Mobile Home Expo | Why You Should Attend And What You Can Expect

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A mobile home expo can afford you a first-hand look at the latest and greatest in mobile home options. Mobile home manufacturers across the U.S. gather to showcase their best work to potential buyers.

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The industry’s latest technologies, designs, and possibilities are on display for attendees to see. Doubtlessly, you’ll leave knowing more about the trade than you did before walking through the venue’s glass doors.

Why you should attend a mobile home expo

If you’re a mobile home park owner or simply a potential new homeowner, a mobile home expo or show is the place to be.

Interestingly, these shows not only provide the education you need to make informed decisions pertaining to the trade. They’re also a great opportunity for other reasons.

For the mobile home park owner, you can make new connections that will help you get your park off the ground and into a successful venture.

On the flip side, if you’re someone who’s toying around with the idea of moving into a mobile home, you’ll be glad to attend one of these events. Why?

The reason is simple. You’ll find yourself at a venue filled with a wealth of knowledge to tap into. You’ll meet experts and others who parade the idea of the mobile home lifestyle. Come prepared to ask questions about the construction process, the moving process and day to day maintenance. Without a doubt, vendors will be glad to provide some helpful thoughts to your questions.

Bring a backpack along to collect reading material so you can continue your research at home.

Researching with backpack and laptop

What can you expect from a mobile home expo

At the mobile home expo, you can expect numerous opportunities to compare prices. They’ll let you walk through real mobile homes and chat with the professionals.

They’ll have real size homes on display, completely furnished and fitted so you can see what the real things look like in person.

Excitingly, many vendors will be available to walk you through the ordering process. This is great if you think you’re ready to press forward with a mobile home purchase. You may already have your mind made up to live in one, and that’s great. Why delay?

You can get face to face interaction with a representative from different mobile home manufacturers. They’ll help you wade through the decisions and paperwork needed to get your house rolling at the factory.


Why mobile homes

There is a myriad of reasons backing up the fact that owning a mobile home is advantageous to homeowners.


Namely, topping the list is a mobile home’s affordability. You can get a whole lot more house in a mobile home at a fraction of the cost of a home built on site.

The fact that these homes are built in a factory and by employees dedicated to their portion of the construction process makes for a quick turnaround time between ordering and mobile home delivery to site. This keeps costs low and affordable for all.

Energy efficient

Energy Efficient light bulbs

As you’ll see in the various display and printed materials, mobile home manufacturers pride themselves on creating energy efficient homes.

This was not always the case for mobile homes. But thanks to the HUD code, mobile homes have upped their game on energy efficiency. Most manufacturers choose to go above and beyond in the requirements set before them.

Energy efficiency is great for keeping the heat in during the winter and the heat out during the summer. It’ll also play an important role in mitigating the cost of your electric bill. There’s less energy waste in an energy efficient home, lessening the toll that energy waste takes on the environment.

Obviously, energy efficiency is good for you and your neighbors. Even if they’re not living under your roof. Everyone wins with energy efficiency.

Customize it your way

No, we’re not talking about fast food. We’re talking about your mobile home layout plan.

Thankfully, many manufacturers are choosing to work with their customers. If you can’t find a mobile home design that meets your idea of the perfect home, have no fear. A mobile home manufacturer representative will be ready to step up to the plate. They’ll patiently work with you to design a custom plan to meet your one of a kind life.

Whatever your plans are, they’ll make sure your dreams become reality. And they’ll make sure your design complies with HUD code for mobile home construction.

Be sure to catch the next mobile home expo near you!

If you attend a mobile home expo, you’ll get to see all these points and more, firsthand. Affordable, energy efficient, and custom housing is nothing to frown upon.

There’s no need to walk into a mobile home purchase blindly. Get over to a mobile home expo and see what the real scoop is behind mobile homes as a viable housing option. You’ll be glad you did.

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