13 Trending Mobile Home Decorating Ideas For A Single Wide | Fall Edition

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Most people only think of the coming of spring as a time to spruce up their homes. However, you could argue that it makes even more sense to get your home ready for fall and winter as this is the time of year you are likely to spend the largest portion of your time indoors, safely tucked away while reading a book, drinking some hot chocolate, or cuddled up in front of the heater.

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When it comes to nature, autumn is a time of interesting colors, smells, and transitions of life from one stage to the next. Give your home the same treatment and make it a place that you’re comfortable and happy in hibernating through the cold weather. In this article, we’ll help you get started with mobile home decorating ideas for a single wide by highlighting some of the most popular and exciting design trends, especially in the fall of 2018.

Top mobile home fall decorating ideas for single wides 2018

Bring spring back with oversized florals

Many of us associate fall and winter with everything slowly withering and dying, most of all flowers and the other more colorful flora. Why not revive them as interior decorating choices? There are plenty of ways to incorporate florals into your home from wallpapers to upholstery to lampshades to artworks.

Generally speaking, the trend has been to not make these floral representations too bright. Rather, make it more subtle by using darker and more faded color schemes. This also helps create a more decadent and laid back feel perfect for autumn and winter. For an economical solution, you could make these patterns with DIY wall stencils.

Go green

By this, we don’t necessarily mean energy-efficient. However, having live vegetation in your living spaces has been proven to provide numerous health and mental benefits. Just like you can make your home feel alive with floral decorations, you can do the same with some evergreen ferns or indoor plants.

Aloe, spider plants, English ivy, jade plants, and rubber trees are all great examples of popular indoor plants because they are easy to care for and green all year round. Remember to take the level of effort to care for these plants into account. Although, those of us with green fingers will relish the opportunity to have something to tend.

Ceramic pot of tea next to a small potted plant

Be flashy with gold

Despite sounding luxurious, decadent, and flashy, gold is actually a very easy color to incorporate with the rest of your design. It can work well as artisanal art in a rustic environment or as a compliment to navy blue. Although it’s very versatile, it’s still best to use it with discretion.

All kinds of baubles and decorations can work well to introduce a touch of gold to your home. Think of light fixtures, photo or art frames, as accents or hints on your furniture, cabinet door handles or knobs, etc. Duller shades of gold can work particularly well in a rustic setting and is itself a color of autumn.

Back in black

“You can never go wrong with black.” We all know this style rule and have probably used it on more than one occasion to save ourselves when we didn’t know what to wear. Black is also creeping its way back into the world of interior design. However, don’t go buying buckets of black paint and start blasting “Paint It, Black” on the stereo while covering your interior.

Black is a trending color to be used subtly in the form of furniture, light fixtures, cabinets, or anywhere else where it can create some contrast and help create a tactile feel. Popular areas to include black are in your bedside furniture or as one of your primary colors in the kitchen.

A contrast in the kitchen

If you keep up with interior design trends, take note that beautifully designed kitchens have become increasingly sought after for a while now. So much so that a designer kitchen is one of the first things advertised about a home, apartment, or even a mobile home.

One of the latest fads when creating a designer kitchen is to use contrasting colors to make certain elements pop. One example is to paint your cabinets a certain color and the walls behind it another, highly contrasting, color. The same goes for your countertops, kitchen islands, or appliances. You don’t have to go with a cliche checkered floor, but black and white is still a great option.

Kitchen, marble countertop & island

Get funky with shapes and colors

They say that “fashion is cyclical”, and funky shapes and colors are certainly proving to be another example of why that’s true. This trend reminds us of some of the same decorations and designs of the 70’s and 80’s, but with a modern twist. It’s a fun and lighthearted trend that will make your rooms pop and help you avoid the SAD’s (seasonal affective disorder) while in your home.

All the usual decorative suspects can be used to incorporate this trend into your home. Look for pillows, lamp shades, artwork, or posters with interesting combinations of shapes and colors. You might be surprised at what strange combinations unexpectedly just work together.

Artsy artisanal and interior industrials

Something about fixtures, decorations, and ornaments that look handmade go so well with the colder winter months. If nothing else, if you’re going to spend more time entertaining and cooped up inside, give yourself and your guests something interesting to look at.

Round industrial lightbulbs

Industrial style light bulbs that look assembled from pipes are one especially trending fad right now and can be found in just about any hipster coffee shop. Another example is lampshades made from straw or twigs. One reason these also go well with the season is that they usually create a soft, warm glow that sets a great mood at night.

Rustic beauty

The same goes for rustic decorations and interior design choices. When we think of fall, we also think of earthy colors and textures such as orange and brown as well as wood or thick fabrics. These design elements are extremely effective and easy used as part of a rustic design.

Using a bit of wood, roughly made artwork or furniture, thick carpets, throw blankets, and the like, you can give your single-wide that real log cabin feel that will make it such a cozy place to snuggle up with some hot cocoa and a book. You can even incorporate some straw, pine cones, and other dried vegetation to display or as decorative ornaments.

Neutral nordic

What better way to make your mobile home ready for the fall and winter than to learn from the Nords? From fashion to interior decoration, Nordic fashion has been taking the world by storm over the last few years. This style is known for its almost overly simplistic furniture and ornaments with simple pastel colors and clean lines. In fact, the lines between it and a minimalist design are often blurry, and sometimes non-existent.

Navy blue, a favorite color we talk about later, is one of the most commonly used colors in a Nordic design. Common decorative ornaments you can get are simple clocks, lamps, and hanging wall ornaments. Whites and soft blues are a must-use color combination.

Nordic interior design

Decadence isn’t dead

Although the shift has mainly been towards minimalist and simpler decorating and design styles, decadence or “luxe” is making a comeback. And yes, you can go luxe in your single-wide, and no, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. A luxe design is all about using the right colors. Rich, dark, and decadent colors like maroon, purple, chocolate brown, gold, and navy blue are prime examples and often associated with royalty.

Similarly, thick carpets with rich colors, art deco shapes, and velvet textures are perfect decorating options. Also, think of using these luxurious furniture pieces that can be bought for cheap like ottomans, drink trolleys, etc.

Skip the blues with navy blue

Navy blue is working its way back in the limelight after a general hiatus from darker colors. These colors, like maroon, purple, and navy, were for long seen as moody. However, navy blue is shrugging off that label in a big way. In fact, it’s a very popular choice of color to use in many of the other trends like going Nordic, to compliment gold, or when aiming for something more decadent.

One of the best uses of navy blue is to make lighter objects, especially those that are white or gold, pop in the foreground. The opposite is also true where you use navy furniture or ornaments in a lightly colored, or white, room. It’s a visually soothing and interesting color that sets a toned down and luxurious mood without being, as we call it, moody. China is another prime example of how to use navy blue. Maybe it’s time to take out Grandma’s set again.

Greyish blue wood palette

Pure pastel

Pastel colors are also making their way into the mainstream. They are especially popular decorative choices as part of a Nordic or minimalist interior design.  Because pastel colors are softer, it’s also much easier to combine them with each other in combinations that wouldn’t work with other shades, such as pink and blue, orange and green, etc.

Aiming for Asia

You can also look to the Far East to give your home a unique feel that’s perfect for autumn. Zen and Feng Shui interior design is all about creating calm, balanced, and in-touch-with-nature spaces. These are very broad styles that can be implemented in any number of ways. The Spruce has a great article highlighting some principles when creating a Feng Shui bedroom.

Decorating before the fall season?

Every year the official start date of fall “falls” around the 22nd of September. Even the most extreme home redecorating project shouldn’t take you more than a few weeks to complete. A week at most if you don’t work full-time. However, if you want to do some remodeling or renovation as part of preparing your home for fall, give yourself at least six weeks to finish the projected top to bottom and have some breathing room for any unexpected setbacks.

What can I do to prepare my home for the fall?

Fall and winter are without question the toughest seasons for your mobile home to face. The weather conditions, as well as the fact that you will be using your home and its utilities more often, can cause many problems and lead to safety risks. As such, the time between fall should also be taken to give your home a good going-over to make sure everything is in tip-top shape:

  • Make sure that the roof is in good condition and that it’s waterproof, especially where vents or other objects protrude.
  • Clean your gutters and make sure there are no blockages anywhere.
  • Give your furnace a service and make sure to change the filters.
  • Give your home a last good “spring clean” before you settle in for winter.
  • Make sure your skirting is in good condition and that the underbelly of the home is protected.
  • Check for any cracks in your walls, ceiling, and especially near or in window or door frames and fix them.
  • Check whether your insulation is still in good condition.

Fall sunflowers and pumpkin

We’ve written an entire guide on getting your home ready for fall to make sure it can withstand this tough time of year and get you and your family through it safely.

Time to start decorating!

Don’t let this unique opportunity to create a beautiful and unique home interior past you buy! Remember, these are mostly mobile home decorating ideas for a single wide. They’ll remain beautiful no matter the time of year and are easy to change once the seasons change again. Fall and autumn, as well as the latest trends, provide no shortage of unique and gorgeous opportunities to give your home a makeover. For even more visual inspiration, check out our article Some Visual Inspiration To Decorate Your Mobile Home For Fall.

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