Mobile Home Decorating Ideas For Your Single Wide

Coziness and comfort in a home that is limited in space and rectangular-shaped can seem almost impossible to create. Such a combination may be too challenging to pursue for someone who already has plenty of work that is “more important” than decorating. However, coming home to comfort after a long and tiring day can be a soothing de-stressor.

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In this article, we’ll combine ideas and tips from interior designers and mobile home owners, especially those who have renovated their mobile home. You’ll be surprised by the number of mobile home decorating ideas for your single wide. Utilize these to help you feel more tranquil at home or leave a lasting impression for your guests!

Pick a theme

It’s usually hard to decorate your home when you’re not entirely sure about the theme. Making your mobile home seem larger and spacious with beauty and coziness can be challenging altogether. Using space efficiently also plays an integral role in the midst of it all! Take time to think about the theme; it may not seem significant, but it will help you with your decisions from colors to decorations. Besides, the more defined your preferences, the easier it’ll be for future shopping of household furniture and decorative items or renovations!

“Think outside the beige box”

Many of us tend to think that neutral colors like beige or white are the safest route for the interior color of our homes. It is true that these two colors, although extremely common, are “safe” to match with any or every other color. However, beige and white can easily be overused.

Choosing colors

Colors are more powerful than you think. Picking the right colors for your mobile home interior and decorations can impact you and your guests. Depending on the colors you choose, they can either alleviate, pacify, energize, or help you focus. Some colors may also evoke distant memories or help you wander off into dreamland! Remember the color wheel from art class back in the younger school days? Yes- it can actually help you think outside of the ordinary color box!

Cool vs. Warm

Cool and warm colors are both delightful and fascinating! Whether your preference is choosing either or combining both, the result can be quite appealing for your mobile home decorating! Cool colors are represented by blue, green, and light purple. These colors can calm and soothe you, creating a feel for the ocean water, the sky, or even ice and snow. Warm colors are represented by orange, red, yellow, and combinations of similar colors. They evoke a feeling of warmth, like sunlight and heat.

Using color combinations

If you’re considering re-painting the interior of your mobile home as part of the first step to your decorating, it’ll be beneficial to know that cool colors can make a small space seem more spacious. If you’re looking to make your mobile home appear visually larger, a cool color palette will be very fitting. Warm colors visually create a sense of closeness, which is commonly used to make a home cozier. However, both colors can be used with balance, if you’d like your mobile home to be both spacious and cozy! The combination of both cool and warm colors evoke what we would call, “color emotions”- another fitting thing for your place of comfort.

Many interior designers advise that choosing a cool color paint throughout your mobile home works well to open up space and create cohesiveness. Some say that painting your walls a couple of inches beyond the wall and into the ceiling will also create height; in this case, having a high-gloss white paint for your ceiling will add to the height as well. White crown molding and thick, white trim baseboards would be an added bonus! As a helpful tip, if you’re clueless about cool colors, there are many color scheme generators today available online or as apps. Take some time to explore the undertones or shades of neutral colors as well because they are great complimentary colors for your cool color palette.

Use your space

Small spaces don’t mean less fun. In fact, small spaces help bring out creativity! This should give you a reason to celebrate the advantages of living in constricted quarters. Compared to living in a larger house, the decorating you do will be noticeable. Whether you’re a minimalist or you enjoy keeping all your possessions around you, there are plenty of ideas for you to make the best of your small space. Don’t restrict your personality and style due to limited room.

The word “cozy” fits perfectly with mobile home decorating ideas for your single wide. Not just cozy, but feel free to add “ultra” in front of cozy. Yes, your living room can be an ultra cozy place for you, your family, and anyone else who comes over to join in the coziness of your abode. Prioritize keeping clutter to a minimum. You already have the advantage of not filling up vast amounts of space. Consequently, small, inexpensive decorations like candles, little, potted plants, or throw pillows, can create a delicate and ornate ambiance.

potted plants

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Get organized

Good organization is a mobile home decorating “must” for your single wide because there isn’t much space to keep the “extra and miscellaneous” items. Clutter accumulates quickly and eventually creates a stuffy look that draws attention away from other appealing decorations. Surround yourself with the things that you need or use on a day-to-day basis. These tips may not seem to make an impact on your decorating, but it’s the small steps that can make a big difference. You’ll slowly begin to see the efficiency of your mobile home and may be well on your way to becoming a creative and efficient minimalist!

Rethink your furniture

Furniture can make or break a room. Choose furniture that is somewhere in between – not too big nor too small, and multi-purpose. Maximize your space with floor-to-ceiling wall storage. Vertical space adds to a visually larger appeal, even if it means stacking your washer and dryer. Stools can be used as tables, in which case, an ottoman would work perfectly. Benches are handy for storage as well.

Furniture placement and palette

One mobile home decorating idea for your single wide from interior designers is to keep furniture off the walls. It may seem like pushing your couch against the wall will create more space, but it takes away from a cozy, intimate feel. With a cool color palette for your walls, choose furniture with minimal pattern and with neutral undertones or shades, such as creamy lattes, pale yellows, or if you’re bold, a deep cocoa or deep charcoal. Get samples of these colors and compare it to your wall color. It never hurts to go the extra step to make sure it works!

Furniture size

Try to avoid couches that are overstuffed, despite being a neutral undertone or shade of color, as it will take away your limited space, and overstuffed couches are usually too big. A pop of color, such as a warm color, or patterns and textures for throw pillows and a rug adds comfiness. If you like the “overstuffed, fluffy” look, apply it to your chair or ottoman, with a soft throw blanket. However, be careful not to overdo it. Too much mixture can overwhelm your theme.

Furniture shapes


Add “curvy” or circular pieces, to break up the lines of the rectangular shape of your mobile home. A round dining table would be preferable. Use bookshelves as a divider or a wall. Bonus: these can double as additional organizers. Don’t be afraid to have furniture but keep in mind that it will only benefit you if your furniture pieces have a form of functionality and simplicity. Again, use your creativity to make your mobile home decorated with your chosen taste!



Curtains add elegance and height. Full-length curtains are the best and should be kept simple, without big and bold-colored patterns. There’s just something calming about flowy curtains that drape from the ceiling and lightly rest on the floor. Neutral colors with simple designs that blend-in have an elegant effect. Leave the patterns and textures to your pillows or rugs, if possible.

Window Plant and Curtains

Pictures and art

Pictures or artwork on the wall will add more personalization. Hang the pictures a little higher to create more height. Mirrors reflect light, which enhances the space of your mobile home, or rather, create an illusion of space. One large mirror or several small mirrors will make your single wide appear larger. Be sure to keep the wall decor minimal, as too much may start creating a cluttered look.

Mobile home decorating ideas for your single wide spaces

In the kitchen

The kitchen can look quite small if it has too many appliances and utensils. One of the best ways to maximize your kitchen space is to use open shelves and storage under the cabinets. Shelves near the ceiling, that connect your living room and into your kitchen, are functional and appealing. Open shelves can display spices or unique dishware or an array of recipe books! Plus, they make it easier for your guests to find items, just in case you needed some help with cooking or hosting!

Keeping the cool-tone painted walls throughout your mobile home, it’s important that you choose the right countertops and flooring in the kitchen. Some mobile home owners prefer matching colored countertops and flooring in a neutral undertone to create uniformity. Others prefer textured countertops with a coordinating color for the flooring or vice versa. Stainless steel appliances, such as your sinks, faucets, oven, and microwave add class. It’s amazing how much space you can create in your kitchen, just based on these things!

In the bedroom


Your bedroom is the ideal place for rest and recovery from a long and tiring day. Despite being a small room, this is not where you want to feel boxed-in. If your room already has a full-size bed, opt for other, smaller pieces of furniture. Let the biggest piece of furniture in your room be the focal point, and use the others as the accents that bring your bedroom together. Patterns and textures from your pillows and a rug will do wonders! Complement the room with one or two pictures hung a little higher on the wall, a lamp on a circular nightstand, and a calming scented candle. Your mind will thank you as it relaxes into dreamland.

In the bathroom


The bathroom of your mobile home may be the smallest room. Again, efficiency in the smallest of space can turn it into something beautiful! Open shelves or pull-out drawers help keep your bath products off the bathroom floor. A built-in shower niche is useful as well. Hooks are always handy and an extra L-shaped shelf can hold the cleaning supplies or grooming products. There are many styles of wall-mounted sconces that you can use for the lighting. These will add a classy feel!

Get creative with your outdoor space

Mobile home owners should take advantage of their outside area. Try extending your living room space out onto the porch for added comfort. If you use neutral paint colors and wooden flooring, you can add patterns and textures on outdoor table linens, chairs cushions, or benches with pillows. Plants and other natural decor, such as bright colored flowers or herbs, make for a relaxing environment. Finally, an outdoor grill will give you another place for spending time with family or entertaining your guests!

patio grill

Enjoy mobile home decorating!

It’s no secret that a single wide mobile home is more sustainable, both environmentally and financially. It also helps you create a comforting space and live with efficiency. These mobile home decorating ideas for your single wide are great sources of inspiration but don’t let them restrict you. Get creative and enjoy designing your own look!

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