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Apr 11, 2018Blog, Buying a mobile home

If you’re looking for a family-friendly home, look no further. A mobile home can provide the perfect sanctuary for your spouse and children.

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It’s been said that there’s no place like home. That saying rings true in a family immersed in a spirit of love and gentle care. Why not cultivate that in your home design choices?

One of the biggest advantages of mobile home living is the affordability in customization. Many manufacturers offer potential homeowners the opportunity to implement their own mobile home design ideas into the floorplan.

You can work off of designs they already carry in their library of layouts, or you can come up with your own from scratch. Mobile home manufacturers will work with you to ensure the design meets government standards set by the HUD code.

Kid-friendly mobile home design ideas for your family

There are many ways you can make your mobile home design kid-friendly and cater to the various needs that come with being a family. Today, we’ll just look at a few for your consideration. Hopefully, this article will inspire many more possibilities in your mobile home design ideas.


If you have kids or pets in your household, a mudroom is one of those must-have features to include in your mobile home floor plan.

While taken for granted in homes that have them, a mudroom serves multiple purposes for a home. This is the place where you can put a bench or chairs for removing your footwear. No need to track in dirt and debris from the streets. In a mudroom, you can transfer from your work shoes to your home slippers.

Additionally, mudrooms serve a great purpose as a place to store extra things such as equipment or seasonal things. A mudroom can also be used as pantry space. If you like to buy in bulk, this is a great idea.

A flex room

Because of the different stages or seasons in life, a family will face, a flex room is a brilliant idea.

Flex room

Flex rooms have increased in popularity in the last several years. A flex room is multi-purpose. Depending on your needs at any time, you can use it as a dining room, an office room, workout room, bedroom, library, or something else. Whether it’s your hobbies or extra space for children or guests, a flex room is handy to integrate into your design.

The benefit of a flex room is there for the changing needs of your family.

Kitchen configured to encourage conversation

Before you commit to a floor plan, you should take a hard look at your kitchen design. Your kitchen should be adequately fitted for social conversation and entertaining. In any family, you’ll typically find that it’s a hub of excitement. It’s probably one of the most central areas in the home.

You can implement some design concepts to your kitchen layout, making it more family friendly.

For example, a half wall may be a good fit for you. With a half wall, you give your kitchen an appearance of open space between it and the dining room. And, you’ll have bar space for kids to sit at while you serve breakfast.

If your family is hosting a birthday party, the half wall countertop is great for buffets.

Surfaces in your kitchen that are easy to clean will be a must. Choose tough countertops that don’t stain easily. Linoleum floors are safe when it comes to spills and they’re easy to clean.

Open floor plan

An open floor plan is something you can’t go wrong with. There are numerous advantages to taking on an open floor plan for your family-friendly mobile home.

  • In an open floor plan, rooms are combined for an open layout between two or more rooms.
  • If your mobile home is small, an open floor gives an illusion of more space.
  • An open floor plan allows those in the kitchen to socialize with family members or guests who are in the living room.
  • Parents with small children can better supervise them while cooking or taking on other tasks.
  • There’s more natural light and a wider view in a home with an open floor plan.

Overall, an open floor is a big win for the whole family. It’ll definitely take your mobile home design to the next level.

Design your mobile home with your family in mind

We hope these mobile home design ideas are helpful as you craft the perfect floorplan for your family.

Another point to consider is having ample floor space for your family. A single-wide works fine for a couple or single person in need of a home. However, for a family, we’d suggest going for a double-wide mobile home.

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