5 Mobile Home Decorating Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid

by Feb 5, 2019Blog, Decorating

So, it’s about time to update your mobile home decor once again, and you’ve got the perfect image planned out in your mind this time. Your mobile home will look anything but stereotypical – no drab, rundown areas messing up your decorating scheme! At least, you hope so. Really, you’re not sure if this redecoration effort can get your mobile home up to your expectations. So, before you start, take a look at the five decorating mistakes you want to stay away from while redecorating your mobile home.

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#1: Don’t leave out the colors

We won’t deny it. Sometimes mobile homes are pretty ugly. Trailer parks or neighborhoods full of mobile homes that are the same shade of white or gray aren’t exactly eye-catching. Instead, they’re boring and dull. The same goes for the interior of a mobile home. Wood paneling or plain white drywall isn’t the most conventionally attractive. Be sure to avoid limiting yourself to this dull color palette while you’re redecorating.

How should you do this? Well, if you can, give your mobile home a coat of colorful paint, both inside and out. Instead of white or gray, choose a cheerful yellow or moody purple, or use both colors together if you’re feeling creative! By doing so, you’ll be able to get away from the severe feeling that a less colorful mobile home might communicate.

If you can’t paint your mobile home at the moment, then use colorful yard or living room decor to bring a range of vibrant shades to your home.

#2: Don’t just bring out all the old decor

How many years have your yard decorations been around? Five? Six? If your decor is that old, it’s probably starting to get a little worn out. It’s time to think about replacing it, which will also give you a great opportunity to try something new.

There’s definitely some type of decoration or other lawn ornaments that you haven’t tried before, and it may not even require too much upkeep. Perhaps you’d enjoy setting up a birdbath in your front yard or creating a colorful homemade sundial to display on your front porch. If your old decor isn’t too damaged, you might be able to recycle it into some entirely new type of lawn art, which will even be original because you made it!  

A birdhouse with a flower pattern hanging from a tree

Maybe you enjoy nature more than decorations. If that’s the case, you’d probably enjoy the opportunity to plant a few trees or bushes in your front yard. To see even more nature, hang up a few birdhouses in your new trees. You can DIY your birdhouses if you’d like, designing them specifically to attract the types of birds you want to see in your yard.

#3: Don’t leave your home in the dark

The interior of your home is just as important as the exterior, and there’s one simple tip that will instantly improve the beauty of your entire home: give your home’s interior some natural light (and include plenty of other light sources, too!)

Open your curtains when possible

If you want your home to seem closed-in, the best thing you can do is leave your curtains or blinds shut at all times. So, to give your mobile home an open, airy look, just throw open your curtains and let as much natural light as possible into your home! It’ll make everything look better right away, we promise.

Make sure you provide other sources of light

Even if each room has a central light source already, it can’t hurt to set up an extra lamp or two (or maybe some string lights if you’re feeling stylish) to give the rooms a little extra radiance when they need it. Go ahead and try it – you’ll love what it does for your mobile home!

#4: Don’t let your decorations look like clutter

Yes, your mobile home is probably a little smaller than you’d like. And yes, you might feel the need to find a place to display every decoration that you’ve received as a birthday gift throughout your life. Between those two things, even the best decorative plans can sometimes come out looking like nothing but organized clutter. In light of that fact, it’s wise to remember that a mobile home is only so big and that just because you want to use every decoration doesn’t mean that you should. Instead, keep your decor looking graceful by practicing moderation.

Organized shelf with picture frames

#5: Don’t overdo it with the space-saving furniture

Space-saving furniture is often a must-have for mobile home owners. However, don’t get too carried away while trying to save space. Give your creativity a chance to shine throughout your home as well. A few large decorations or a fun bean bag that takes up more room than it “should” might be the finishing touch that will make your mobile home feel like your favorite place to be any day!

Have fun with it!

Of course, the way you choose to decorate your mobile home is up to you, but don’t forget about the design and decorative trends that 2019 has to offer! You might find something fun to incorporate into your new decor style. And just like that, your home will look great and boast a modern flair at the same time. Ultimately, remember that what you like is what matters – it’s your home!

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