Happy Father’s Day! 7 Mobile Home Gift Ideas For Dad

Jun 13, 2018Blog

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Time to show your appreciation for everything he’s done for you and to say “thank you for being there.” So again, this year, you’re confronting the classic question, “What on earth should I get for him?” and you’re answering your own query: “I don’t know; he’s so hard to buy for.”

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If you’re panicking because you haven’t bought anything yet and you’ve got no ideas at all, don’t worry. We’ve got six mobile home gift ideas for Dad.

1. It may be cliche, but every guy needs a toolkit

Who does the repairs on that mobile home? That’s right, Dad does.

And he’s going to need the basic tools of home repair. For a guy who’s always losing his hammer and never can find a screwdriver when he needs one (“No, I said my Phillips-head screwdriver…”), why not pick out a toolkit that will keep all his necessities in one place? No more hunting around when he needs to replace a door handle or pound in a nail that’s sticking up. If you’re not quite sure what kind of toolkit your dad needs, check out The Spruce’s list of toolkits and see which one matches him best.

2. A doorstop that reflects his personality

Father’s Day hits pretty close to the beginning of summer proper, so there’s no better time for picking out a doorstop Dad can use to let the sunshine and the warm breezes into his mobile home. Go for a something that reflects his personality. Something about his hobby, his favorite sports team, or his favorite animal.

3. A gift card he will actually use

Next up in our six mobile home gift ideas for Dad is a gift card. You may be thinking, “but that’s what I always get him. A gift card to his favorite restaurant.” This year, scrap the restaurant idea and go for a gift card that’s focused on his mobile home.

A TV showing Netflix on the screen

If he’s always talking about repainting, grab him a gift card for his local home improvement store. Or maybe he’s always saying his place needs new carpet. Check with a local carpet store to see if they do gift cards. If not, maybe they’ll work with you and create some kind of a voucher just for your dad. If you know he’s had his eye on replacing the couch or maybe the TV, a gift card for a furniture or tech store could be the way to go.

4. Mobile home gear

If your dad has a sense of humor and likes to wear his allegiances on his “sleeve” (literally and figuratively), consider going for a mobile home T-shirt. For a perfect conversation starter, your dad can wear his Father’s Day gift for months to come. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Check out the ones available at Cafe Press here and here. Or do a quick internet search for “mobile home T-shirts” to find one that fits your dad’s persona perfectly.

5. Outdoor mobile home gift ideas for dad

Your dad’s home certainly doesn’t stop at his front door. So when it comes to gift ideas, the front porch, front step, and lawn are fair game too. Why not brighten up the outside of his pad in the same way you would the inside?

6. A personalized garden stone

If he has grandkids, go for a garden stone or stones with the kids’ handprints. You and/or the kids can make it special with stones, gems, and other add-ins. Don’t forget to add a date and initials so he’ll always remember who made it for him and when. He can place it by his front step for a Father’s Day reminder that lasts throughout the year. Check out Fab Art DIY’s directions to get you rolling.

hand prints on a stone for the garden

7. All things green and growing

Next up, a lawn makeover. Again, why limit yourself to buying gifts that improve only the inside of his house? After all, he and all his family and friends are going to the see out outside first every time they come through the door. Head over to your local home improvement store or greenhouse for bushes, shrubs, and trees. Grab some small, front porch plants in stone or terra cotta pots for extra pizazz.

Make it a special day for Dad

Father’s Day is a great opportunity for you to give back to someone who’s given you a lot. Don’t let the fact that you’ve been drawing a blank on gift ideas hold you back. Get creative! Put your own spin on our six mobile home gift ideas for dad. Pair it with a few heartfelt words in a great card and you’ve got it made. And if you still need a little more inspiration for Dad’s special day, we’ve got 17 more mobile home gift ideas here.


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