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Dec 21, 2021Blog, Decorating

Holiday preparations are typically a little daunting. If you’re hosting your party in a mobile home, you might be especially worried. You may have started asking yourself, “How am I going to make enough room in here for all my guests?” Not to worry – you can easily find a solution to your problem by using some mobile home furniture arrangement strategies. Whether you’re having a small gathering, a bigger party, or overnight guests, you can utilize plans that help arrange your furniture accordingly.

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Mobile home furniture arrangement tips for more space

No matter where you need to make room, here are some tips you can use to create more space in your mobile home.

#1 Give the kids a place to play

Kids – we all love them, but they can get a little antsy during a party. They just want to be part of the fun! To keep boredom at bay, you may want to designate an area where they can enjoy their own little party. You can set up fun games to keep them occupied or give them plenty of toys to choose from. We’ve included a couple ideas below that won’t take up too much space. Holiday-themed snacks are great for keeping kids busy as well, so make sure to include a few of those!

– For an easy Christmas game, try charades

Charades is a game that your kids can play without supervision. To put a Christmas spin on the popular game, prepare a bowl of paper slips in advance, giving each slip a holiday topic. The kids can draw a topic from the bowl and act it out for their friends. Does it get any easier than this? For this game, be sure to adjust the furniture so there’s space to move without getting hurt.

– A memory game

This is a game that kids can play unattended as well, and it’s very easy. To play this Christmas memory game, your kids will only need something that works as a blindfold and plenty of random objects. One child will have several items placed in front of him. After a quick look at the items, he puts on a blindfold and tries to remember each one of the objects that were in front of him. The kids will have so much fun with this one that they won’t want to stop playing!

– A holiday snack that’s fun and healthy

For a super easy holiday snack that’s both fun and healthy, simply slice a few apples horizontally and use cookie cutters to give the slices a holiday flair. If your kids love using cookie cutters, let them create the seasonal fruit shapes – they’ll probably want to eat the scraps, which means you won’t have trouble getting them to eat their fruit today!

#2 Move your bigger furniture to another room

Too many pieces of large furniture in the area where you want to host your guests won’t be practical. You should consider moving some of your bulkier furniture (like large sofas and recliners) to another room. Of course, you still need a place for each guest to sit, so you’ll need to provide other types of seating for your guests (more on that later.)

#3 Don’t leave furniture in the center of your room

This might seem obvious, but you shouldn’t leave furniture near the middle of your living room during a party. Your glass coffee table might look classy, but you’ll want to move it to another room for now.

Big wooden coffee table in living room

#4 Choose a different place for your Christmas tree … or a different kind

If you’re expecting your home to be full of guests this year, the living room may not be the best place for your Christmas tree. Therefore, you might consider putting your tree in another room or displaying it outside. Don’t worry – even if your tree isn’t in its traditional place, it will still look great. If you still want your tree to be the center of attention, perhaps try an alternate one instead. Here are a few creative and unique ideas!

– Purchase a small tree

In the event that your home is extremely crowded, you might want to use a small Christmas tree this year – for example, one that you can place on a table or desk. Rest assured that a small tree will still be beautiful – it’s all in how you decorate it!

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– DIY a few tiny trees

For a cheap, fashionable look that will also save space, you might enjoy decorating your mobile home with several tiny Christmas trees. There are plenty of ways to make these. A few of the most popular include pine cone trees and recycled paperback book trees.

– Make pinecone Christmas trees

Next time you go for a walk in the woods, collect some large pine cones. Try to find some that are mostly free of damage and are fairly symmetrical. When you get home, you should put your pine cones in the oven or microwave for a few minutes to ensure that no bugs or spiders escape into your home. Once you’ve done that, you can decorate the pine cones with glitter, faux jewels, and spray paint. To finish off your beautiful creation, place each pine cone in a small pot, and you’re ready to go!

– Create a paperback book Christmas trees

This one will take a little longer, but it’s well worth the time spent. Rather than throwing out your old paperback books, you can fold them to create unique miniature Christmas trees. Check out a tutorial if you’re interested in crafting some of these wonderful holiday decorations.

– Go for modern looking trees

To save space and modernize your holiday look at the same time, you might like to try a sleek “A-frame” Christmas tree or a glittering wire tree. Both options are gorgeous and quite practical in terms of space-saving.

Mobile home furniture arrangement tips for seating

Now that you’ve made plenty of space in your mobile home, you might be thinking about your seating arrangement. Are you going to have enough space for each one of your guests to sit? How are you going to make room for all of them around the table? Are they going to be comfortable?

#1 Create a buffet-style Christmas table

Instead of trying to make room for all of your guests around one table, do something a little different this year and create a buffet table with your holiday food. To maximize your space, go ahead and move your dining table against the wall or windows. Lay out your food on the table and have guests form a line, buffet-style.

#2 Use folding chairs

Rather than trying to seat all of your guests on your sofas and recliners, you may want to bring in some folding chairs. After everyone has filled their plates from the buffet table, they can sit comfortably in the kitchen or the living room.

#3 Give your guests places to set their food and drinks

Worried about kids or pets getting into your guests’ food and drinks? You can fix this problem easily by giving your guests elevated surfaces where they can place their meals. Bar stools work great for this, and can double as seating as well. A few well-placed end tables would also help to provide an area for guests to place their food and drinks.

Table to set drinks

#4 Use what you have

So, maybe you’re low on folding chairs and other practical seating methods this year. You’ve already spent a lot of money on food, drinks, and entertainment, and you don’t want to go out and buy or rent a bunch of chairs. You already have two sofas, so you’re thinking about using those – but you need to find a way to make them work. How are you going to do this?

If you don’t have one already, pick up a long thin table that is about the same height as your sofas. Place your sofas back to back in your living room, leaving space to put the table in between them. Guests can sit on both sofas and utilize the table as a place to keep their food and drinks.

Mobile home furniture arrangement tips for small gatherings

What if you’re having a small gathering rather than a party? While some of the previously mentioned mobile home furniture arrangements might apply to a small gathering as well, there are a few things you’ll be able to do when you have fewer guests.

Keep the furniture out – and maybe add some more

If you’re only having a few guests, you can afford to leave your larger furniture out. In fact, you might even want to add an extra bean bag couch or a recliner. This will make your guests feel more comfortable and at home.

Make small talk easier

For a small gathering, focus less on space and more on creating plenty of places where your guests can comfortably chat and make small talk. To do this, create several distinct conversational areas for your guests. This is easily accomplished by subtle arrangements of your furniture that will motivate your guests to congregate in certain areas. Within your separate zones, you should bring seating elements closer to one another to encourage your guests to talk to each other.

Leave access

Your guests should always have easy access to certain areas of your home. For example, none of them will want to struggle embarrassingly to get to the bathroom or an exit. Make sure your mobile home furniture arrangements help with this. You’ll be a popular host if you arrange your furniture practically!

Mobile home furniture arrangement tips for overnight guests

First and foremost, one of the most important parts of having guests stay overnight is to plan in advance. Nobody wants to spend hours moving furniture before going to sleep. Therefore, you should think about where you’re going to have your guests sleep beforehand.

Use your bigger pieces of furniture

Remember those bulky pieces of furniture that you stored away earlier? Now it’s their time to shine! Leave the big furniture in your spare room and have one or two of your guests stay in there. Sofas and recliners work well for this.

Keep your living room floor space open

More than likely, you’ll end up having many of your guests stay on your living room floor. To achieve an adequate sleeping area, make sure that your living room floor space is as open as possible. Don’t leave end tables and chairs out to clutter up the living room – put them away so that you can have as much space as possible for your guests.

Note: A folding table would work great for your guests to use as a place to put food and drinks, and it also makes for easy cleanup when it’s time to clear the clutter and put down the sleeping bags.

Use a sofa bed

A leather sofa

To easily convert seating space into a sleeping area, you might want to use a sofa bed. A sofa bed is basically just a couch that’s designed to turn into a bed when necessary. Having a couple of them on standby is always a good idea.

Have your guests bring their own bedding

This one is a little more along the lines of saving your space during the holidays. Instead of trying to buy and store bedding for all your guests who are staying the night, ask each guest to bring a blanket and pillow. That way, your storage closet won’t end up clogged with extra bedding in the months before and after your Christmas party or gathering.

Arrange your furniture so your party feels like home

What matters most is that your guests feel at home during your Christmas party. Even if the mobile home furniture arrangement system you chose wasn’t perfect, they’ll still remember your Christmas party as one of the best they’ve ever been to. Hopefully, they’ll want to come back next year! To help achieve a cozy Christmas feeling in your living room, check out our article on decorating a smaller living room. Your mobile home will embody the Christmas spirit this year!

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