nice touch to any mobile home. It’s made out of bamboo and comes with a removable tray.

#15 Over the sink dish drying rack

In a home with limited counter space, you’re sure to be thanked for this brilliant roll up drying rack that can sit over a kitchen sink.

#16 Magnetic knife bar

Any home chef would be ecstatic to get their knives off precious counter space and on the wall. This stainless steel magnetic knife hanger adds a nice touch of class to any kitchen’s arsenal.

#17 Amazon Echo

For the tech-minded person in your life, the Amazon Echo is basically a live-in home secretary. You can count on the Amazon Echo to help out with day to day secretarial tasks.

The Echo is a hands-free interactive speaker designed and programmed by Amazon. You can ask your Echo to play music and make phone calls for you. She can also check weather reports and keep track of any dictated lists you may give her. The Echo is also able to manage thermostats, sprinkler systems, and more. If that’s not impressive, we don’t know what is.

Load up on those mobile home gifts!

We hope this gift list helps in the hunt for the perfect mobile home gifts. Speaking of gifts, have you considered hosting a party in your mobile home? We have some tips for entertaining your guests.

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